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  1. Poly the salesman for WG…

  2. Is the Tirpitz here to stay? Are are they going to pull a warspite on us?

  3. Ply Why No 4k?

  4. Imagine how cool it would be to man the AA gun on top of the second front

  5. Thanawich kongsepan

    +PhlyDaily <3 U

  6. new orleans pls

  7. I don’t have a titter account :,( I hate social media anyways.

  8. Phly why do most ships have their optics on only one gun battery (the upper
    one) while the gun battery below it doesn’t have optics?

  9. NA only?

  10. I hope I win! :D

  11. Is the giveaway available for the EU server?

  12. phly, why dont you use shift for zooming in?

  13. Phly, those 37mm flaks are the worst AA guns in Naval History, they are
    manually loaded, and got a super slow rof, which cant even shoot down
    swordfish, we call it the 37 traktor

  14. ride of marblehead next!! *rohan music*

  15. German ship is very beautiful.
    I think most beautiful German ship is sharnhorst .

  16. How do you do that attention attack the enemy ship?

  17. how many ads..

  18. Iowa Gameplay next mate! :)

  19. i love dazzle camo on a ship

  20. Great video. Free Tirpitz would be cool but get on Twitter for it? No, I
    don’t think so. Thanks, anyways. Still, as much as you say you don’t care
    about pronunciations why do you always say that AFTER you make several
    efforts trying to pronounce something? Seems to me if you didn’t care you’d
    just call something what you call it and not worry about if you were
    hilariously mangling the name or not. Btw, not that it matters, but those
    AA guns are pronounced, “Flock’feer-link” (Flackvierling) and
    “Flock’tswill-link ” (Flakzwilling) in German but normal English mangling
    would be Flak-veer-ling and Flak-zwill-ling.

  21. Like the stream, but not going to create a twatter account on the off
    chance I might win a virtual ship.

    Do like the play, though. Keep it up!

  22. Zao for next ship!

  23. I wonder if they are going to add the boniventure?


  25. I really want le tripitz it would make my friend so happy! he loves the
    german ships :/

  26. What was up with that Bargrisar dude. What a douche

  27. Great review Phly, keep up the honest reviews.

  28. +PhlyDaily It’s pronounced Ha-koo-ree-yoo

  29. Give me one cause I like snitchzel and little German Shepherd puppies!??

  30. tirpitz is a very average ship which i like its not so battleship like nor
    a cruiser like which is nice for my type of gamepalay and phly i always
    watch your vids while playing this games

  31. play the good old Omaha Phly , i love this ship

  32. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    The gun dispersion is bad in long range against BBs. That’s why it’s meant
    for mid-short range engagements as a cruiser destroyer. It’s quite accurate
    within cruiser firing range

  33. och Sverige älskar dig Steve/phly !:)

  34. few battles last night with them in battle. Are a beast to fight against.

  35. Fuck your self promotion fuck Twitter bullshit

  36. Defend zee father land

  37. -_- I don’t have a twitter…
    this really sucks


  39. The 105mm guns were mainly AA guns and were only used as secondary guns as
    a second duty, and not a first considerstion. They shared the secondary
    role more so on smaller ships, like Light cruisers, and or like planed
    torpedo ships that were like American DE’s.

  40. The ship modelers have made a nice UV map and model, however they missed
    the seam rivet offset in the middle sides of the secondary gun turrets. It
    probably doesn’t matter much as I and 3 other people on the planet would
    notice this LOL.

  41. the gun You are calling secondary that you want on the Xwing is the 105mm
    AA gun not the 5.9 inch(150mm) secondary.

  42. The Bismarck ships look like a Corvette, if you are looking at cars. In the
    book that I am writing about the plan Z ships the 0 Class Battle Cruisers
    are a close second. the 3D model of the O class is going pretty good. I
    have a D class cruiser illustration on Wikipedia, in the D class cruiser
    Germany article.

  43. LOL check out TwistedSister/Haratiofales with his mod where he is flying
    carrier planes in the game Phill.

  44. Phly, you live in PA?

  45. #Tirpitz

  46. Phly one of the only reasons for me getting World of Warships was this

  47. Sweet video, also you give Tripitz please! =)

  48. take out a Chester so I can say good bye to a shitty Ship I hated that one

  49. First Aid kit at 7:15 …. goddammit these germans think ahead.

  50. wonder how bismark compares

  51. So will he just announce the winners on twitter then message them the codes
    or something else because it did not make too much sense to me.

