World of Warships – Too Dumb To Live

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Ah yes, the eternal conundrum. What happens when you’re too young to die, but also too dumb to live?

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  1. When my wife snores and I can’t sleep, I sit patiently waiting for the morning Jingles video.
    Thanks for always providing!

    • E-Pap machine, I rattle the windows when I sleep, my wife is several octaves below me. We both have e-pap machines and man, do they give you sweet sleep.

    • @MISOT probably a good time to invest in a good headset and an ultra-HD monitor 😉

    • Cap, check out for sleep apnea though if your wife snores extensively, it may indicate more severe conditions.

    • Yep…along with others I suggest she get a sleep test. Sleep Apnea can cause high blood pressure, cause slow progressing brain issues (increasing loss of memory) heart attacks and strokes. If you want to keep her, push hard on this.

    • @Kenoscope hmmm. They are called C-PAP machines in the States.

  2. The Anshan never fired the torps but pan-asain cruiser launched them thinking it can sink dd. The new pan-asain cruiser have deep water torps

    • Even in co-op I see some players who play sejong use torps on dds and pass right under the dds even I see some asashio and fenyang players try to torp cruisers and dds.

    • I actually witnessed a game that was co-op no bb or carrier and asashio player trying to torp a dd or cruiser. I was in an Irain cruiser that also had deep water torp

    • @Christian Ng I was in a co-op game in an Asashio and fired torps at cruisers and DD’s because there were no BB’s or CV’s and i was bored, the same way you may see people use depth charges on BB’s.

      Just another point of view.

      Have a great day.

  3. Jingles, when the alternative is doomscrolling through an ocean of very serious modern Russian military stupid, I’ll happily take the alternative of fictional warships incompetent player stupid _any day_ of the week. Thank you for your public service, it is greatly appreciated.

  4. Actually Jingles, if my memory serves me well, the ANSHAN’S premium (pretty sure its a premium, hold on let me check. It is.) trait is the fact it is the only PAN ASIAN ship with NORMAL TORPEDOS. Why ANYONE would think the Pan ASIA ships have normal torps at this point is anyone’s guess since its been their GIMMICK since the nations BIRTH, but the Anshan is the only exception to this rule.

    As for how the enemy Sims managed to FUCK UP THAT HARD, well the answer is on the postcard to the usual address.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      you are unfortunately mistaken : other pan asian ships with “normal” torpedoes : “Lo Yang”, “Huang He”, I suspect the Saipan knockoff CV also has normal torps, so does Dalian the premium CL

  5. aw Jingles the Anshan has regular torps because it came out with the Lo Yang way before the tech tree Pan Asian DD line. How ever it could have still used it’s guns. Those torps were fired by the new Cruiser which also has deep water torpedoes.

  6. I kind of think that makes it even worse…

  7. The Mighty Jingles

    I call the video “Too Dumb to Live” and then get the Anshan and Chumphon torps mixed up. Oh the irony…

    • I got my Sims in a holiday bundle 🙂 and it’s possible this person did as well. Who knows. 🙂

    • Anshan is a premium and its ranked sens its T6 and T7 ships

    • mynameiswritinwater

      That’s why we come here…. intentional and not so intentional hilarity^^

    • mynameiswritinwater

      @Adam Marcinkowski Anshan has 8km torps – yes it can equip 4km torps, but it’s a premium so it automatically comes with the 8km upgrade, allowing it to even stealth torp, with a slightly longer (9 secs) reload. Sometimes it helps not to trust the WoW-wiki and actually PLAY the game.

  8. I’ve been accused once in chat for hacking because I sank a DD with my torps in my Anshan and “asian destroyers have deep water torps that can’t hit destroyers”. He whined about it the rest of the match, even when his team mates told him that Anshan has regular torps.

  9. “He could have free xp’d his way up to the Anshan”
    Oh Mighty Gnome Overlord, never change 😀

  10. Actually Jingles:
    The Anshan is a premium DD and while she is available for coal, you can’t free-XP her, oh and her torps are regular.
    Jingles what are you doing with that shotgun? Jingles nooo…

  11. Anshan did not have torpedo angles on him

  12. 11:08 I mean… if that had been a Fenyang I could see him spamming AP and just hoping for the best. Sure it does have enough HE pen to actually pen a T7 DD, but after enough games in Fenyang you lose all hope that your HE will ever pen anything, and just spam AP. Sure you could take IFHE, or you could just not, and spend those points on just boosting your AP DPM.

    I still kind of like the Fenyang though, even though it’s terrible, and it is terrible. No one seems to know what to expect from it, and it tends to win DD gun fights, because my 100mm AP hurts more than 127mm HE, and because my shells are only 100mm, they pen more often than not. I’ve even won fights against Kitakazes’ by spamming AP into them while they were firing HE back at me.

  13. I was thinking this as well. That AnShan and LoYang came well before deep water torps. Asashio was the first with deep water as a premium.

    However I wouldn’t be too shocked if WG adjusted them to have deep water at some point. Although it does make the AnShan player seem even more pants on head.

  14. And this will get me through the thirteen hours of band rehearsal today. Thank you kind sir!! 🙂 these videos are awesome as always.

  15. Martin van der Boom

    Keep up the work Jingles, it’s video’s like this that bring a smile to my face in the morning

  16. @MyCreativityIsOver Lol… that’s exactly what i did.

  17. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    The mouse movement after that Sims kill indicates Notch was laughing his heart out.

  18. @Golden Echo Yeah he is bafflingly bad. He has 4 x130mm guns that reload at 5s. He shoots one salvo (and AP at that if I am not seeing wrong) then does nothing for full 11 seconds except reversing. If he had used just ONE of his guns he could have killed the sims, so I have no clue what he was playing at.

  19. * Notices the “Ranked” star symbol on the Battle Loading Screen *
    Jingles: “I’m not sure why there are only seven players on each team. It might be a Ranked Battle, I don’t know…”
    It’s okay Jingles, we know. 🙂

  20. Wife: “Dave, are you playing that stupid ship game again?”
    Dave: “Nooo, I’m just playing The Sims.”

  21. Jingleisms this game (and what they really are):
    You can free exp your way to the Anshan. (The Anshan is the tier 6 Premium Pan Asian, its the Fushun in the tech tree)
    The Anshan has deepwater torpedoes (those were Chumphon torpedoes, the Anshan has normal torpedoes) Jingles acknowledged this one himself
    The Chumphon is an Atlanta copy (half Jingleism, yes it is based on an Atlanta class, but it is more like the Flint. It also does not have a short reload for its gun caliber)

  22. Can we give some love for the enemy “Drax the Invisible” popping up then immediately disppearing at 2:09. He must have been standing so incredibly still.

  23. There is that! 🙂

  24. “There is no known cure for stupid.”
    Jingles, a hammer will fix virtually anything.

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