World of Warships – Tin Foil Hat

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Todays’ pre-intro segment tested and approved by real live Canadians!

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  1. Honestly jingles’ laugh is the thing that makes my day.

  2. Nothing like a good Jingles laugh to wake you up in the morning

    edit: that seems entirely plausible that wargaming would make that change, just long enough for the hype around the brand spanking new premium submarines to die down, at which point they will subsequently revert, or nerf the time it takes for rocket strikes to make contact

    • I play game 3 yeras have over 10k battles in random over 22k in all modes , have all lines researched + Benham , Musashi, Georgia, Alaska , Paolo Emilio , ZF6 , Hizen ,Pommren , Burgugone , Yoshino , Immelman , Vampire II, Thunderer , Smolensk , Marceau , Moskva , Salem , Ohio my account is worth aroud 12k$ , and when WG will introduce submarines I will consider to sell/trade my account …

    • They do this all the time in World of Tanks. Release a OP tank, wait a few months for people to spend money to speed up the grind to get it. Then nerf it. Nothing surpo here.

    • I think people are being stupid about thinking the nerf will get reverted considering what flamu revealed about why they have kept carriers so strong. Its not cause someone there has a hard on for them, its because their goal was to boost player numbers in CV and they needed to keep them higher to justify the rework.

      The thing is that over time the need to do that lessens. After a few years of higher CV population they’ve likely convinced their higher ups that the rework was money well spent. Those same higher ups are going to care more about stuff like subs and new lines coming out, premiums selling etc. There isnt going to be a reason to revert the nerf after subs, because they don’t need to convince their bosses with CV player numbers. Its likely why we saw the nerf in the first place, because they can afford to cut player numbers now. They have less need to justify CV rework now and more need to justify things like the commander and eventually subs and then whatever rework comes after. So I wouldn’t expect a change, because they arent going to care to justify the CV rework anymore.

    • I know WG well enough, they most likely won’t revert any changes unless the backlash is big enough to cause them to losea big market share. They removed deadeye eventually, because of numerous complaints. They offfered refunds, to everyone affected by the badly marketing of those Kong vs Godzilla, because of complaints and threats of lawsuits. Yet they never reverted the Zao to it’s original state years back. So they most likely will edit the rocketplane attack instead of reverting it.

  3. What the heck? I thought only Carriers were supposed to be that sink-resistant.

  4. April WhiteMouse

    I was one of the unwitting Canadian test subjects.

    • Much love and glad you cared about the game to give up your free time the way you did. It’s just sad to see the disrespect you got back off WG

    • spacedreamer spacedreamer

      @Not Today That’s the answer: The higher-ups went: A mouse! A mouse! Get it outtahere!

    • spacedreamer spacedreamer

      I could make jokes on how people get scared of mouses, but that wouldn’t do justice to how you and Chobittsu were treated.

      But do it also read it right that after they threw you two under the bus, they come with a piece offering? Personally my response would be: Because that’s easy AFTER the wrongdoing was done.

      Also excellent review to the both of you on the Yukon with clear separation of emotion and the actual review.

    • Was there free beaver tails and poutine?

    • I wish i was one of the unwitting canadian test subjects, instead im broke in the US

  5. 0:26 so what exactly was said there? I heard “without a paddle,” but that was all I could understand.
    Edit: Now I got it: “I’d say you four boys are up fart creek without a paddle.”

  6. I reckon you are bang on old man, just like with the Carriers getting everything good thrown at them to bump sales, submarines will start getting all the goodies and attention to sell them as a class to the masses.
    Just wait to start hearing the whinging carrier players when their VIP rug gets pulled out from under them when they are no longer the focus.

  7. Listening to him describe the litany of effects to the player base following the change of the rocket planes reminded me of that video where they describe the population effects in Yellowstone Park caused by just returning the wolves. XD

  8. Jingles, even paranoids have enemies. Or in WG’s case: even hemorrhoids have enemas. It is as good a theory as any, and as a dd player, I will happily exploit an opportunity while WG makes a mistake. At this point, with so many of the higher tier ships being either nerfed-to-death, brokenly overpowered, or just struggling, to stay relevant with the whipsaw meta changes, any game play improvement even if accidental is welcome.

