World of Warships – Too Dumb To Live

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They say that some people are too young to die but too dumb to live. Where Trenlass, Flambass and Mr. Gibbins are concerned that’s only true of two of them. Gibbins isn’t too young to die.

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  1. Is this a sign that the world’s returning to normal? Flambass, on this map, in the middle … We can only hope.

  2. The Shokaku thought she was her sister Zuikaku that became bait for the Americans during The Battle of Leyte Gulf and charged forward lmao

  3. Do Japanese carriers come with bayonet lugs? – The honourable Shokaku

  4. I almost died of laughter when I saw a carrier deck apear in the corner

  5. “They’re trolling them, they’re teasing them, just showing the tip…”

    Uh, Jingles?

  6. I swear those three were regular Clarkson, Hammond, and May with that maneuver.

  7. I think my favourite thing about this is the fact that not only did that guy in the carrier yolo his way into the strait, he did it and somehow he still survived the whole battle.

  8. Regarding Mr G., I watched him deliberately block Flambas from retreating to cover behind an island. The best part was Mr G. got sunk, and Flambas didn’t.

  9. Orkan and Worcester still did remarkably well to hold their flank against all of the enemy on their side, if they’d gone down the game would have been a loss – to me they were the men of the match, hilarious in general though!

  10. I wouldn’t say badly, he survived

  11. I have never been so unhappy to see a jingles video, I’m the Hindenburg on the other team and I hate how hard I threw this battle

  12. This is possibly the greatest game I’ve ever seen.

  13. Sooooo what you’re saying is that Gibbins is the Starscream of World Of Warships? I hope he got that Starscream ship while it was available xD

  14. Watched this on Flambass’ channel the other day. It’s worth watching just for the voice coms of those three with all this madness devolving!

  15. I think the best way to discribe Flambas and his band of trolling men on two brothers is to borrow a quote from Drachinifel “There is a method to his madness, though madness it remains”

  16. I hadn’t seen much of MrG before the CC walkout, and I wasn’t a fan the few times I had seen him.
    But, thanks to the CC walkout, when MrG, Flambass and Trenlass div up – they are hilarious!

  17. For once, the phrase “don’t try this at home!” Makes sense to me.

    Other times, “don’t try this at home” makes me want to try driving a motor bike while on fire, at home. Because I figure, “well, how did this person figure out how to do what they did, without trying it at home?! Right? They had to try it at some point and got good enough to eventually say, “don’t try that at home”.

    Bunk I say!

    But running the 2 Brothers gap alone, I will definitely not try that.

  18. And still managed to dodge more torps than many on that team in far less space than so many others get.

  19. But he did do it!

  20. He almost looks like that guy that would leave his teammates to the Queen while laughing “I don’t have to be faster than her, I just have to faster than you 2”, doesn’t he Jingles. Sound familiar? xD
    There’s something speshul about watching an old man teasing another old man about his age and skill.
    I enjoyed watching this video, enjoyed playing this match and absolutely died in voice coms while it was happening of laughter xD
    Thanks for sharing it <3

  21. The audio of this is hilarious. Mr G had had the hiccups while roasting Flambass. The whole thing is comedy gold.

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