World of Warships: Tirpitz And Commentary

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I had an enjoyable, but brief match in the Tirpitz. The rest of the video I commentate on the match. That Implacable certainly is in the right place.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German battleship Tirpitz on the map Trap.


  1. Merry Christmas, Aerroon! Love the Tirp, just bought her.

  2. Thx Aerroon I was boored:)

  3. 5:49 he citadelled you… be careful when showing these kind of angles to guns with high velocity. They tend to shoot right through the cheek of German BBs.

  4. its like “netflix and chill” for world of warships.

  5. Nice! I have Blirpitz which is set up fully secondary and captain.

  6. “Implacable, are you sure you don’t want to play the Graf SPEE instead?” 😛

  7. @Aerroon 13:40 Graf Spee ? ? you ment Graf Zepelin… , but in general, you was too confused the whole game, lookslike you went tired at the end, so you are promissed…. ?

  8. You have recommended the wrong Graf to the Implacable, I think.
    Easy to get them wrong though. Too many Prinz(en) and Graf(en) in the Kriegsmarine.

  9. This is an interesting format for your videos: you should do that more often because it is very instructive. Thanks and happy holydays

  10. Should I buy bismark or Iowa??

  11. A tank is also known as a “meat shield” 😉

  12. when WG buffed the dmg of ijn dds, i realized that their dispersion became horrible, probably that happened to the Tirpitz torps launcher

  13. stefanos perivolaris

    Hello and…happy new year aeroon

  14. Hello and welcome

  15. Have the Tirpitz, what a shame they don’t offer the B camo instead of a whole ship.

  16. I’ve done the entire directive 1 to 3 in co op and with the average game lasting a max 4.30mins it’s been huge fun in the mogador and kleber 😉 500xp or more most games and with premium and prem camos I’m actually not losing credits 😉 Cheers

  17. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Man I really love to see the Tirpitz doing what she does best Long Live the Queen in the North!!!

  18. i would like to know, how can i get the AL captains for WoWs? if there is any chance to get them.

  19. When you get 6 team mates that form a lemming train but run away from 2 enemy ships that are bottom tier….. You know you are in for a fun time

  20. i really like your commentary. good stuff

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