    • Kingoro the Prudent

      *This same effect is also visible in movies, where you’ll see old franchises moving to reach toward the “wider market” because they recognize that gaining the attention of 13-year-olds everywhere vastly outweighs the loss that snubbing dedicated fans will represent. Why? Because 13 years olds have no expectations or standards, and will consume like the good little **_homo americanus_** specimens that they are; dedicated fans have taste and class, and won’t like it if you decide to catastrophically remodel your product to catch the breeze of the latest fads and trends.*

      Our culture is in general moving in this direction, doing everything it can to remodel the average person into a bland, marker-less, identifier-less, culturally-interchangeable piece, because that sort of person is one who won’t hold anything sacred: as long as what they’re consuming agrees with their stomach, they’ll consume it no matter what it contains or what the quality _used to be._ Such a person is fundamentally lacking any kind of cultural background or history, and as a result they can be catered to in any fashion. Unlike a normal person, who will only allow their cultural products to change so far before they stop consuming them, these people will consume it no matter what. And as a result, everything can be twisted and changed to fit every new fad and trend hitting the market. This sort of person is something I dub *_homo americanus_* , because it seems to originate in America, and American culture fits this mold incredibly well. To such a person, religion, community and dignity don’t mean anything: they are simply brands to consume and get hyped for, nothing more.
      *And there is no grand conspiracy behind all of this: this is just **_-the Americanization of-_** society at work.*

    • @Olaf Messchendorp They are definitely interesting, it makes plane kills actually mean something other than the carrier having to print some more aircraft

    • I’m not a WoW player, but I just want to show my appreciation of the eloquence of your comment.

    • Wretched Excess

      Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

    • Wretched Excess

      @Kingoro the Prudent There’s a meme out there for this and it goes like this:
      Hard Times Create Strong Men,
      Strong Men Create Good Times,
      Good Times Create Weak Men,
      Weak Men Create Hard Times

  9. Jingles “little theories “ are never complimentary towards Wargaming. And usually correct.

  10. *Jingles thinks the rocket plane changes are for submarines*
    *meanwhile, Me:* Will I-401 Iona be playable as a sub? If anything could bring me back to WoWs, it would be an event to earn I 401 Iona as a submarine so I can complete the ARP collection.

  11. bullshit , once u see machineguns on water u have 3 seconds to “dodge” i want to see someone do it . meanwhile attacking planes are now immune to AA .

    • Nah, my AA spec Fletcher managed to dodge a metric shit tonne of damage in the last carrier game I played – double tier x carriers on each side – and rack up over 40 plane kills (I’m usually a total potato btw, just got it right for a change), and the strafing change really does give you dodge time. The frustrating thing is that I can’t seem to get a carrier game to save my life ever since then, although if I take the Asashio out it doesn’t seem to be a problem…:-)

    • @Anthony Riches Plane kills? You can kill planes?

    • @Snail Boi Well…yeah. Not like it used to be though. In the ‘old days’ before the AA nerf/carrier buff my son and I once took our AA Hindys out in a division and killed something a hundred of the little bastards :-). But yeah, assuming that’s not a trolling reply, you can kill planes. Take a ship with an AA specialism, buff it with modules, take the AA booster consumable and you can melt squadrons under the right circs. And if you were trolling, yeah, you got me 🙂

    • @Anthony Riches Ah, a division, makes sense, collective AA firepower

  12. Palle Gantzhorn

    Atleast Zao is still one of the sexiest ships of wows

  13. I think jingles tinfoil hat is fitting him quiet well, even tho he is right.

  14. If the Yukon’s heal was really modeled after Canada’s health care system, it would take four to six months to kick in after you pushed the button.

  15. Jingles’ theory sounds plausible however I find it hard to believe considering wargaming’s track record of planning ahead, they don’t do that. If they planned ahead, power creep in both WoT and WoW wouldn’t be a thing.

    • Eelke van der Brug

      You seem to think powercreep is an accident – it’s not. It’s a way to make new content interesting for the playerbase. Would you be more likely to buy a premium if it was average, or grind a whole new line if it was kinda meh? On the other hand, if you implement them with a new mechanic that is both strong and interesting, or you just make them very good, loads of people will grind or buy them, which results in more money going into the developer’s pockets. That’s why powercreep exists.

    • As the other guy notes, they are absolutely planning – to progress the meta and cash in on the manufactured ‘arms race’.
      edit: again.

    • @Eelke van der Brug that’s absolute rubbish. You’re suggesting every ship is built after careful consideration of it’s place in current tech tree, how balance will be effected and the current “meta” changed? This is WG’s biggest failing across all of their games. They knock-up new content with very limited balance consideration and then adjust later if required, it’s the Russian way. Are you new here?

  16. John Hargreaves

    you’ve got it Mr. J. Everybody is analyzing from their perspective Not from WG perspective watch both NoZoup and Earl Grey they explain from WG’s point of view and they are the most likely to be right; they do not care what the player base or the CCs think they just want they money. Regards

  17. WG in a nut shell.
    The only way they will actually improve the game, is by accident.

    • The accident is if spreadsheet (sales) for once collime with better game play. Kind of difficult of a correlation in this type of games.

  18. Fluffyplaydohcat

    “he sank the enemy carrier” is that legal??

  19. There is nothing more expensive than “free”.

  20. James Sylvestre

    Everyone: the changes to rocket planes make it easier for DD’s

    Me(who routinely gets 2 bomb hits a drop on DD’s): Wouldn’t know, haven’t noticed

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