  52. and can’t forget the german heavy cruiser the prince(purple rain)

  53. look just like the real thing all she need now is her sister

  54. phly is amazing loving his videos

  55. I am pretty disappointed that the Bismarck won’t have her famous swastika
    on the bow.

  56. Tirpitz has low penetration for a BB at that tier, you really need to get
    closer with it and not try to sit back at long range because you won’t
    score crap for damage without closing in where the guns can actually

  57. i always marvel at German engineering. Always something so cool about it.
    So fine crafted and engineered to perfection.

  58. Looks like cvs still need some tweaking

  59. Making the tirpitz be inaccurate is bs…the bismarck class were made with
    such a large widht to be a stable gun platform in the stormy north
    atlantic…but wargamimg always knows better

  60. Nate Dennison (AthosN8)

    Twat-er sucks

  61. WoW just announced September 7 official release

  62. Phly suffering a ship gasm

  63. It’s pretty annoying with all these people talking about the Bismarck and
    Tirpitz but in reality they know almost nothing about the Kriegsmarine. The
    Bismarck became famous only because it started the largest hunt in Royal
    Navy history.

  64. I don’t use the twittzer :/ i find its almost all just useless crap.

  65. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    i don’t twiterr!!!!

  66. Eh, I’ll wait till September 17th when the beta tag is dropped and the NA
    server gets the Tirpitz then. I just don’t use Twitter :/

  67. sure Europe left out again what a suprize.

  68. Ok, I followed him and that is that?

  69. I’d have to play the ship before I’d consider it a tier8.

  70. Kriegsmarine
    Heil Deutschland

  71. PhlyDaily a strick carriers job was to attack shore and ships….there
    escorts where to do AA duty. That is what the midway is. The japanse
    carrier was made to get rid of that threat

  72. Phly, have you done a vid on either the Clemson (those double guns) or the
    Cleveland? if not, please! ^^

  73. BTW Phly, what about Spida? We didn’t hear a word about him for a while
    know, is he ok?

  74. Just followed man. God I love German engineering. Half of my family
    heritage is Strauss. i play Germany in almost every WWII game I play.

    Just want to say as well. It’s awesome that you do giveaways and stuff. You
    are an awesome guy. Also honestly here I only just found you like a week
    ago. I was subbed to Baron for War Thunder since I play that alot, and
    stumbled upon your channel and loved it. Stay “phly” and keep it real
    matey… XD

  75. TiberiousThe Labrador

    I love how phly actually goes over his comments section not just glances at
    it once then forget about it he really is a great youtuber and i look
    forewardevery day to his vids( no i am not just like baiting i legit feel
    this way)

  76. Hey Phil I love your videos and I wish that I had twiter but I don’t have
    it and I can’t get it
    I also love those ships that you showed to all of us today I wish you the
    best of luck
    And I only have 1 tear 4 and 3 tear 3
    See you Phil 

  77. In real life the best German engineering is the bizmark made to look like a
    normal cruise liner when the British finally realised it was a battleship
    it was to late it had taken out the best British naval ship of that time
    and multiple other ships until finally it was destroyed

  78. Fun facts about German WW2 capital ships.
    Their light and heavy AA firecontrol were lame. Bismarck couldn’t shoot
    down WW2 era biplanes loaded with torps in foul weather.
    Bismarck’s hull was based on WW1 era warships. Because of the treaty of
    Versailles Germany was unable to test old warships
    to destruction unlike all the other major navies.
    As a result the designers had to take a shortcut from old imperial designs
    to produce a modern ship fast.
    A side effect of those was that the old hulls can’t cope with the 2 times
    more powerful engines and as
    a result the bows and forward turret ended up semi submerged at high speed.
    Both Bismarck and the Scharhorst sisters had their bows
    The second problem was because the armored deck was fastened at the bottom
    of the armored belt (compared to other navies
    who put the armored deck at the top of the armored belt) less space was
    available to put vitals in the citadel.
    This armor layout was formidable against short range flat trajectory shots
    in WW1 but not useful with long range radar guided guns and plunging fire
    in WW2
    The centralized fire-control computer was put above the armored deck due to
    lack of space in the citadel
    (Something that wasn’t invented in WW1 yet). Bismarck’s fire control system
    was knocked out by Dorsethsire’s 8 inch shell.
    All those mighty guns and all that armor but if the brain is put out of

    The Bismarcks were an over-engineered design.
    They were too heavy for the guns carried and they wasted all those tons of
    not having Dual Purpose secondary guns.
    Plus the Bismarck’s armor was plastered over a larger area which made here
    even more pointlessly heavy
    To put into perspective.
    The never built HMS Lion at the same tonnage had thicker armor, bigger guns
    (16 inch) and more of them (9) and could reach about the same speed
    with 30,000 less HP because of a more streamlined hull (See HMS Vanguard
    that had a similar hull).

    But yeah… they were still beautiful ships.
    I’m waiting for the H-39 battleship.

