World of Warships – Tirpitz 0.5.6

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Tirpitz on The Atlantic pushes toward A point and engages initial enemy ships moving toward A point. We try to retreat when the enemy overwhelms the point. A couple good shots from our big guns and a lucky torpedo attack leads to a standoff. I try to regroup by going after some destroyers on the other side of the map. We move back to try and give the team the win. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Battleship Tirpitz Replay


  1. Andreas Petersson

    and as always , I fucking love your Battleship games! :)

  2. Andreas Petersson

    Sweet game Notser! 🙂 On monday I start my new job as an engineer !! :)

  3. FaithfulScrubHD

    Some players just made stupid mistakes too often

  4. Destroyer Inazuma

    A Tirpitz meets a Warspite: turn 1 the Tirpitz unleashes all the firepower,
    peppers the Warspite with secondaries, knock out a turret and lands in one
    torp. Turn 2 Warspite swears and spits, but her legendary Die Hard perk
    keeps her alive. She fires at will and blows the Tirpitz up as the latter
    fires one last salvo to earn “It’s just a flesh wound!”

  5. ”…killed by notser…” hahahahahaha

  6. Christian Anibas

    Notser is your youtube channel only a hobby, or does it also create income?

  7. Patricia O'Neil

    Always love to be greeted with a new video from you – Thx Notser!

  8. I love the changes to the map and the result screen.

  9. Hi Notser.. thank you for providing great videos and reviews. Can you tell
    me how to get the cross hair all the way across the screen like you had in
    this video at the beginning? Thank you…

  10. Thunderblunt LP

    I appreciate you Notser! (YouPooped)

  11. LightFoot Freddy

    Great Notser, sorry I haven’t been commenting as frequent as befor, I am
    also very busy with YT channel .
    Nicely played buddy as always .
    Do know something about the “Smith” its a Destroyer and I saw it in game.

  12. I love how positive your videos always are. Keep up the good work dude.

  13. Greedy Notser!!!
    Notser : I want more than one Citadel

  14. I imagine the German BB line should have a higher RoF compared to other
    battleships in the game. While other nations were building 12, 14, 16, or
    even 18.1 inch guns, the Germans were limited by treaty to building 10 or
    11 inch guns.

    Or something like that. I’m probably wrong, but limitations imposed on the
    Germans after WWI did limit the Germans in how big their warships could
    get, resulting in them developing the infamous “pocket battleship”.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, or add information that I left out.

  15. Baronvoncookie Yumyum

    Just got tripitz I like it and angling makes you almost invincible

  16. Anyone else experience more engine and rudder damage in 0.5.6?
    I played a few games last night after the patch in my Myoko and Mogami and
    I keep getting my engine and rudder taken out with every hit. That never
    happened before.

  17. Nice video, man.

    Now that the Tirpitz is out again, I’m considering buying one. I’m usually
    a CL/CA captain, though, so I dunno if it’s a good fit, especially since
    the last time I played a BB was in CBT. Wonder if I should go through with
    getting one.

  18. Notice they had a minor patch before this and the detection bug
    ‘disappeared’ no comments from devs, then this patch drops and no more
    wacky detection, especially now that we can visualize the detection. Gotta
    love shady shet.

  19. Did I miss in the update info that they increased detection when firing I
    thought it was a 40% increase, but watching your mini map detection ring it
    went from 14 to 25 that is a bit more than 40%.

  20. You have helped out my World of warships playing by soooo much thank you

  21. The queen of the north sea =)

  22. all these new Tirpitz captains out there sure makes my Fletcher happy

  23. Since you mentioned it…. Hey man, I really appreciate all you do! Like
    you said, getting vids up can be a lot of work. Thanks man!

  24. I never upgraded my admiral hipper’s hull because it was sooo expensive

  25. Hang on, 32kts?
    If the Tirpitz does 32kts then have they addressed the Iowa’s speed?
    Max speed ever supposedly recorded for Bismarck was ~30.1 to 30.8. Unlikely
    the Tirpitz was faster, and possibly even slower.
    Max known speed run for Iowa class was, rather absurdly, as part of being
    readied to be used in the Korean war. That was 35.2kts (yes, 35.2).
    But, hey, I guess WG just makes shit up as they go. Nothing new there.

  26. Please play nc and Iowa or Montana but with a secondary build

  27. That was a fun game! Thanks for the divison Notser! I posted my perspective
    of the game as well.

  28. I was starting to think they had us there for a bit until you turned it
    around and saved the day. Great work! I’m kinda glad that enemy Tirpitz was
    only shooting HE since it prevented him from getting a single citadel on my

  29. Notser, a video a day is tough, but I think you are doing it right. I
    really wish you could some kind of NA partnership with WG similar to
    Wargaming. I think you are positive influence on the game.

  30. Notser — love the videos!! btw are you on WG’s payroll, or do you have an
    outside job? These vid’s have to take up quite a bit of your time!!

  31. Hey!

  32. nacho426hemicuda

    Play with me NOster!, jajjaaj tirpitz shure feels OP in game,

  33. I really want a tirp, some day. I am very much looking forward to the
    German BB line.

  34. Hey Notser! Love ur vids! Just wanted to say, that one video u said you
    love playing with ur viewers and stuff but ur not always on cuz ur super
    busy. U should make like a Twitter or something and whenever u wanna play
    with fans u just tweet out ur on and what tier you would like to play so
    people can adjust to what ship u would like to play

  35. did you guys see the mountain icon on the cursor?

    when you pointed your courser on the target the mountain was in the way, it
    shows a moutain icon! no more shooting moutains!

