World of Warships- Tone First Impressions

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Hey guys, today we have the new Tier VIII Premium Japanese Heavy Hybrid Cruiser Tone, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Tone: Ise but a cruiser
    (Who even thought its a neat idea?)
    (She looks beautiful tho)

    • Apparently everyone in the Imperial Japanese Navy
      also Ise was converted into a hybrid battleship carrier but Tone was built up from the keel as a seaplane carrier heavy cruiser

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      The difference between the game and IRL is the ship still functioned while using its aircraft

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Yeah, the planes really should have been a set a target, launch and forget type deal imo. Like it is on.. Legends? Blitz? One of them…

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Melon Lord legends has gimped PC planes, blitz has full RNG RTS CVs. In addition, Ise was there first, then got ported to PC. Tone was tested, but there was no way to play a cruiser that had to stop to send out bombers every 30s and make it viable

    • The Tone makes more sense than the Ise/Hyuga hybrid conversions. Tone and her sister Chikuma were designed as recon cruisers… to be the eyes of a task force without carriers or with carriers dedicated to other missions. The “batttle-carrier” filled neither role correctly and in real life, didn’t use the hybrid nature of its design with Hyuga being sent into battle without planes.

      The Chikuma and Tone were both operational cruisers with the Tone having sailed at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Java Sea and Leyte Gulf to name a few. It’s a sound idea in a smaller task force.

  2. And Atago still remains unchallenged as the best Japanese cruisers at tier VIII (and indeed one of the best cruisers in his/her/its tier).

    • Tone winrate will be higher than the Atago by the time you’re done … the plane spotting will make a big difference…

    • @Tilio nah, Ise is #1 in tier 6 BBs per wows stats page……maya/atago are both good but too many people show broadsides in them…..Tone will be middle of the pack if not higher with skilled players….but she will be misplay3d like the atago is by a lot of captains…..atago was my first premium, almost 600 games in her…mid 50#s wr…ise is 59% , tone 67% but will come down to low to mid 60#s…..the IJN cruisers can’t be misplay3d or they go back to port early…..but check on tone and isr in a month….ise will be top 2 in tier and class…tone won’t be worse than middle of the pack

    • @Meta_Man2002 Good thing about Atago is the heals gives it a much bigger margin of error. The Ise is too controversial for me to comment and I haven’t tried it myself.

    • @Meta_Man2002 Nvm… The Tone has heal too and a 1km better concealment lol. Damn this is enticing!

  3. The longer cooldown does probably take into account that there is much less space on the Tone than on the Ise to maintain the planes, so it takes longer. Or it’s just WG being WG

    • I dont think its got anything to do with aviation maintenance or the question of volume in a pixel aircraft hanger. Its just a weegee thing

    • リムールネ Rimu-Rune Ch.

      WG thinking realism? Like what? The low board of a certain balans ship despite being designed to operate in the roughest sea on earth?
      The fact that Japanese Battlecruiser is designed with comparable armor to the Alaska-class but get paper armor? Or the fact that they make it so Soviet tech and knowledge on Carriers in the 1930s are ways ahead despite not have operated any CV?

    • I was thinking along those lines but more the Ise being a BB can have larger, more capable machinery on board for dealing with the planes?? :~)

  4. In lieu of having spotter plane available, she has the best detection range of any cruiser and therefore out-spots all other cruisers. 8.8km is no joke. That’s a 1.2km stealth torp window. Some destroyers don’t get that much.
    IRL the ship carried 8 floatplanes in a 4-4 assortment, originally the Alf and Dave and replaced by Jake and Pete.

  5. tone is actually so nice tho

  6. You have never played the Atago? But, but, sir, WHY? She is awesome! 🙂

  7. tamas lapsanszki

    I love the look of 4 turrets forward. Looks like a nice cruiser, even if it didn’t have the plane gimmick, she’d be an interesting cruiser.

    • The Podcast Crew

      Agreed, the Japanese built some beautiful ships

    • tamas lapsanszki

      @DaManBearPig No dude, she’s the ship equivalent of a chick with double D cups and a big fat ass and thighs. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly not flat bottom. Nelson would be the flat bottomed F carrier :))

    • The Podcast Crew

      @DaManBearPig I personally quite like the uniqueness of the ship, all the armerment forward of the superstructure and just the shape of the superstructure seems to just flow

  8. Tiger Tank Transmission

    Oldest premium still remains one of te best. Atago is just nicely balanced.

    • @Tiger Tank Transmission has Yamato even been nerfed at all? Even with the current CV times the Yamato still seems perfect

    • @Arch _ I guess you can consider the AA rework as a “global nerf” to the Yammy because before, she had a decent no-fly zone.

    • Tiger Tank Transmission

      @azraelswrd her AA got nerfed several times due to global/ijn aa nerfs/rework. I miss her old AA

    • @Arch _ if you look at its description, it still says yammy have good AA lol.

  9. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    5:20 the whole set of torps does the same damage as a single upgraded vasteras torpedo

  10. I have alot of experience on Tone from an older game, Battlestations Pacific. Very different to WoWs very clunky in comparison but there is a good bit of playstyle to be learned from it- keep at range, never go broadside and only use the planes on ships with bad AA like IJN BBs or maaaaybeee same/lower tier cruisers. And of course Carriers if you can reach them

  11. The planes are great at stealing kills. So i’m told

  12. Looking forward to putting Tone through her sea trials. Liking the stealth rating.

  13. After being teased to us for years , the Tone is such a disappointment. Beautiful model though. Thanks SLM for the review.

    • She still seems fine, but I’m disappointed we never had a gimmick that actually matches their actual use. I was hoping for a small alt cruiser line that offer a new skill spotting gimmick, being Agano, Oyodo, Mogami, and Tone. But nope we need more poking planes in the sky

  14. at least it was a real ship, unlike the upcoming t9 American hybrid

  15. This should have been a T7

  16. I thought she had good, fast reloading torps tho that with her concealment can be used effectively to deny caps and such. Not that I am tempted since I already have the Atago but I thought that was one of her strong points and it wasn’t mentioned really. Cheers

  17. I dont mind the 3 minute cooldown. It keeps it so you cant rely on your torp bombers all game. Like Ise players do.

  18. nicholas harshbarger

    That is a beautiful model. WG art department carrying yet again.

  19. I want to see these ships working together with a DD to take caps. This thing has enough firepower to make enemy cruisers nervous, and hydro and planes to hunt enemy destroyers.

  20. I’m still optimistic for her. I still wish WG went a different route for her. I was hoping for a separate IJN line that could offer a skillful spotting gimmick so these ships are used like they were intended to, but nope we need more pokey planes

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