World of Warships – Tirpitz Holds The Middle

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on Land of Fire starts out on the western side of the map and moves east to help the team push forward. I chose the east because it features more islands that can be used for defense. We engage multiple enemy ships and find some success. Enemy team reaches our base first, which causes me to turn back to defend. Ultimately, we end up in the middle of the map and trying to eliminate the enemies at our base. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!



  1. What ship do you like more: the Tirpitz or the Amagi?

  2. Johannes “Jojo” Siemers

    I think it´s okay for one BB to go the East route, but the main battle
    group has to defend the west or you would be overrun from that side? As a
    BB and IJN DD-player I prefer the west route on this map.

    Besides that, this is a map where you have to look a little bit more
    closely on how well guarded you own cap is. I have lost games to an
    unguarded cap. But that makes the map in this configuration pretty

  3. Well played that man.

  4. oh jolly well done.

  5. awesome

  6. That last shot made me almost religious. Let us be thankful and remember
    the lord RNGesus’ prayer:

    Lord RNGesus who art in game,
    pseudorandom be thy name.
    Thy distribution be approximated.
    Thy result be applied
    on client as it is in server.
    Give us this day our daily bonus,
    and correct us our misplays,
    as we correct those who misplay with us,
    and lead us not into fits of rage,
    but deliver us from more skilled opponents.

    For thine is the Mersienne,
    the xorshift and the middle-square,
    now and for all of cycle length.

  7. so much fucking Tirpitz….. I LOVE IT

  8. Fantastic game in a fantastic ship.

  9. Hey noster can I know what mod u use?

  10. The other team wasn’t worthy enough for the fatherland

  11. Great vid as always Notser. What a shot on that Cleveland. Im new at BBs
    and i just bought the Tirpitz (Yes, im one off those guys ….) but i dont
    suck, i do know how to play Battleships but im wondering about one thing in
    the Tirpitz. I know you have to take to account the dispertion and RNGesus
    but i dont seem to get the right aim for my high damage hits.
    I know i should lead CA´s a bit moore then the indicator suggests but if we
    take youre video as an example.

    When you aimed in at the Cleveland at 17 somthing K out the indicator on
    the sights said 10s and you aimed 7-8 ish and a bit above since he was
    going away from you and you totally creamed that guy! If i had to take that
    shot i would probobly aim moore 12-13-14 ish as a lead and a bit even
    higher then you did just because Cleveland is a pretty fast cruiser.

    And the second engagement when you where firering at the Fuso who was a bit
    far away you only did like 5 onte the leadscale and you hit him.

    And the third tima with the Atlanta, also a fast cruiser you gave a 2-3 s+
    lead off the indicator and you still mostly missed him because he was to

    Am i counting wrong? Or is it just moore experience to do a better case to
    case analyses?

  12. Hey Notser. I’d really like some guides on how to play the maps – in each
    class of vessel. You’re comments about this map are really useful to me. I
    really struggle on Fault line, especially in a BB. If you fancy doing
    anything different on your channel “map guides” would be really useful.

  13. omg that mogami had your final nail in your coffin and you beautifully
    killed him as he ran aground haha.

  14. Great one Notser, a little bit of RNG but who cares.Thumbs up for you,
    looking forward to the next one.

  15. Awesome Game. Loved and learned from it

  16. Brian Lock (神通)

    Haruna used to have torpedo system, but no one know if they eventually
    dismount those torpedo tube, probably the only one know that is Haruna

  17. Whenever I see ppl play the Tirpitz I wanna buy one… But then again,
    whenever I face a Tirpitz in my Atago I’m just stomping it and think what a
    shitty BB…. why is that….

  18. WTH That Mogami didn’t drop its torps???
    Nice game Notser.
    Do you have any tips on how to lead a shot on a cruiser.
    I’m really bad at hitting fast cruisers at more than 15km.

  19. Tirpitz is my favorite ship..i did not get him when he was first time in
    shop but now i did and my goodnes it really rocks the sea…It is very
    strong brawler i dont scare to go in enemy if i have 2,3 ships with
    me…Yesterday i have best game in it with 6 kills..It is best Tier 8
    ship….in one game i had 2 citadels on Montana and sink him …Amagi have
    more firepower in guns and NC also but to me Tirpitz is just more

  20. great Video Notser
    concerning the Target Acquisition System Modification 1 —–U said the
    Tirpitiz doesn’t have very good
    accuracy at long range.. so why spend the 2 million credits for a upgrade
    that doesn’t provide much help–
    i thought if you were determined to spend the 2 million credits on a
    upgrade — then to put the Concealment
    system modification 1 on everything..
    I usually leave the 5th upgrade spot blank & spend the 2 million on my next
    should I go-ahead and spend the 2 million credits ???

  21. Too close for comfort.
    You mentioned changes to the tirp the other day. What are the changes?

  22. how did you Switch between the torps as u were chasing them with the cam?

  23. Lol that was an incredible finish…

  24. very good play…..the Cleveland player is sitting in the bar, drink one
    liter vodka and ask himself….what was this….

  25. Was the Bismark a premium ship as well? Never see it…

  26. Exelint demonstration of what the Tirpitz is capable of! Wonderful
    performance, Notser!

  27. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    lol that was so close!

  28. Do you ever do live streams of playing wows? and if so when do you normally
    do them? If not ever considered doing live streams?

  29. hi notser
    today i got six kills with my ‘kuma’
    how can i see a replay of my game?

  30. Great game, Notser.

    I gotta ask: based on several of your replays, seems to me like you hold
    off on using healing a little bit too much. I often noticed how your BB is
    quite damaged, yet you don’t heal. Is it intentional? For example, in this
    game, had you used the heal a minute or so earlier (you were already
    bruised), it’d be out of cooldown for your showdown with Mogami.

  31. Sometimes Notser… I hate you :)

  32. In terms of having the Target Acquisition module, is the torpedo spotting
    It says 20% increase but I don’t know what’s the default spotting range.

  33. Great effort Notser! GG!

  34. Nice game! I’m definitely guilty of under-estimating Tirpitz drivers

  35. nail biter right there

  36. Great game Notser, didn’t think you were going to survive at the end but
    you did and a victory to boot. well played but a little gutsy, but it payed

  37. Jaw dropping as always!

  38. Hey nice play! Just had a defeat in the Tirpitz. 186k dmg done. Do you want
    the Replay?

  39. GG

  40. Wow. Happy New Year from Germany, sailor!

  41. In inspiration to all the battleship captains.
    Very nice game.

  42. great game notser

  43. Wow what a brawl Notser!

    Those shells Mogi fired right before you blew it up would almost certainly
    have killed you if the game hadn’t ended right then 🙂

    Great match

  44. Your first Tirpitz submission of the year and already whaddagame ! Good
    strategy, just too bad the lead was sometimes off (not always easy I
    concurr). Looking forward to the next one !

  45. Wow, what a game and what a luck!
    Land of Fire is a map where the Queen of North must somehow feel home,
    expecially the east is like the terrain she knows, the Norwegian Fjords.

  46. pure luck, but gg

  47. lol What a photo finish.

  48. Was the Tirpitz dispersion nerfed in the latest patch?

  49. lucky end of the game notser

  50. first yo!

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