World of Warships: Tirpitz – The Center of Attention

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World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German battleship Tirpitz in action on one of the only two maps in the game – Hot Spot. In this match I am loved by all the enemies and sail around avoiding lots of shell fire and taking tons of it as well. I take over a hundred shells yet I still manage to survive!


  1. That’s lag,packet loss interrupted the connection to the game server,that
    forced the client went back to login screen,it happens to me very often

  2. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    bcuz u are becoming a famous World of warships utuber :)

  3. you certainly got their attention…

  4. Gaming with Strangers123

    You mean soaking lots of water so you can sink to the bottom of the sea? :D

  5. Am from Norway

  6. So much whining!!!!!!

  7. lol @ Nuclear Wessels

    Star Trek reference, Chekov

  8. where do u live?

  9. lol the beginning was epic, I don’t even know how you managed to survive
    that 😀 btw the game can’t handle the internet problems, soif your internet
    goes off for a sec, its like the game freezes for 5 seconds then it throws
    you off… at least I am talkking by experience

  10. “What did I ever do to you?”
    “Remember all of those carrier games? Payback.”

  11. MegaTickleMyPickle

    Oh look Hot Spot! Again…..

    There is no such thing as “map rotation” in WoWs. -___-

  12. Lol game throws you out, when did you start playing on SEA server?

  13. What do you mean by “tanking damage”? You are supposed to get xp for that?

  14. In dem Gefecht warst du mit einem deutschen Youtubter zusammen! Zufälle…

  15. This “crash” at the end never happened to me or anyone I know. Usually my
    game crashes completely and I can’t join again, but that was weird

  16. started dds Now with my free xp am at the benson Now and i gotta say Its
    hell of fun but god i suck Compared to bbs

  17. не первый …

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