  36. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Aww… I think this ship is so beautyfull…, wanted to by her, but after
    the last two patches my game crashes, every single time, when playing Tier
    6 or higher…. :C dont know why, just eats up all my memory….. its very
    annoying, so no Beaupitz for me.. sr. Wargaming…

  37. btw how do you get your like aiming line to be as long as that? (mine only
    shows up to 15 like ticks)

  38. Hey i love your videos! 😀 Please keep on making theese into infinity (as
    long as you want to :P)

  39. I love the Tirpitz. It gets a bit of a bad rep because day one newbies can
    buy it and get themselves owned in high tier games being absolutely
    clueless of how to actually play the ship. I very much like to get up in
    the enemies face instead of sniping from max range. Nothing quite like
    sailing in the middle of three cruisers topping two and citadel the one in
    front. Just such a beast :). It’s a shame they don’t have mastery ratings
    like in WoT :(.

  40. I love the Tirpitz. It gets a bit of a bad rep because day one newbies can
    buy it and get themselves owned in high tier games being absolutely
    clueless of how to actually play the ship. I very much like to get up in
    the enemies face instead of sniping from max range. Nothing quite like
    sailing in the middle of three cruisers topping two and citadel the one in
    front. Just such a beast :). It’s a shame they don’t have mastery ratings
    like in WoT :(.

  41. I believe the only buff to Tirpitz’s AA was the activation of the single
    quad mount on top of the #2 turret. A number of ships got this buff,
    including, of all ships, Texas, which gained 12 20mm guns. Molotov got some
    too, though it’s still not relevant to protect itself, as did, I believe
    the rest of the US BB line, at least from the Colorado on in some way. Oh,
    also Amagi got six triple 25s. Not sure of the rest of the IJN line,
    because I haven’t played them yet in 0.5.6.

  42. hetalia_dude 10765

    Stated playing this game yesterday and I think it’s awesome so far not died
    once yet.

  43. chillerkiller 00

    Notser, Mikasa is now avivable! You can buy her 🙂
    Do you buy her?

  44. BIA World of Warships

    @Notser, Just bought myself a Tirpitz too, this thing is soo much fun!
    First game, 155,000 Damage 😀 😀 :D

  45. Battlefieldbrony

    Could you make a followup video to the aim video about getting hits on the
    waterline and dealing with tricky angles?

  46. Hey @notser what server do you play on?

  47. Shame on me! I thought I could cap undetected, but clearly was not the case

  48. Tirpitz <3

  49. Starkiller 0014

    I like the tirpiz a lot! and now anyone on which the Bismarck (and all
    others German battleship) will released?

  50. Callum Nickless

    play the hipper pls

  51. George Washington

    Please play nc,iowa or montana and tell us their current state with the

  52. I for one appreciate the work you put into these videos, I’ve leaved a fair
    bit about how to better my play style because of it. Thank you!!!

  53. Hey Notser, could you inquire about whether devs are going to bring this
    game to PS4? Thanks for daily content! DOOM is addictingly good btw, just
    for your daily dose of random info.

  54. You pretty much spent the whole game on 50% HP hahaha

  55. RNG was on your side second half of the battle)

  56. try the NC, iowa, or montana after buffs, see if they’re competitive now

  57. notser, you are the man!

  58. They really need to buff dispersion for tirpitz like they did for high tier
    usn battleships. The inaccuracy is quite horrendous even at close
    distances. Tirpitz guns are already underpowered for its tier. I want to be
    rewarded for good aim and not let RNG dictate engagements. See the 15:45
    mark where Notser tries to shoot the Hatsuharu at 7 km.

  59. HEY! I really appreciate everything you do man.

  60. Tirpitz can be very fun in these situations, I just hate going up against
    another Tirpitz since it’s quite boring because you won’t cit a Tirpitz
    unless the stars align.

    I still wish the accuracy was a bit better to compensate for the hugely
    superior AA and extra guns on the North Carolina, but hey, can’t have it
    all I guess.

  61. Sir Failalot The ll

    does anyone feel like tirpitz got a dispersion buff or is that just me

  62. Sir Failalot The ll

    did you see the defeat i sent you?

  63. keep it going man your doing excellent ^^

  64. 1337 Makrelenboy

    Wargaming should really buff the Tirpitz’ Dispursion.

  65. Hey notser thanks soooo much for all the info you give in these vids before
    watching your vids i was struggling to even hit a target but now after
    using all the tips you shared i hit an average of 7 citadels per game which
    is a huge improvement thanks sooooo much again keep up the great work

  66. i cant wait for my next pay check, finally i will buy the Tirpitz :)

  67. o/ a new Notser video o/

  68. Issit just me or do my 203mm jap he do more damage in 0.5.6

  69. Eating Flashbang

    Today I discovered that RNG hates me…6 460mm shells into the broadside of
    an Iowa (6000HP) at 6km….5000 dmg.

    Very bad day :(

  70. Hey cool, those surveys actually meant something! I like the new minimap a
    lot! Only thing missing is the damage counter and I won’t need mods

  71. Great video as always, hopefully we can see the Hipper atlantic hull in
    your next video!

  72. please play furutaka with 3rd hull <3

  73. Frost Zeustastic

    First Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 11pm at night. Ready for bed. “posted one minute ago” fuuuu sleep!

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