World of Warships: Tirpitz – Show Me Your Citadel [209K DMG/3219XP]

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Strangers123 gives us another stunning match in a nicely edited video. This time it is of the mighty German battleship Tirpitz citadelling the hell out of enemy ships. This is the strongest carry I have seen from a Tirpitz.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German battleship Tirpitz on the map Islands of Ice.


  1. Mouai…. pas mal… Je peux faire mieux…
    Ou pas !

  2. hell ye strangers ur rollin´

  3. episch :-)

  4. STRANGERS! My second favorite WoW player!!

  5. Aerroon (and anyone else) – Do you keep moving your captains from ship to
    ship, constantly improving their skills? Or, do Pay (silver or gold) and
    get a fresh captain?

    The reason I ask, is that the amount of time it takes to”retrain” a captain
    once they have 8-10 (or more) points, is just ludicrous. Assuming you pay
    the 200,000 silver to get the 50% bump, it can easily require 18,000 or
    more XP to get back to where you started. Bringing an unskilled captain, in
    a (probably) stock/mostly stock ship.

    That could easily be 15, 20, or even 25 games, depending on skill and luck.
    And it will only get worse/longer when you have more skill points (or
    whatever they’re called) Aerroon, if I remember, you posted a video where
    you paid the 200k silver, and were still going to need 5,555,554 XP to
    retrain a captain.

    That seems terrible. It almost seems faster to just promote a captain a
    time or two until you get ~10 skill points, then simply dismiss him, start
    a new captain on the old ship (before you sell it for the higher tier
    ship), train him up to however many skill points you want/can tolerate, and
    move HIM to the new ship. Yes, you will have fewer skill points, but you
    will actually have SOME skills much earlier on.

    (and yes, I sort of copy/pasted this from a post I made in a Jingles
    thread…. but guys here seem a LOT more communicative than there)

  6. Had a really good game with my Clemson.

    Not sure why the base xp is so low considering the amount of damage I did
    in that game….. Not a premium account user is probobly a big reason for

  7. strangers is a good battleboat driver. I think I played against him once.
    The Iowa triple is just pure honey. Music is meh though…

  8. Amazing results. Nice Shooting Strangers.

  9. I miss aerroons Tutorials :(

  10. Quite impressive!

    The citadels are all nice, but lets remove their contribution and
    strangers123 still did more than 100k damage in general pens and overpens.
    That’s pretty damn awesome.

  11. Enough of the Tirpitz !

  12. I feel very suck at this game when i saw this video

  13. Strangers123 is too pro… Perfect lead every time

  14. The details for the music can be found in the description.

    About my choice of music: Due to copyright laws, I have to find either:
    Creative commons, royalty free or music licensed similarily, or I have to
    obtain a license to use it (be it through paying for it [which I won’t],
    asking the artist or making the music myself)

    So, in the end, I’m stuck with whatever music I can find that I can also
    obtain a license to use, and this kind of music is both the easiest to work
    with and the easiest to find licenses for. I apologize to those that don’t
    enjoy this type of music, but its what I find the easiest to work with for
    making this kind of video and for actually publishing it on YouTube without
    infringing copyright laws.

    TL;DR: Give me licenses or somewhere I can obtain licenses for free to use
    in the next videos for the kind of music you enjoy and I will see what I
    can do about it.

  15. Name of song?

  16. Why do people complain about the music ? Just mute it for fucks sake,
    there’s no commentary, so there’s no reason to keep the volume up if you
    don’t like the music. Jeez …

  17. good job strangest

  18. I liked the music:P

  19. The music is really annoying…

  20. I really like your videos, but that music was like getting an ice pick in
    both ears.

  21. schlimme musik…

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