World of Warships- Tips And Tricks To Make You A MUCH Better Battleship Player In 2024

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Hey guys! Today we go over some tips on how to improve your battleship play! Enjoy!

AP Overmatch cheat sheet:

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Full HUD Is Best HUD
4:22 Slow Ya Roll
6:20 The Training Room Is Free
7:51 Ammo Selection
10:38 Dealing With Subs


  1. After 7 year’s I prioritize information hard for right decisions.

  2. The training room is a general tip for aiming, I am grinding the French DD line, and the low tiers have abysmal shell velocity. I learned to aim them in the training room. Thank you Training Room and thank you SeaLord.

  3. Dont get chunked for 20k at a time while your guns fall mysteriously all around the target

  4. Against enemy battleships that can overmatch my bow I’ve started to angle a bit less in order to bait them into shooting my thicker belt armor. I still take damage, but I’m not eating 5-6k through my bow, so it seems to work for the most part. I’m still doing testing.

  5. First one; never sit.. pause, sure, but never stay and sit. You will get citadelled or stuffed with torps.
    You sit, you die.
    Second, focus lowest HP ship you see. A 1 HP ship can still kill you. A dead one can’t .

  6. Pretty good advice except for learning the armor layout of all ships. There is a lot of ship and for a game played for FUN. That’s going a later extra for something that’s only played for short time per day. I just figure what type of ship it is and if my shells penetrate or not I adjust my aim.

  7. I like the Training Room for new ships or ships I haven’t played in some time.

  8. I never use flags in Co-op as it’s just a waste of resources but good for practice

  9. i’d like to see a vid for people like me who want to play random battles and other modes but spend most time in co-op. the gameplay in co-op is charge in full ahead, mainly sink everything. battles are short with salvoes going off (and/or torps) as soon as they’re up. a vid of co-op that tells people wanting to play more pvp modes (for example) ‘this works in random too but not in ranked’ or ‘doing this in any pvp mode will get you sunk before you really do any damage’, that kind of thing. it might make the first games in random battles (or whatever) a little less frustrating for both the regular players and new ones.
    doubt it will stop some raging in chat at ‘useless team’ because they didnt stop and think ‘hey a mistake that big maybe they havent played anything but co-op until now’. but we could hope.

  10. Great tips!

  11. 1. use your armor, aka angle against other BBs.
    2. look at the map to see if you outnumber the enemy on your flank and be aggressive or cautious accordingly.
    3. vary course and speed against everybody, doesnt matter if its a sub, dd, he-spammer or BB. shells that miss, dont do damage.
    4. even if you cant pen your targets bow, you probably can still chunk its superstructure for 5-10k with AP, aim above the turret.
    5. if you want to play close, use islands, your detectionrange doesnt matter when there is no line of sight.

  12. Its that fine line, between “a group of ships”…and a lemming train, that makes the difference sometimes

  13. @pedrorodriguez5110

    Very good job.

  14. Best video in a while SL,👍👍 a change of pace from “Top 5…” Appreciate emphasis on NOT in a “straight line.” I know that I don’t use the training room enough, mostly because limited time means I’d rather play the game, but I should be using it more. I also struggle with taking my time at the start, though usually it’s to get out on a flank. Not a BB main, but much appreciated.

  15. Excellent advice! The only thing I would add is knowing when to take a shot or having the patience to hold your shot for a better angle or different ship to pop up!

  16. You just love to see that one teammate that sails broadside to the entire enemy team, they get sunk, and then are immediately in chat complaining that their team sucks and doesn’t support them.

  17. Damn! It took me a full two years to figure out not to go, full, throttle, straight into the closest cap in a battleship LOL!

  18. Great advice SLM! Well done! o7

  19. @hillbillysimmer7120

    “Set your throttle at half speed.” American Standard Battleship captains: “Belay that order! Full speed ahead!”

  20. One more use of the ASW planes is that you can actually use it to “bait” and cancel the enemy CV’s fighters if they drop them to spot you. Just place an attack run inside their attack circle, and the fighters will follow it until they’re gone together.

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