World of Warships – Tons of Buffs & Nerfs

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Discussing a bunch of buffs and nerfs coming to different ships in . Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you another time!

Tier IX French Alsace Replay – Discord Server

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  1. French need to be nerfed to be historic *cough* poop *cough*

  2. Honestly, last thing T9 BBs need are nerfs… Why not buff izumo or FDG instead?
    EDIT: At least izumo is getting some love.

    • GK is probably the weakest of the T10 BBs right now. It being non-citadel-able was a great thing when it came out – Montana and Yamato both had raised citadels back then – but it payed for that with horrible accuracy, horrible range and horrible turret angles. The secondaries where a trap. They have since been buffed, but imho they still cost way too many captain points to be worthwhile. Secondary builds are fun, but not really competitive.

      Since then, a few things have happened:
      1) No more smoke firing, so the meta has become more stand-off-ish. Greater range wouldn’t necessarily be a problem (the German dispersion profile would actually be less bad at long range fighting than people realize), but GK only has 20,6 km range.
      2) The German cruisers and the British battleships both laugh at GK’s 50mm deck armor. Since these guys are present in many matches (and the GK has a lot of deck to cover) it matters a great deal. This was not an issue when the ship was new.
      3) High tier battleshisps are much harder to citadel anyway these days. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing (it was a little weird that low-tier ships was better protected than high tier ones), but it means that the one thing that made GK a special ship is no longer special.

      Keep in mind though, that GK isn’t being touched. Only the Nassau will have less heals if I read the dev post correctly.

    • Throw as much love as you want on Izumo, WG, I ain’t playing that ugly duckling ever again. Not while I have Musashi, anyway.

    • the germans got dev striked with bullshit AP Bombs,deep water torps,HE spam meta,long range invisible fags,the ships are good but wargaming powercreeped everything else so, they are russians after all they probaly hate germany

    • *At most* Alsace should’ve maybe gotten a half-second reload nerf. This 2-second reload nerf plus an accuracy nerf is excessive.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer I like your idea of increasing the sigma but I think GK has more than enough sigma though. It can citadel ships easily than a conqueror. I would actually prefer to buff its dispersion just a little tiny bit of it, increase its AP damage, and increase its torp protection. Though I think its a little bit too much but yeah, those are the only buffs that I want to see on the FDG and GK, nothing more than that.

  3. i can’t wait for people to shout at me to rush a cap with a slow defensive British destroyer..

    • WG seem to have the Royal Navy backwards

    • well considering few other stuff I’d not be surprised if they didn’t give a crap about historical accuracy of use of stuff focusing only on gameplay they could get.

      *cough cough* historically stealthiest torpedoes are the easiest to spot in WoWs *cough cough*

    • Trejgon, the German G7 series of electric torpedoes were also super stealthy, reasonably reliable and copied by the Allies and Japan. I do wholeheartedly agree that the IJN torpedoes should be restored to their former values.

    • That was the G7e torpedo model ( ), which was only carried by U-boats.
      Surface ships only had the G7a which was a “standard” steam driven torpedo, which left a bubble trail and was not “stealthy” …

    • MeMySelfAndEye the Japanese Wakeless torpedoes….easy to spot.

  4. aaand, still no Conqueror’s nerf 🙁

    • Conq accuracy is horrendous, if you want to worry about Accuracy worry about a 12 gun Montana salvo cos that is accuracy right there

    • Marcus. You are spouting the usual nonsense. Yes, they are powerful but they are soft and incredibly weak to sustained AP fire. If you allow them to creep up on you undetected then you are going to take quite a bit of HE damage but the counter is easy. Use your brain and position yourself correctly and use AP. I have not lost a one-on-one fight with a Conq in any of my T10 BB’s and more often than not I tend to chase them down and get them focused down.Use your head and stop complaining about things that aren’t nearly as bad as you make them out to be.

    • zahed27 Do you actually play the conqueror? Because it sounds like you don’t and are just upset about getting set on fire by it. Its survivability is terrible now. With how long the cooldown on the repair party is you’ll only get one use out of it before you’re dead unless you’re hiding way at the back of the map. And it takes tons of damage from all incoming fire (especially HE) because of its garbage armor. It has higher damage because it spams HE and fires, but nearly all of that damage can be repaired by the enemy ships. That’s why it has such a low win rate and average kills.
      There’s a reason almost no one plays conq in ranked or clan battles. You’d think if it was so overpowered it would be the ship of choice.

