World of Warships – Tirpitz Review

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The is one of those ships that you love to play each and every game. I show off the attributes of the ship and play it on North. We get into some good engagements with the ship but the game takes a turn for the worse. As far as the Tirpitz is concerned, it is a super solid Premium Battleship that can create great brawling engagements. I personally love how the German Battleships can get into the fight, hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Battleship Tirpitz Replay


  1. Golden Terrestrial

    Damn, I like that intro style. Nice!

  2. Brandon Klossner

    That music got me pumped to go and play more Ships!!! Killer!

  3. That looks pretty nice Notser :3

  4. Really great introduction Noster. Video seems really fresh and new. keep them coming

  5. Dear Notser. You and the Metatron are the hardest working U tubers out there and you are both top guys whose material I REALLY appreciate. More than that you are both gentlemen (in the best non snobby sense) and an antidote to the screaming hyeana’s who make all too much of the U Tube community. My worries are for your HEALTH!! I know you love what you do, are ambitious but TAKE A DAY OFF once in a while and do something else. And sleep! He is like you a workaholic and very intelligent but he gets dark rings under his eyes and yellow skin from working as a full time teacher while putting out a video a day. Now you may not work full time but you put out 2-3 videos a day. I know Stalin said quantity is a form of quality by itself but burning out is BAD news! Relax more. You deserve it! Peace!

  6. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Who els is here befor 1,000 views

  7. Slick new intro, got me hyped. Also, I looked up your “friend” on WoWS Today. He’s a struggling player, probably why he is so agitated.

  8. oh my god that rewiev was awasome Notser keep it up!

  9. wow a long game last match i played was only 4mins and 36 sec

  10. That Intro is so Hyped UP. Really great !!

  11. seriously.. there are so many angry butt hurt people in this game. It’s so common to hear ‘shitty team’ in random, and people chat all to cry and whine about it, while at the same time there’s no accountability whatsoever when people play poorly.

  12. People, his username is Lurper. You know what to do…

  13. With 6.0.4 and 10.5 km secondaries (with all the necessary skills and modules), Tirpitz has become much more of a beast than she already was, especially if you have advanced firing training (manual secondaries with MUCH improved dispersion) + inertia HE fuses (HE shells capable of penetrating destroyer and some cruiser armor.) I know, those are both 4-point skills, so your captain will have to be at least a level 14.

    In such configuration, the Tirpitz will chew up any destroyer/light cruiser attempting to carry out a torpedo attack on you way before the enemy ship gets in any sort of effective range. The new 6.0.4 Tirpitz is basically like having a battleship and an Atlanta light cruiser all concentrated in a single powerful warship.

  14. People like Lurper are a form of cancer to this game. Beyond his crappy behavior, recorded in this video, his stats further verify that he’s a lousy player in general. He’s the guy who doesn’t carry his own weight; proving how meaningless win rate alone truly is. Worse than that though, he’s just a jerk.

  15. That was a fantastic intro overview! Thank you for your hard work, Notser!

  16. You’ve upped the quality of your production and the information included in your videos. This is amazing!

  17. Love the intro. Any chance of revisiting the Roon and spreading the love Notser

  18. Notser is the American aircraft carrier better then the japenease carrier line

  19. Hey notser you should talk about the history of the ship

  20. One ping on the map will suffice yah ding dong.

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