World of Warships – Tirpitz – Carry Hard

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A replay sent in by Nozo in a on the Neighbours map. Watch as Nozomori carries his team and rampages through the enemy team. Of course, was also favourable 😛 Enjoy folks.


  1. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    this is without doubt human sacrifice! he must have sacrificed his entire

  2. Someone certainly increased his Tirpitz average stats.

  3. Impressive, but speaks volume of the bad NA players, when they just line up
    for citadels again and again… :p

  4. and I thought I was having good games lately -.- oh my.. and now I
    understand my brothers Rage when he complains over the NA servers xD

  5. Have a Nice time while your away Chase!!

  6. Nice, I only ever get 2-5 citadel hits per match in Tirpitz

  7. I would like to know what was sacrificed to rnjesus. Holy fk wtf is that
    laser guidance system.

  8. must be aim botting or something lol jk, all the citidels all the time,
    with the derpitz guns at long ranges… lol

  9. Ah those German troll cannons

  10. You couldn’t even show us the post-game stats?

  11. So of the 78 total hits (citadels are not counted as shell hits) 18÷78 is
    0.2307. ×100 is 23.07
    So ~23% of his shots that hit the target where citadels.

  12. How come the UI on his screen is so small?

  13. Citadels with a Tripitz? Happens every 2-3 games for me. The dispersion is
    from hell.

  14. Sigh, I get citadels like 2% of the time in BBs always getting overpens and
    2-4/8-12 25% (1/4) of my shells hit.

    I actually like the Pensacola but I get why she is notorious, gotta keep

  15. That…was awesome.

  16. Yo dawg I heard you like citadels…

    so I citadelled your citadels so you can citadel while you get citadelled.

  17. i like your new opening

  18. In all seriousness, Gneisenau has exactly the game guns, most of his
    frontal salvos are laser guided, but my Gne would barely able to be that
    accurate. Is there like a hidden accuracy based on ship type?

  19. did you take your citadel pill? :)

  20. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television

    2fn funny,

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