World of Warships: Tirpitz – Secondaries Are Fun

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Tirpitz is my most played ship. I play her with full secondaries, because it’s FUN!

0:00 Intro
0:12 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:23 Tirpitz Match
15:15 End Screen
16:09 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German battleship Tirpitz.


  1. German secondaries are very fun to use

  2. There’s gonna be another video later today!

  3. Tirpitz in brawls should be more fun. I’ve been using the VV in brawls and it works a heck of a lot better than compared to its performance in randoms

  4. Good guy z-23 supporting the 10-line tourism industry in these troubled times.

  5. Durpitz is good with Gunther, but full secondary spec ODIN is really speaking to me.

  6. Frank Richard Reneé x

    “Oh! a kid!” Phrasing, friend. Phrasing

  7. This was a nice match.

  8. Question, is the extra damage from the IFHE skill worth the decrease in fire chance?

    • On the secondaries? I think so. It makes your smaller caliber secondaries able to penetrate 32mm of armor – that’s what T8+ battleships have as their standard armor.

  9. The allied Z-23 and Charles were both effectively AFK in terms of game impact. Nice.

  10. Just started playing again after 2 years off. done some 10 battles and all have been roflstopmps. either losing by a landslide or winning. is this the new norm or what?

  11. That CV probably deserved a compliment too for doing what a cruiser was too afraid to do lmao, great game btw!

  12. Silly me thinking Brandenburg could be as ‘good’ (more like average lol) as this

  13. “Ooh! A kidd!”
    Without context

  14. I would really like to see how you would build out and play a Pommern in 10.9

  15. The aerroon knows where the dd is because he knows where the dd isn’t

  16. The old German BB secondaries are an absolute joke compared to the new line.
    Its so radical that i am currently wondering why would you play the old line at all….

    I think this might be some of the worse power creeping case so far.

    • D5'9H2BhxQVUCNW5!k#.4Q%DIAuIWSpmRotEL"XeMo#Wl*mcg5

      Only reason I can think of is the old line’s ships are far more beautiful to look at

  17. This has been confusing me. Is Tirpitz pronounced like “Tur-pitz” or is it “Tear-pitz” because I’ve head both.

  18. should always get a point for being slippery

  19. I think I’d have thrown torps into that smoke screen at the end, just to scare the Kidd, if he’d have stayed put

  20. Great play by the Kidd for making it a fight to the end rather than running away.

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