World of Warships? TOG SEA MODE!!! – World of Tanks Console | April Fool’s 2016

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World of Tanks: Xbox One – HMS TOG II* Gameplay straight from the “TOG SEA”, Wargaming’s April Fool’s 2016 event/game mode!

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– SiNz


  1. Sinz nice upload thanks for sharing,You just need to auto lock most of the
    time.the HE shells have a higher ark so you can lob it over the smaller
    islands on to the decks, instant fire lol… 😉 :)

  2. Mighty Jingles is missing this

  3. My dream is for wows to come to xbox one

  4. I would love it if there is going to be World of Warships on Xbox! :-)

  5. Nice vid sinz this mode is so fun I love it one game I got every kill, thye
    have the same amount of tanks in wot blitz

  6. Auto aim.

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