World of Warships – Tirpitz On Fire

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Tirpitz on Land of Fire pushes for A while a couple friendlies follow in this first play through on the brand new map. I encounter some ships that I need to kill, but my guns just aren’t cooperating. Discuss my thought process at the time and general decisions that led me through the game. I ultimately make a interesting choice that I hope everyone can enjoy. Have a wonderful day and thanks for watching!

Tier VIII German Battleship Tirpitz Replay


  1. always good gameplay, btw notser do you play CV especially japanese one

  2. youre one of the best…ive been following
    jingles,daily,ichase,baron,wasting sometime and ubiro and more,,even
    thought i dont play this game,,,but man i really enjoy your games,, my
    family tree were all in the navy…sometimes i just wonder if WOW could
    match the game as it is, back where they should be.. like japanese ships
    against the US ships,,and the european theater as it is,,,its just my
    opinion…anyway thanks for the great games,,,we enjoyed it…cheers bro..

  3. Must say now i am sorry did not but Tirpitz,it is great for close combat
    with others BB!

  4. that was really awesome !!!!!!! i love our vids

  5. Why you always have bad players on the enemy team and I always have them in
    my team? Seriously, I have screenshots where I have sunk 4 or 5 ships on
    defeats, I had one match back on the time when I just had bought the Fuso,
    my team killed 8 ships, from those 5 were mine, I fought an Izumo… Of
    course I died, I was the only one left of my team, that hev been the most
    frustrating lost ever for me…

  6. What is your opinion on some of these unexpected changes? Accuracy module
    not really working, BB penetrating citadels in general is messed up in
    terms of being “nerfed”. Harder to pen broadside cruisers but can do so
    when they go towards you, no smoke from the smokestacks, etc. I do not
    consider myself to be a good player… only a meh to average player
    depending on the day. I only played a few games yesterday, but the forums
    are ringing with similar experiences.

  7. Really nice dude! I Like your brawl-style in BBs!!

  8. Wish I had bought a Tirpitz. Just too much cash at that time. Those torps
    mean You can knife fight any other BB and they will lose. Awesome game. I
    have had that problem of smoke from a burning ship obscure the targeting
    for torpedoes, I wonder if WG will fix that.

  9. I haven’t had a good game on Land of Fire. You saw how those other 2
    battleships sitting at the back while Notser was fighting. I always die in
    the end. Notser was very lucky that the game ended before he sank >_<

  10. Too bad the Tirpitz is no longer available in the premium shop although
    there seems to be a lot of them at T8,9 & 10 matches. Glad I got mine when
    it came out. Good video – TY

  11. Do you feel the performance of AP has changed since update?

  12. Holy cow what a game and what an ending

  13. that was so epic!!! great video brudda. keep em coming

  14. Absolute Blitzkrieg game in the Tirpitz, Notser!!!!!!!! So much fun to

  15. your secondaries were hitting the friendly DD xD also dont be fooled with
    the credit income, thats without the repairs

  16. Nice job mate

  17. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Hi N… what actually happens when you report or compliment a player..?

  18. i hate the new patch :p the penetration of the yamato is trash now i can
    barely pen another yama at 15km when he shows side…

  19. First?
    another great vid mate.Good to see the Tirpitz on the water..
    (Nicely edited as well)

  20. Btw, do you always buy premium status?

  21. nice credits 🙂 it feels good overall after games like that

    some say they nerfed ap and dispersion, but i dont know becouse i got 10
    citadels in one game in montana yesterday 😀 one shotting both montana and
    yamato :D

  22. That was a fast battle… great gameplay too. By the way, hows the
    challenge system? what kind of rewards does it give? I haven’t fully
    patched my WoWs yet.

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