World of Warships – Tips For Ranked

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Sharing some tips I’ve learned through my Ranked experiences, hope these can help you in your play. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Battleship Republic Replay R; Discord Server


  1. Good Work as always!!

  2. Tip: don´t pull a notser broadsite to the enemies

    • Tip: Never pull a Notser in front of your enemies, regardless the angle…unless it’s a tactical Notser.

    • Michael Moeller

      Is a broadsite a website that one can order mail order brides from like Melania?

    • French cruisers can do it 😉 speed boost back and dodge the shots lol
      (I survived for 3 minutes running into an island and doing that before…)

  3. 6kill OMG

  4. Why… Why do people use scroll zoom?!

  5. Pro tip, you can hit shift to zoom…

  6. Matthias Marbold

    thanks for your warm words at the end:) They are so true, everytime i tried to win very hard, me and my team lost:(; if it was for fun, I even managed to win in a one vs one against shokaku with my rotten lexi:) (of course we had the point adventage on our side) :)have also a very nice one!!!!

  7. Top tip: do everything Notser does except pulling Notsers.

  8. For me, the “saving a star” element is a turn-off. It feels sleazy to be the only member of a team that does not suffer from a loss. All too many times I’ve seen teammates transition from trying to win, to XP farming. This video made me aware of how choosing the right ship influences star protection. So some people actually choose a ship based on keeping a star and maybe winning? As opposed to showing up with your strongest ship with the best chance of winning? The idea of playing a backline DPM machine to protect a star and hope my team plays well for a win smells like being carried. I’ve played team sports and winning or losing as a team fosters better team-play. “Save-Your-Star” mode? Not so much. Just kind of sleazy …. and smelly.
    Das Bat

    • Dps is still very important, it is the play of not focusing threats to teammates that is the sleazy part.

    • This is true. I can show up and contribute to a win in my Chapayev or Kutuzov by hammering the enemy DD’s and then spreading that DPS around to enemies to defend against pushes and protecting allies. At the same time I protect my “star” if things go south. However, if all I care about is a team win, I’ll show up in a DD where my skill set is strongest and can contribute more to the team. If things go south there’s little I can do in many cases, and I lose a star.

    • Bat Rastardly you are right on target.

    • Honestly WG doesn’t give much of anything extra. So I’m happy they are giving an extra star, but I agree with you. Any ideas how to give a top performer a star, without it being totally damage focused. Maybe total xp instead? Let’s accept anything from WG we can, as usually they are tight.

  9. I’ll even take a break after a win streak. Otherwise I find that I get overconfident and start making mistakes.

  10. Gotta say that I am having fun in my first Ranked experience. I only have the Prinz Eugen but I really love that thing. Won my very first 2 ranked matches. The cooperation and support is WAY better in ranked than random. I’m actually seeing people offer help or just move to support when a player team mate gets in a bad spot. Still not loving the “island Hopper/Hider” meta but…that’s what it is. Almost feels like a better version of the game than I’ve played before. Outstanding earnings too. Thanks.

  11. I don’t really understand the hate people give people that scroll zoom. while i don’t personally do it “all” the time, (i used shift for the initial zoom in, but i tend to zoom out and get different magnifications when firing for SA) I never understand the general hate that is attributed to it.

    I know it may make some people sick, i understand that, but it seems to of developed a bandwagon hate train, and that’s the confusing part. I see people go and say like “oh man he’s a scroller! what a potato!” like, seriously?

  12. Awesome vid thanks learned again some thing new. +1

  13. What I have learned is that a lot of players are like bbs staying far back so they can be the last ship if they are losing to place first.Which takes them out of the game for 4-6 minutes so focusing on trying to place first destroys the whole concept of trying to win as a team and ranked just becomes who can farm the most damage and let the rest of your team try to pull out a win.

  14. For example the bb goes directly away from the caps so that he is the farthest back gets as much damage as he can from sniping as the rest of his team dies he stays far back to draw the other team out so he can take them on one at a time to guarantee a first place , please explain how this is good for a team game

    • I think that it depends on the BB. If you’re in a GK, you don’t want to be miles back (assuming that you have a secondary build) because you’re denying your ships one of its strengths, its secondaries, not to mention its less than spectacularly accurate main guns.

      OTOH, if you’re in a Yammy with its wretchedly slow traversing main gun turrets, keeping the distance somewhat open makes it easier to engage multiple targets because it takes less time to switch between targets with those slow turrets, not to mention her very accurate guns.

      I think that it’s best to play every ships to its strengths, and not force round pegs into square holes, i.e. force ships to play roles that they’re not well suited to.

  15. Conqueror is the best ship for keeping stars. Can almost always disengage with concealment and can come back to life. Can also perfectly deal with angled targets and easily blap DDs

  16. recommending people to save a star….. seriously? do you have no honor???

    • Just because you are playing to cruiser or a battleship doesn’t mean you play passive. You just have more time to dps versus destroyers

    • jaimegonzalezTGK26

      FranClyn he’ s not lying ranked is all about be selfish.

    • FranClyn – couldn’t agree more. Promoting save-a-star just sux. And if you can’t generate XP with a DD you’re playing it wrong.

    • The Gaming Python

      Q: What is the point of Ranked? A: to progress as far as you can. Ergo you need to save a star if on a losing team. Difficult concept for some people obviously.

  17. I played a ranked battle with you. You and I were both playing Yueyangs on the map North. We spawned on the south side, and both died early, but our capital ships pulled it off. Losing your DDs is bad, but it’s not a guaranteed loss.

  18. Bullshit theories. Every time I watch a wows youtuber play this game their shots don’t miss and never take a citadel and are always placed on the team with a high win rate too.

  19. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    Id played only 18 battles at tier ten before this, but it seems to not matter… ive found the players helpful enough, though i still would rather it stay at lower tiers, playing the same ship over and over again is dull….

  20. Notser, please make it clear that they are rewarded by % HP done as dmg to target, not just the raw damage number. Saying “farm damage keep stars” is very damaging and since you have a big influence, the damage’s going to be proportional.

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