  79. Dunno you guys, but the Tirpitz is sexy as hell :D

  80. It took the whole video for WOWS to download, extract and install the
    update. Damn.

  81. She’s so Beautiful

  82. why wont they just give us the fucking tirp… the a’holes just keep
    teasing us with it, or giving it to these youtubers with their “press
    accounts”… it sucks… btw love the vids phly :D

  83. oh man I would love and treat a Tirpitz with the respect it deserves if I
    win one…retweeted and favorited.

    good luck to everyone that entered!!!

  84. Hi Phly, love the vids,

    if you are interested in the pronounciation, it goes as follows:

    the V in Vierling is pronounced like the F in Fight. So basically

    the Z in Zwilling is pronounced TZ as in Tirpitz, Basically Flaktzwilling.

    Cheers from Germany

  85. “Why did the German guns look so good”,
    because theymade out of Kruppstahl, Phly.

  86. Iam so pumped for the tirpitz! Iam the kind of bb driver who likes to get
    up close and i could really use those torpedus!! I was in this second game
    you recorded +PhlyDaily Iam timmyg1004 and i got raped :(

  87. I just want to ask how can we do combined arms in war thunder

  88. high tier Cleveland

  89. The Scharnhorst is the most beautiful ship ever.

  90. Hugo Fernandez Zapico

    In next gameplay takeout the furutaka plz

  91. Cool, would be really great to win a ship!

  92. Wait, why does the Tirpitz has bad dispersion? The Bismarck has one of the
    most accurate guns in Navy history!

  93. Do the Wyoming please!!!!!!!!

  94. Is it me of the tirpitz is GORGEOUS and it actually has very good grooping
    most of the time:p

  95. Haha phly stop killing me in my favorite ships ;p 1v1 tirpitz sounds good.

  96. When can I get it? I mean….buy it

  97. Fuck twitter


  99. for mi is it love to the yamato
    legentdary or something superbattleship

  100. Kriegsmarine will be glorious! I have a feeling they might start popping
    out their tree by December. Hopefully earlier!

  101. Oh, Blohm und Voss. You built such sexy ships.

  102. why is always everything on the NA server :(:(:(

  103. Thanks for your honest impressions on the Tirpitz Phly, realy appreciate
    it! :D

  104. Meh twitter, no thanks…

  105. I grew up with the Bismarck class my dadurch had some books About IT and i
    Fell in love the Same Day i habe read like 20 books and Stufe About IT i
    read the sailors stories and i eventuell cried 1 Time because the endlich
    of the Bismarck and how DONE the Crew was some eben wandte to sadd

  106. I would like to see you take out the Atago next please! :)

  107. i hope that the h44 comes in the game ad tear 10

  108. PHLY wana learn how to speak all the german words ;D i can help you (i am
    from germany) only need to buy a new headset :P

  109. ha – ku – riw

  110. Would love a tirpitz. Great vid Phly.

  111. I wanna win tirpitz. RT and FAV on twitter

  112. lol i hate Twitter, but i got an account just to Try to Win, i sat in front
    of the warpax stream for a total of like 8 hours trying to get one, never

  113. I love that Tirpitz! <3

    Greets from Germany

  114. how do you get that birdeyes view

  115. phly for your next plane video. i dare you to phly ki 200 in rb have fun
    with 2 minutes of fuel 🙂 trolololololol…

  116. I got the same name as your tirpitz captain lol (not Kästner tho). Zu
    befehl herr Phly!

  117. +PhlyDaily Lets play mighty beast Iowa.

  118. +PhlyDaily do u now If the Germans will have Aircraft carrier and if not do
    you think that they will have submarines r pt-boats ??

  119. “That is very historical” That somehow made me laugh.

  120. is war thunder going to have warships?

  121. it was a nice try with the FLAKvierling but we say FLAK and then pronaunce
    the V very hard

  122. why twitter use Instagram!!!!

  123. Guns… torpedoes!… secondarys…. ship looking…. I LOVE U KRIJGS
    MARINE!!!! Nice vid Phly was rlly nice ;)

  124. The V in Vierling is pronounced like an F.
    All “FLAK-Vierling” means is “AAA Quad” – and FLAKzwilling means “Twin

  125. Can you play the Furrytaco please? Love the vids, and I hope you’re having
    a nice week! Keep it up! (I know you played the furutaka about a month ago,
    but I’d like to see it post-buffs.)

  126. who is laura? don’t kill me, i’m new

  127. oh well don’t use twitter.

  128. sad, no asian server.

