World of Warships- Tirpitz: The Pushing Monster

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Hey guys! Today we have a very entertaining round courtesy of GeneStarwindHawking, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. then again I feel fighters are useless as well. With the recent exploit uncovered by serazahar, prob more so. So sticking to spotters for behind island spotting and shooting.

    • Yeah I’ve watched fighters flying over top of inbound strikes and doing nothing. These were *active* fighters that had been airborne for ~15 seconds.

      They are basically useless if the CV strikes and immediately recalls they often remove the fighters, still hit you & lose no planes.

    • Agree, also spotting is everything, if u can’t spot the enemy u can’t win

  2. Love this game! Sadly doesn‘t happen to often to get the chance to do this amount of brawling at T8!

  3. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    Hawking, you just showed that the German BBs can still kick ass and Carry a match, Salute from a fellow German BB Main!:)

    • with all German BBs, aim for the upper hull and superstructure and get full pens and 10-15 k salvos.. constantly. With occasional 20-30k
      They’re very very easy to kill in todays WoWs…
      Unfortunately they have been power crept *a lot*

      Don’t get me wrong, GK & FDG are still fun, Bismarck and Tirpitz are too… but they havnt been “Good” for years.

      Wargaming has power crept them to death with BBs spamming HE or with better guns and armor and even nerfed their main gimmick (secondaries).

      I dont like it much but it is what it is.

    • Yes they can, I’ve been doing good in bronze in my Scharnhorst, Tirpitz & Tx were my first premium ships

    • Now Wargaming’s gonna be all over them Germans with that Nerf Hammer again. God dammit! D:

  4. feloniousteabagger

    Double Strike. 2 kills in 10 seconds

  5. I played 8 games in tirpitz today for the first time in months, all was T10 MM with T10 CVS. Yeah Tirpitz, I’ll see you again in a few more months

    • Yep and the games she doesn’t face FDR… she typically faces masses of HE spammers that BBQ her alive whenever you do the only thing Tirpitz is good at(besides being a damage Piñata for anyone who knows to aim high)

  6. David Archibald

    This man was for few minutes John Wick in the Tripiz

  7. Evanescence 1580

    5m20s, Back in the day a player didn’t know how to use D/C. Dude they are still doing the same now, using D/C one 1 fire with a full HP BB

  8. Nelson captain…”the enemy has broke though our flank”……..”engage ramming speed”

  9. Damn, this is some serious sailing 😉

  10. Oh my. Huge congrats, what an achievement

  11. Never seen a match where cvs are less irrelevant that in this one

  12. Damn, thats was impressive, my hats off to that guy.

  13. When I go to battle in Tirpitz, I wear a secondary build, and nothing else!😅

  14. That hit at 2:53 is what I like to call a “stay-shell-citadell”!😊
    I mean when you only get hit by a single shell, you can be certain that one shell is gonna find it’s way to your citadell, no matter how well-armoured you are!😂

  15. mickael delatre

    The captain be like “my left flank folded, my right flank disappeared, I have enemies behind, excellent situation therefore I’m attacking”

  16. Amazing game love to see tirpitz gameplays, just omg SELECT THE DAMN TARGET WITH THE SECONDARIES

  17. Sardauker Legion

    Without secondary battery modification 1, he cannot have this good secondaries. But how can he bee that good with main guns and without Aiming systems modification 1? 😮

  18. Despite the power creep Tirpitz and Bismarck are still beautiful ships with a perfect silhouette and classic line . Not like the fantasy abberations of other T8+. BBs

  19. Me Enterprise on my team: The blessing from the sky.

    Also I got AA defensive expert on the Pomeranian with a Full secondary build.

  20. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    It’s beautiful I’ve been looking at it for hours now It’s just beautiful

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