World of Warships – Time for CARRY PANTS

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I have nothing to say besides that division mate potatoed and I had to put on my carry pants xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. After yesterdays game I think I owe you a good one 😉

  2. Reporting for Duty Captain Flambass — Potato Guns fully loaded.

  3. At least my clan mate finished second under you,I m glad that he helped you to win

  4. LOL your partner might want to check his cap skills before going into a ranked battle.

  5. i watch a lot of your youtube videos, and they are enjoyable. i think missus flambass should play a game for youtube. you can coach if you dare. just for fun know what im sayin 🙂

  6. damn now i want to know, what skills he had on his Minekaze xD

  7. your advise on this game help me changed the way i play just got tier 1 in 34 battles thanks for the vids(help) keep it up

  8. “Now I’m gonna rush the _Kamikaze_ because his torps just passed me so now he can’t _possibly_ have torps ready” #FamousLastWords ;-)))

    Stock torp reload time: 47s | With Torpedo Armament Expertise: 42.3s | With Adrenaline Rush, on 50% health: 38.7s

  9. I can’t play this ranked anymore. I thought going into it the team play would be better but it’s noticeably worse than randoms. The moment you were wondering wtf the rest of the team was doing happens 9/10 matches… annnnnd that guy at the end who threw for the enemy team; more times than not you get wins because of bad play on the enemy side than anything else…

  10. Your div mate seems like a bit of a weak player? Marked his account as private as well. Interesting, potato confirmed ;-). Before anyone moans, I’m on a 58% win rate and reached rank one in the mini ranked quite easily. One of my matches I got 2.5K+ base and 5 kills. I’m not an especially good player either. Just a bit above average.

    • 58% is very good.

      However, as can be seen in the film posted by Flambass, even if you anihilate the entire enemy team largely on your own you still might lose (he did not, but he would have had the last hostile drednought used his brain.

      I’m currently sitting at around 59,5% solo and well… I had a lot of sitiuations during which I had most xp gained, over 300% of enemy ship hp dealt and lose becouse most BB players do not know the basics of combat.

  11. Flamu, put last stand on your dd captain, potato ??

  12. “This was an awesome move from Wargaming to give people a reason to play lower tiers”.

    I’m sure this is all fine and dandy for all the top tier players but it’s frankly more than a little ridiculous when you consider the gulf between the average players at this tier and you and others in ships brimming with high point captains and all the best modules, cammos and flags. Simply put, your Nicholas is twice the ship that my Nicholas is. Also, while you may call this a ‘CARRY’, I think even I and many others could have polished off the last three numpties in our shit ships at the end to be fair. And having a go at your ‘mate’ like that!? Then there’s a comments such as, “I cannot believe I pulled this one out of the shitter”. Considering the level of level of play and overall potatoe-ness on display in the game, a little bit of humility might have worked better there I feel.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching your vids. It’s just that I didn’t feel this one was up to the mark at all. Sorry.

  13. I reached rank 1, finally. Win rate of 52% approx, which is horrible compared to the normal rank season (62%). It was frustrating and annoying, so many stupid decisions from everybody.

    • True, most of the time even if you take 100% of hp from 3 ships, it’s not enough to save the game when the entire team decides to party on C and die.

  14. Dam I wish I had recording on, Kraken in my Nicolas in Sprint yesterday. 2300 Base XP.

  15. Flambas, you carried so hard this game, you might need a wheelchair for a week!!?

  16. Amazing Flambass Simply amazing. We’re not worthy….We’re not worthy

  17. Nicholas( and Guilio) were great in Ranked and let me rank out in three days.

  18. This sprint season was fun and surprisingly easy, PLUS low amounts of salt, of course there was some but most people were ok.
    Best season before this was the T6 one IMO, that was fun as well, but low tiers ARE fun.
    However BAN CV’s from ranked please, I had several games where our CV started to do something 3-4mins into the game, sometimes worse AND their BOT code was horrible, no human could play that poorly, when the CV launches planes and then runs into the middle of the map to explode ya knida wonder how bad the code must be 🙂
    Honestly make ranked ship V ship not Ship V Planes V Ship and the best CV wins. Or require the BOTs to submit their code for checking 🙂 The current way to address the BOT issue doesn’t work at all 🙂
    GG by the way, I played my Kami mostly, couple BB matches and cruiser matches but the Kami was super OP a lot of the time so a real boost for low skill players like myself 🙂

  19. I don’t like lower tiers because bb rng is terrible. And some cruisers feel underpowered

  20. this mod is not for everyone,new players cant match RPF,anw gg

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