World of Warships – Tirpitz Escort to Victory

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on North moves out to support the assault for A point, I just try to stay with the friendlies as we progress. The enemy team takes the east, we work down any enemies that move too close to the west. I get a great support team who helped escort me to the eastern side of the map. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Tirpitz Replay


  1. Was not expecting the “giggidy” at the 69 AA defence rating 😛

  2. So that farragut was doing all of that WHILE stoned from yesterday’s surgery? DAMN

  3. #LoveForBiggels

  4. Notser, you strike me as a genuine down to earth nice guy. Cant be enough of that in this world we live in, stay tru where other’s cant. Now thene, keep up the work and as said befor i watch your vid’s and fin em informative to be a bether WoW player. Having alot of fun in fuso ore Sharnhorst while grinding german bb line and JP cruiser line.

  5. Good old Biggles,he took one for the team. Notser,what happened to ‘if you see me in-game,leave me alone’? 🙂

  6. Carlos Enrique Mora González

    TigBigglesWorth fukking hero :’)

  7. What’s giggidy? owo

  8. 14:10 Can’t believe Notser has forgotten the Tirpitz torpedos. nay, nay, nay

  9. A moment of silence in honour of Biggles. A magnificent b*stard he was

  10. UnexpectedInquisition

    I think the farragut was a fan of yours and trying to stay ahead of you to support. You both kept pushing to support the other lol

  11. I wish more would feel the same and support their DDs while they spot instead of just firing on something at max range that they’ll miss anyway.

  12. tirpitz or bismark?

  13. Press F to pay respect to TigBigglesworth.

  14. Just admit its so much fun playing a fast, brawling BB instead of the bow forward non-sense you have to play in the NC or AL to avoid being deleted.

  15. Don’t be bad mouth’n Asoka, she da gal.

  16. ChessieSystem CSX

    Sailing broadside on to a battleship? That’s a paddlin!

  17. Gareth Fairclough

    “We are usually very busy when I am not streaming” – Notser breeding programme, confirmed!

  18. Must to love The Biggles!

  19. what was that? Did i hear giggty ??

  20. Wastes tons of captain points and ship upgrades on a secondary build that only gets him 13K damage from a great game. Notser, you need to watch Flamu. The Tirpitz should focus on its main guns, not secondaries.

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