World of Warships – Tired of Being A Potato? Learn the WHY

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Got a 250k+ game? Still under 50% WR? Might want to spend some time figuring out the WHY. Why did you win? Why did you lose?


  1. While I won’t share Crystal’s win rate, she can do that if she chooses. But I can say she played at a level that doesn’t reflect her WR at all. The important thing is for her to recognize what she did right/wrong and then use that to improve her game. Good battle 😀

    • @MMShaggy disagree. You can’t explain some people has 55% 60% even over 70% winrate (they played thousands of games), and others who played thousands games has 45% winrate. Do those who get much better winrate always get better teammates? obviously not. they are much better so they carried their teammates to get more than 50%.

    • Wr is the best indicator for player skill long term.

      The problem is you can’t use it as an player skill indicator in a vacuum.

      Does the player play in divisions a lot?
      Does he play mid/low tier and is seal clubbing a lot?
      Is he playing with strong premium ships and skips weak ships in a line with money (converting free xp)?
      And so on and so on.

      Once you took all those factors in consideration however winrate is the best indicator we have, just look at how top clans recruit their players, you will usually not find anyone below 60% winrate in their ranks.

    • @K9 Tirion solo TX wr is the only standard by which i judge a player’s skill

    • Solo queue WR is by far the best metric to see a player ability to win games which imo is the most important. Means the player is able to see the overall picture and affect his team performance positively.

    • @MMShaggy Completely agree, my win rate is bad but im almost always in the top 3 players on the team.

  2. Dreaming about pipes, guess I know who to call when I need a plumber 😛

  3. Followed you for a long time now, the thing is, i appreciate a lot those CC-YTubers who cares to explain/help the community, this kind of videos is why i am here, congrats and gracias amigo

  4. Personally, I’d have blamed the Donskoi more for that turn, but c’est la vie.

  5. I play a number of different PvP games, most of them at a decently high level.
    Without a shadow of a doubt, WoWs stands out as the game with the weakest playerbase in terms of ability, and it is almost entirely down to the game’s lack of useful tips and tutorials

    • It is a bit more complex than that.
      – there is no real ranking system (even ranked is more of a grind than anything else) so there is no push to betterment. No endgame scoreboard does not allow player to understand what it actually takes to be best players
      – bad plays are hard to punish, espacially in lower tier
      – low tier plays complety differently than high tier, and with all the XP boosts player can grind a line in less than 100 battles, not taking the time to familiraize themself with the ships and taking bad habits
      – multi tier battles means than when being top tier, you can totally wreck T-2 and feels godlike, so you must be somewhat good.

      All in all, world of warship is a game designed for casual play, but with very complex mechanics which take hunderd of hours to master. So the end result should not surprise anyone.

    • Oh, Star Trek Online is far, far, FAAAAR worse xD

  6. thanks for the advice given to me for that battle. some things you mentioned i hadn’t thought of at the time but did afterwards and others i hadn’t thought of at all. i have been trying to play more like i did during that battle with some degree of success .

    • @crystal wisp so you took the secondary mod in slot six
      Bold choice
      I only go for the commander secondary skills and and secondary mod in third slot.
      It’s useful to have the reload mod coz it gives you the same reload as Odin

    • well done keep it up.

    • @PanzerJäger Hantoeig i put as much as i could into secondaries on that ship so yeah, no reload mod on the ship. i do the same with all my German BBs. i find secondary builds to be really fun.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA yep, secondary all the way! i did try other things to begin with but they didn;t work out for me personally

    • @crystal wisp but imagine
      You have Gunther Lutyens as the captain
      You have secondary guns blazing on all side
      You have main battery guns that overmatch, and you have a autoloader to make that 23 seconds
      Then you have hydro, great armor and decent AA. The perfect combo
      And just to add a cherry to the top, you have more deck armor than the Kremlin
      There is a reason why the FDG is my favourite battleship

  7. So much good salvos. I get only overpens and terrible dispersion on my BBs being a 55% player. Really makes you think…

  8. A lot of kill stealing going on. Lol. Great video Chase.

  9. 5 potato clicked dislike cuz they choose to be potato and wanna mess up their teammates

  10. Casual potato BB players: “I don’t want to shoot DDs because it’s hard to hit them and I can’t do much damage. Wah!”

    • I do the exact opposite… Game starts, I load HE and head straight for the nearest DD that’s going to cap.

      The second something shows up, I throw HE at it until it dies. I play US BBs and they’re not that good even with full secondaries, but having that helps.
      Once neardy DDs are gone, I load AP and watch for Cruisers. BBs are basically the last thing I shoot, unless they’re an immediate threat.

    • It’s always fun surprising enemy DDs with HE out of a Monty, lol. God Bless Halsey’s expert loader.

    • Since back then when I knew the game calculated the xp and money from the percentage of the damage done to ship’s full hp, not the direct damage value, DDs have been my 1st priority target as long as they are less than 7 seconds away regardless of the ship type I play.

  11. Unfortunately for me, the quality of my team sometimes affects my performance. If I’m riding around with a bushel basket full of taters, totally without a clue, it’s very difficult to motivate myself let alone trying to get the team moving cohesively. You need a series on how to peel those taters!

  12. i just researched this! sweet just need the coins lol cant wait to play it tbh!

  13. I would describe all of my teammates as Kiting Expert because nobody is pushing! lol

  14. LOL – Love the tittle … I am such a Potato at times. especially having been gone from game for over 2 years … these are useful videos.

  15. After more than 3 years into the game, it’s in the state of such a deep shit, when you can get burned down by Smolensk, when you can land every shell in a salvo to get only overpens, to even bother with analysis of what you did wrong or right… no, thank you. This game does not stimulate you to.

    • This. Why should I gimp myself to a ship that requires skill when a potato can just use the Smolensk, pop smoke, and basically guarantee at least 50k damage during that duration of it?

  16. that random moment when i ended up looking behind my ship away from the enemy. that was when the cat chose to jump up and knocked my mouse lol

  17. I am playing WOWS in ASIA server, and the most of situation I have been facing were absolutely no vision on my side, while the other side have good vision just camp full 18 mins.

  18. Jingles 2019: the secondaries are not that accurate, but they are more accurate than the main guns
    Me seeing a vid of IChasegaming 2020: the main guns are more accurate than the secondaries
    Also me: well the old man and his friend flamu have to stop berating Germans any time….and no salt mining today hahaha

  19. This was a really helpful video for my german secondary builds

  20. I see a lot of godlike tier dispersion, like 1 in a million for a german BB, being top tier helps, especially against a team of potatoes who always show broadside to the world. Great match nonetheless.

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