    • Conqueror is balanced
      Yes, you can burn everyone (hell, even HE citadel some cruisers) and hide better than some cruisers, but the ship itself is so weak against HE spammers, because 32 mm plating everywhere. Yamato can overmatch a large area of the ship (bow, stern, deck, upper belt), so the Conqueror is balanced

    • I have the Yamato and GK and for the last month the last living ship on the enemy or my side was a CQ….. every BB is weak against HE spammers and i use all my heals because of fires around the 10 min mark when i play the GK … I DO NOT MIND THAT but i hate when a BB is 12 km away and i cant shoot it because it’s hidden and every time it fires it has 30k more health and set me on fire + 12k dmg that is just op…. Which other ship has 2 op features?
      IMO fire dmg/chance shuld be decreased SLIGHTLY for all ships(like if you’re on fire you should have 10% less chance to catch another fire/ or decreace every other fire’s dpm)

  5. Alsace will end up a T9 Lyon at this rate. A super fast ship, slow firing shotgun


  6. Yeah and they are screwing the IJN dds AGAIN( the gunboats atleast), more detection and slower rudder for no longer having IFHE required for the boat, making the slowest and most cumbersome dds more cumbersome and less stealthy.

    • Harekaze is supposed to receive the pen buff but I see no nerfs listed for it. Then again, it’s 100mm kind of need a small buff.

    • Can’t nerf a premium without offering reimbursements.

    • The only IJN DD getting any nerfs is Akizuki. The slower rudder is going to be annoying but we can’t really expect such a massive buff to the HE pen to come without any nerfs in return. Not when Akizuki was already one of the better-performing Tier 8 DDs.

      And IFHE is no longer mandatory for Akizuki, but it’s still worth having. With the base penetration buffed to 25mm, with IFHE it can pen 32mm. Meaning Akizuki will be able to HE pen the extremity plating of every ship in the game and the decks of a great many battleships.

    • With IFHE they will be able to pen battleship bow/stern

  7. Duke_Of_Hammertime TV

    British DD’s are sounding a bit mediocre now. No idea why they keep trying to make anything in the Royal Navy have these gimmicks. Cruisers with only AP & smoke, BB’s with rediculous HE and now DD’s that are “defensive”… Hmmm…

    • It drives me absolutely bonkers, I’ve been waiting soooooo long for these DD’s, Gallant is awesome(ish), why not carry on like that? All they needed was single fire torps to be different from the rest, but nooooooo that would be too bloody boring for WG. Same with the BB’s, Warspite is awesome, but nooooooo lets make the rest of the tech tree these stupid HE spammers because the mega heal isn’t enough of a gimmick, I’ve got 1500 games in the Warspite and I can barely bring myself to play the main line, it really, really pisses me off that I have to play other nations in order to have normal ships lines.

    • To be fair the Cruiser line is amazing in the right hands thanks to the SAP shells but the smoke is pointless now, with the nerfs and radar, they ruined the Battleship line and they need to think seriously about the DD line, Britain had some of the most active DD’s infact they were basically faster cruisers. However Wargaming seem to love gimping the Royal Navy with handicaps and gimmics so I too feel they have no idea how to design interesting roles and mechanics.

    • I’ll be surprised if the British aircraft carriers will actually come with aircraft at this rate.

    • I’m not even sure what a “defensive DD” is supposed to even mean. A DD that has to hang back with the camping BBs because it’s incapable of pushing objectives?

  8. So the Alsace has the smallest Guns as a tier 9 BB and the pin against other tier 9 BB’s at distance is very low, so I don’t understand why they are nerfing the sigma? I don’t understand this nerf at all.

    • because QQuisers. They want to sail broadside and not get blatted. only way to do that is nerf BBs sigma so that when a BB fires 12 rounds at 5klm distance, only 1 shell will hit

    • They said the Alsace was too good in the wins/losses and damage done.

  9. Too heavy of an adjustment on the Alsace – please let them only change the reload time and leave the sigma alone.

  10. Alsace was fine as is -_-

    • No it wasn’t. She is OP

    • Sad, I too liked the Alsace as it is. I always felt the other IX BB’s being quite weak and tedious to play in their matchmaking bracket. Alsace was the only tier IX BB I actually had fun playing all the way through. Nerf it and it is the next ship you skip with free xp after progressing 30-50% of the way to tier X. Nerfing sigma and reload at the
      same time is quite extreme. At least do the nerf in two steps and test in between if you must, WG.

    • More like the rest of the tech tree T9 BB’s were mediocre to trash, so Alsace just stood out and well, the nerf hammer nailed her. It also didn’t help they’re trying to oversell the upcoming T9 premium BB which would be a direct competitor for the French line. LOL

      Now there is almost no reason to play an Alsace over the Jean Bart other than turret placement because on paper, the stats will all be in JB’s favor from rate of fire, sigma, and the new aggressive consumables on top of the improved AA suite. I was about to buy the Alsace (already researched her to make the Richelieu epic) but after this news….. nope.

    • she is OP for now, but I agree with Notser it is an overkill

    • All French ships are OP so they should be some of the worst in the game. Name for me your top 3 greatest French sea victories of WW1 and WW2.

