World of Warships: Tiger ’59 – New Royal Navy Light Cruiser

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Tiger ’59 is the newest Royal Navy light cruiser. It’s a mini-Minotaur with Radar and Smoke, but much less DPM. She’s a support ship.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Tiger Match
13:58 End Screen
15:07 Captain Skills & Upgrades
16:18 Tiger Armor
17:14 Conclusion & Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Royal Navy light cruiser HMS Tiger.


  1. The DPM is about ~80% of what the Edinburgh has.

    • konstantinos Papagiannis

      after i saw what this ship is capable of , i bought Cossack xd with some extra speed + rudder + torps i guess i would choose that one.

    • For the build, you should definately use Survivability expert rather than Top grade gunner. I already thougth SE was a good skill for cruisers, and then they gave it a buff! It’s really underrated in my opinion. 450hp * 8 = 3600, which is more than 10% extra for the Tiger. That’s jolly good if you ask me!😊

  2. Charles Larrivee

    Well, with Repulse coming in at T6, the original HMS Tiger might end up showing up as a T5 fast sniper battlecruiser like Kongo or Guilio Cesare,

  3. Wow, you pump out videos faster and faster, i like more vids👍👍👍

  4. Aerroon, you crack me up. Is the British Navy a zoo? Well, yes. Yes it is. The next one should be the HMS Dung Beetle. I’m not going to say what ammo type it uses. Your imagination can fill in that gap.

  5. Артём Шепелев

    Tiger, Lion, Glowworm, Unicorn, Beagle, Bulldog, Foxhound… You know, RN being a zoo does make some sense

  6. Damian Dörhoff

    maybe this Ship is called Tiger 59 because WG wants to have the Option to put the Battlecruiser Tiger in the Game at some Point.
    Imean we are getting another Battlecruiser the Repulse. So there might be more coming in the Future.

  7. It’s the Minotaur on a Budget, except it’s more expensive!

  8. You can add HMS Unicorn to the zoo lol.

  9. They should add a Tiger ’69 with 420mm guns

  10. D I R E C T R U L E F R O M P E T R O G R A D

    lol the lyon killstealing the edinburgh was karma for your “kill securing” early in the match

  11. Meh …more “Free Damage Satisfaction” for Battleships! 😂

  12. there was an HMS Crocodile, so yeah…. The Royal Navy is basically a zoo

  13. Daring is Minitaur, Tiger is ‘Minotame’ – Tame Minotaur

  14. Actually killed this thing in a straight gunfight with Felix
    Is that why these new Germans were created? To kill Tigers?

  15. The turret traverse, maneuverability and pin point accuracy though. Damn!

  16. “Wait, TIger, Lion… the royal navy a zoo?”

    This made my day xDDD

  17. HMS Hippopotamus, ruler of the seven seas

  18. 9:08 considering the average brain capacity you need for thunderer or conqueror I’d say they certainly have apes aswell in that zoo.

  19. They should have honestly gone with her sister HMS Blake, then there wouldn’t have been any naming conflict with Tiger, the battlecruiser.

    Also what became Tiger, Lion and Blake were a trio of uncompleted and mothballed Swiftsure-class hulls (Imagine a Crown Colony like Fiji, but the X-turret removed like on Mysore) and later finished and brought into service in the 50’s when the remaining various Town, County and Crown Colony-class ships from the war were getting rather worn out and obsolete.

    Also, speaking of the citadel, I’d love to know if the post-war ship designs really had silly raised citadel sections the way WG has modeled them on Neptune, Minotaur, Albemarle etc. or if they just straight up copied the shape of the belt because they’re lazy. Since many designs like the Town-class and Crown Colony etc. have that same raised belt section, but not a raised citadel section behind it.

  20. Lion’s, Tiger’s, and Bear’s Oh My…..🤣🤣🤣

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