  129. Jonas Van Kerckhove

    tirpitz is love

  130. I love if you pronounce german Words!!! it is too funny if i hear you
    trying zu say “Vierling”
    but good job ! :D

  131. Hope the following tiers will get the 1945 Flak-upgrade: 5,5 cm L/76,5 and
    3 cm L/66,6 M-44 – these are deadly! Ah, the rate of fire for the 10,5 cm
    must go up on H39 significantly too.

  132. So no EU?

  133. Love your videos man and keep up the awesome work!
    I enjoy watching you and will keep on supporting you! you and Baron are my
    top youtubers haha

    But a giveaway for twitter peeps makes me sad 🙁 I hate twitter haha
    Facebook is my thing.
    Anyways keep up the awesome work!

  134. Jedes mal wenn ich das Intro sehe imoment bekomme ich ein lächeln :D

  135. I never win ;-;

  136. I noticed you said Na server. Does this mean that it is not viable for
    those of us on the EU server?

  137. Thank you for sharing this Tirpitz gameplay with us! :)

  138. Stephen Shaw (Undeadmac)

    so sad she never faced a worthy opponent.

  139. I really am looking forward to running this boat

  140. vierling is something like fourling i would say :)

  141. As a hype video for german ships you should download the battle of Denmark
    strait for battle stations pacific and play as the Bismark and Prinz Eugen

  142. Seriously… the intro for your vids… jesus epic.

  143. Great game play footage Phlydaily. I really am tempted to get one but many
    people said it was way overpriced. So I am going to save up my money.

    Also nice to hear Laura again. I thought you broke up with her when you
    decided to move to Florida.

  144. This ship really is georgeous. And Phly, love your vids and listening to
    you talking about stuff, so I really don’t mind long intro. Keep up great
    job ;)

  145. Finally the content fits the intro. :)

  146. Every ship is symmetric? Check out the Gearing.

  147. I’ve tried to make a twitter before. But it doesn’t let you make an account
    with only an email.

  148. I think almost everything the german made during ww2 technology wise, was
    sexy looking . German tanks ,airplanes and ships.

  149. No NA account 🙁 oh well..
    Tirpitz looks so good bc its a sleek design or “schnittig” (german). The
    hull, guns and superstructure everything looks like the ship will sail
    through the sea like a hot knife through butter.
    “Zwilling” = twin

  150. take the furutaka

  151. Another reason why Phly is awesome ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) Good Luck everybody 🙂 But
    is it only NA?

  152. Tipits is like sex – it’s amazing and be prepared to pay for it…

  153. Phly, good sir. I would like a Turpitz ;)

  154. I was one of the iowa class ships in the first clip. That was the first
    time I have seen a perfect game. Go team!

  155. So is the Bismark going to be available too?

  156. The AA guns are Flak quad and double vier = 4, zwei = 2

  157. your german xD but it is ok :D

  158. Buutzzz the German HELL is coming 😉 i fu Neeeed this Thing ;)

  159. Awesome video Phly really nice, can’t wait for October when you can sail
    the German navy.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  160. Isn’t it much easier to say to your viewers that if they want to enter the
    giveaway they need to post their username and server in the comment so then
    you can pick random youtube comment ?


    this ship looks like it could win still win all battles in 2015. PURE POWER

  162. Focus Phly, focus~

  163. I just checked the intro music
    It’s hans zimmer, which I’m not surprised about that
    Hans zimmer = best

  164. loved your videos, too bad i don’t do Twitter.

  165. how to enter it?

  166. Can the giveaway codes be used on the EU server?

  167. Btw you pronounce Tirpitz wrong

  168. Tirptiz is great… Twitter not so much haha. Oh well no raffle for the

  169. Awesome

  170. Too bad I don’t have the fucking money :c

  171. It’s fucking amazing that he’s able to upload this much. I know it’s 1 a
    day but with my schedule it feels like 2 a day lol

    Thumps up lad! Keep it up :)

  172. At last, I’ve been waiting this video so long. Clearly this is my fav ship
    in WoW

  173. Phly why are u only giving away the ships for people on the na server?

  174. you are one of the best Youtube <3 🙂 ( I am a german ;))

  175. This ship is love!!

  176. gimme

  177. German Honda Racing Channel

    i dont know if i can win this ship here on youtube but i fucking love this
    ship 😀 i´m from germany and i have to say every german world of warships
    player needs one of them and i would be very proud if i could win this 🙂
    great vids btw Phly love you (no homo) :D

  178. InconsiderateRevelations

    Yeah i got into a game in my Mutsuki and there were 5 tirpitz on the
    opposing team… It didn’t end well..

  179. 71 viewers i diiiiid it

  180. yay tirpitz

  181. Love your content?

  182. LlamaDontNeedNoDrama

    Love your vids keep it up Phly!!!!!

  183. love this ship!

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