World of Warships – TIRPITZ HARD CARRY ||300+ Secondary hits – 244K Dmg

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Player: IceyJones
Map: Trident

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  1. german power!

  2. has he just fought 3 enemys at the same time? That’s cool but he really missed that torpedo attack.

  3. The shooting sound is too small…

  4. Patrick Joergensen

    Does the Tirpitz not get Hydro?

  5. He could have actually scored higher with some better torpedo work at the end. Normally you do not want to charge a Tirpitz, but they got away with it . . . for awhile.

    And of course, the top ship on the team got practically zero support.

  6. fooooooooooooool ! German science is da best in the wooooorld

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