World of warships – Tirpitz HOLD ON

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    alway,s wanted todo that 😛

  2. Sound issues?

  3. Well played

    Damn I want that camo but I couldnt get it .______.

    Tirpitz is lovely beast <3

  4. i love to play the tirpitz, but the dispersion….

  5. Do you speak German by any chance or had German classes? When you repeat what the German commanders say, the pronunciation is always spot on. Almost flawless to be honest.

  6. and at the end received 2 reports really?
    these players so dumb

  7. Two Brothers… the best map in the game.

  8. “Now lets just go get D” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. great vids Flambass! I am only low teir and get a lot out of them, keep them coming

  10. that sucks I work 2pm to 12am 12 days on 2 days off

  11. i’m with könig for moment but dispersion and rng are really shit…. Ca( all coutry) broadside = 3k max dammage… over penetration, crash but not dammage… and when i see i take juste one ennemy touch and fire always i’m really sad

  12. Never repair before u’ll be touched by a torp

  13. and now you can clearly see how fucking amazing the guns from tirpitz are since the 50 nerfs!
    many times my tirpitz guns was NOT FUCKING able to hit a dd at ONLY 2,6 km !!!!
    i have this replay file but i´m unable to play it,because its verry verry verry old.

  14. koji kaco radis od 3 do 6? ja ocu takaf poso.

  15. GG! That Benson who sat entire game in the channel was kind of ……. SPECIAL!!!! 😄
    A question, ive used the dynamic crosshairs since it came out because i feel it is easier to asses the correct lead, but i see you and Flamu and all other big streamers use the old one?! Is that better in any way? Am i missing something or is it just flavour?

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