World of Warships – Tipping point

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Once you are exp enough you start seeing what’s gonna happen before it happens.

Unless ppl do something really weird, you can see the pattern which they are most likely gonna follow so you can act well ahead of time.

You can also recognize the moment in which the match will be decided based on how it goes.

I call this the tipping point, or, when the spears are breaking.

You know that what comes next will determine the outcome of the match, and you can see just how strong of a butterfly effect this can have at the end of this match.

Winning or losing against 1 ship at a certain point decides the outcome of the game.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. yeah, to the ranked sprint high damage games. I got 316K in republic last night… and it was a draw and I didnt even save my star.

    • seriously? how much xp did you get?

    • honestly not sure. I think around 2800 base? Was only about 8k dam on DDs. I was more interested at the time about how much work our Kremlin must have done to beat me, and cursing myself for only getting pens and not a citadel deletion in my last clutch shot to try and win it.

    • dareios rossos had a conkek game with 279k dmg, 3.5 mil tanked, high calibre and confederate and we lost.

  2. Well that Jean Bart didn’t learn a thing, its wargamings fault ofc

  3. why, WG? did one of the CCs make another video on how much he liked the ship again?

  4. The ching mu launches his torps at the 2k HP Thunderer!! LUL

  5. Flambass, even though the game keeps getting worse, I love tuning in to enjoy your positivity and humor. Keep it up!

  6. where do I find this info?

  7. was it in the dev blog

  8. Roon is in all honesty a bit pants – kiting really isn’t a doable option when everyone’s camping (as at the moment), but it does lead to Hindenberg which is a great ship – my opinion :-)!

  9. Lol I like how the guy in the chat says hi Flambass and he just naturally responds. At least it wasn’t on all players.

  10. In fairness at the end there the Enemy Jean Bart takes a friendly torp and looses a fair chunk of his remaining HP

  11. could you play the atago and give some tips oh how to get maximum damage

  12. I like how the teammate who ran into Flambass turned away from continuing to punish the battleship then ended up far away to be somewhat useful to destroy the dd.

  13. It is always amazing how much the dmg hurts a dd… why again do i do not like to grind the legendary on the Gearing?

  14. I see Des Moines, I watch and I enjoy.

  15. There is a rehab facility 15 miles from my house called turning point.

  16. A volley is massed fire from guns smaller than 20mm. Word you are looking for is salvo

  17. Roon. . . Hans! Verdammt! You built the cruiser backwards again! Did we not have this conversation after the Nurnberg?
    (Take a speed flag and sail in reverse.)

  18. Hindenberg got the last two kills. Can’t see that he did much before then – he never went west of the 7 line, burned two hydro charges in spots where other ships were closer to any potential enemy ships, and didn’t go north above C before his final shot on the DD. He spent the bulk of his time between C7 and E8.

  19. I hope the sexslave princess you sponsor and you have verry good protections!
    mask,condoms & pill and gloves.

  20. Q?: Whats about the mouse click on enemies during the game? What’s the use and why I can’t?

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