  11. This is the same shit that world of tanks have been doing for so long… Messing “ok” ships up with nerfing them, and buffing the weaker ships, so the balance just moves… Why not JUST buff the weak ships, and let those who are “ok” stay that way… The balance with taking from one and giving to another always manages to screw everything up…
    The last thing world of warships needs is those same jackasses from world of tanks giving them advice or any good ideas &€%#%/O&€

    • “Why not just buff” ? .. .because that’s how you get power creep.
      Problem is – they are not nerfing the really OP ships …

    • EVERY time I try to get into new WOWS ship-lines, they do irritating and goofy stuff like this. EVERYBODY knows what ships are grossly overpowered & power-creepy. Nope, no fixes on those, or a host of old ships needing buffs & adjustments to stay competitive. I long for the old games more and more, where someone else wasn’t constantly messing with my basic game.

    • I love your comment because it demonstrates perfectly how many people think; If you give something to someone someone else has to have something taken away. Devs think like this a lot and do this all the time. If they were smart they would take a ship that is weak and buff it up, if its not enough buff it again, if it was too much cut it back. But don’t buff something and then nerf something that was competitive, i just creates a new problem.

    • Because WG want you to grind another line, and then another one and another one……

  12. It’s great Japanese Battleships are finally getting some needed attention but that Alsace nerf is going to outright KILL the ship, that sigma will make it completely unplayable. Increase the reload and that’ll be fine imo

    • Legion716 yeah

    • if it was up to me I would make reload of alsace 40 sec and buff the sigma to 1.9 (to make it perform equal to Iowa). This way ship can benefit from AR much more then Iowa either

    • Looks like they want us to play French BB’s up close since most of them have terrible sigma. However, they have mediocre armor in general, slow turret traverse (not IJN slow but it’s noticeable) and engine boost taking up consumable slots. Other than Richelieu, I don’t see brawling to be a good longterm plan for most of my French BB’s.

  13. Drossel Von Flugel

    WG should buff Mikasa x3

  14. i have got a bit bored of WoWs and was hoping that the RN DD’s would get me interested in the game again… nope
    Why do WG keep doing weird stuff to the RN line??
    Im a massive Royal Navy fan boy but hardly play my RN CL’s now due to the tonne of radar in the meta, i hate what they did to the RN BB’s and now this BS with the RN DD’s.. time to find a new game 🙁

    • Same for me,i was a big fan of this game from the beginning,bud lately i’m getting more bored at it,after every new patch it’s getting worse and worse,+it’s getting really repetitive.

  15. Me: Oh sweet, I hear this ship line is great especially [insert ship name], let me start grinding this ship line so I can have some fun in this game.
    WG: Nope. We’re going to nerf said ship. Too bad.
    Fanboys: *points finger at me* HA! HA! Sucker, I already had my fun.

    • Shadow_AquilaX I swear this is what happens to me. I just reached the Shiratsuyu, and now they’re nerfing the Akizuki even more than when they first launched it.

    • Shadow_AquilaX pretty much me rn. Got the richelieu with 50k exp and as soon as i get the alsace it will be shit…

  16. LOL 1.6 Sigma HAHAHAHA best idea ever. AND longer reload. hahahaha oh Wargaming, stay out of the Vodka before balance patch planning sessions

  17. Notser, like you, I would prefer a single nerf to the Alsace. If I had a choice, I’d take the reload nerf over the drop in accuracy. Personally, I think the ship is fine as she is now. The 15in guns already have their issues against high tier cruisers, so I’m not sure if this buff was warranted. Granted, she is slightly outperforming the other T9 BBs, but that’s do to veteran players falling in love with her, and the less skilled players not having her yet. It’s the same reason the Giulio is considered OP, and the reason the Republique is doing better than the other T10 BBs at the moment. Put a good ship in the hands of a quality player who understands the game, and they will excel in it.

    • kein ding yo

      no. they perform better because they are slightly better than the rest of the pack, thats really all there is to it.
      the french bbs are out long enough for every player to pick them up at this point, and please dont say the cesare isnt overpowered, cause it is, and not cause “uh, only good player play her”, thats just a bullshit statement.

      i bet the belfast was also just “slightly better, because only good players played her” am i right?

    • Belfast doesn’t just perform “slightly” better than other Tier 7 cruiser, it performs massively better. Wasn’t it getting up to 70% winrate at one point?

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      @RKN F1NN1NG – “Granted, she is slightly outperforming the other T9 BBs, but that’s do to veteran players falling in love with her,…” – just my case :))) I am really in love with this ship ! Republique is rusty untouched in port 😀

  18. There are too many defensive ships in the game. The only offensive ships are maybe german ships and french bbs, and it is usually easier to play defensively than to make an offensive move

    • Might be why they made Massachusetts into a brawler, but at the same time, they released 2 lines of cruisers that are best played as island campers so whatever LOL.

  19. Why would you nerf the Alsace.

  20. Every time I hear ‘A hull’ or ‘B hull’ I giggle. 🙂

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