World of Warships- Too Many Premiums?

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Today I share my thoughts with you guys about WG pumping out so many premiums lately.

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  1. we are now in the cashgrabpocalypse phase of world of warships just like how it happened in world of tanks back then

  2. If they reworked some of the older premiums / tech tree ships to adress the power creep, extra premiums wouldn’t be detrimental.

    • as much as i agree with you, war gaming did say that they will not touch the prem ships (even thou they changed the Italian prem)

    • WGing needs to concentrate more on populating the missing tech tree lines rather than all these new premiums. And especially, these dumb-assed fantasy events! Most of us are history bluffs and want to see historical ships not these emo steam punk skins and weird events….

    • @Jonathan They have said they wouldn’t do many things that they ended up doing. If they want people to keep buying mass, for example, they are going to need to make a choice, secondary pen to match the uptier it’s constantly facing (like they are doing with germans tech tree ships) or make it’s guns more accurate. Has to be one or the other, mass isn’t gonna out tank the german turtlebacks. The mass’s appeal was in it’s brawling, and it is now one of the worst experiences you can get in a brawling ship, as it’s constantly facing 32mm or higher armor, but only has 28mm of pen (IF you take IFHE, otherwise it’s much lower) making even light cruisers nearly immune to it’s secondaries. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve looked at the detailed report after the match and seen ships I’ve hit with OVER 100 secondary hits and get 2 fires, no other damage. So, it’s not like it’s fire chance is making up for same tier ships bouncing it harmlessly while it’s direct competition gets an 8mm pen buff outta thin air….that heal cooldown isn’t anywhere NEAR strong enough to make up for THAT, especially considering that OVER HALF of the ships you face in the mass will be 2 tiers above you…

  3. Someone's Youtube Username

    I think the most interesting issue coming from this is that people simply can’t keep track of every single ship in the game and what they are like and how to fight against them.

  4. Richard Strickland

    I understand about the getting high tier ships too early – did that w/ the Missouri. But only because it was going away. Played it a couple of times, but Tier 9 – 10 was waay above my head. Right now, most of my lines are at T8, but I have some T9s now. Still a little bit beyond my grasp, but not like before.

    My gripe is about that some of these ships are beyond the reach of casual players like myself. Hard to get the coal/steel for them.

    • That’s why they are called reward ships. It is a show of appreciation to dedicated players far more committed than the average players.The whole point is to encourage you to play more.

  5. Tier9 premiums end up in tier10 games. Your fear is already here… and did it break the game?
    I am afraid that WoW is nearing the 3rd stage of product management: cash cow.
    It is at its peak, making lots of money. But it is nearing a decline… unless it can be reinvented. The CV rework is attempt 1… unsuccesfull it seems. Subs may be brought forward as attempt 2.
    Events like Rogue and Azur Lane are just not enough for that. In my view, the 4th stage arrives when they start merging the servers.
    The only question is how long a product life cycle is with this king of games. There are exceptions and WoW is probably one… So perhaps 5 to 10 years for all four stages.

    • I would like server merging however that also leads to decline in team play. It also usually spells the end of a game as well.

  6. “Too many premiums”
    – pah, that´s easy to refute: we still have no Soviet T4 prem cruiser.

  7. Why does everyone thinks its OK to literally make a ship in a game 80 dollars?!?!

    • Why do you think it’s *not* okay? People pay what they want to pay, or not. You might pay $80 to go golfing at a premier golf course, or take your family to the movies. Are those forms of entertainment somehow more deserving? Who are you to criticize people on how they spend their money for entertainment?

    • We used to have fully fledged games for that sum until 3 years ago, and you actually “owned” those games on your computer instead of renting play time untill the servers will cease to exist… Think about that!

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      They can put whatever price on them that they want. Its an offer. I know I’m not going to accept that offer… Probably not even if its on sale. I do enjoy the game however but, other than the Atlanta, there really isn’t a prem ship I want.

    • @Leptospirosi right?! It’s crazy that a literally ship inside a game is 80 dollars that’s literally a days pay its crazy!

  8. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    Really? Thank God!!! I thought only I think about premium ship invasion… ?

  9. ‘War Gaming said they would never’ lol only a matter of time.

  10. Basically, your story with Tirpitz, is basically the same as mine.

  11. Premium Tier 10s would ruin the feeling of reward for grinding too, so tech tree ships would feel far less special.

  12. That miss on the Mino…. Well, been there done that.

    I did the same thing. I started playing in CBT, had terrible habits of not knowing what I was doing, hated the grind, wanted the fancy ships that did stuff. I basically just putted around and did the shooty botes thing. Recently I started playing again seriously, working on the bad habits, still hating the grind but knowing how to work it better, and have lots of cool ships with terrible win rates but they are improving. I got the Alaska and it was my first t-9 ship. It showed somewhat due to not being real good in a “cruiser” being most higher rank play was in my Derpitz or NC. I just want to have fun. It is a game after all. I try and not screw up.

  13. Evangeline Anovilis

    Thunderer and Slava are tech line splits, Smolensk and Colbert are not.
    It’s “Viribus Unitis” (lat. for “with united forces”, the personal motto of Emperor Francis Joseph I.). Shouldn’t be harder than weird names like Massachusetts, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya or Prinz Eitel Friedrich.
    Being able to buy high-tier premiums has always been an issue and will always be an issue. T10s will sooner or later be sold, because WG has no credibility at all, their word means jack shit.
    People not knowing what they are doing is not limited to premiums and is a general issue of WoWS. It’s just more pronounced with premiums. But when you see people throw deep water torps in tech line ships at DDs or other such shens, you know that the level of gameplay is just incredibly low, partly because there’s nothing intuitive to make people familiar with how things work. WG makes “How it Works” vids, but those are mostly watched by those who already know information, not by those who never look beyond the ingame client (and think they can figure out stuff there, measuring AA strength by AA rating).
    Recent “flood” of high tier premiums may seem extreme, but frankly, it seems to me like the culmination of various things.
    -Thunderer and Slava are mistakenly thought of as premiums.
    -Smolensk and Colbert are partly testbeds for IFHE and cruiser plating changes.
    -Hayate, Sommers, Benham, Neustrashimiy and such are WG introducing more high tier premium DDs. Up to then, the sole T9/10 premium DD was Black, while you could get at least one regular cruiser (Salem), 4 supercruisers (Kronshtadt, Stalingrad, Alaska and Azuma) and 4 BBs (Missouri, Musashi, Jean Bart, Bourgogne). DD players and players of light cruisers for a long time asked for T9/10 freemiums that aren’t BBs or “BB lites” and it is hard to not see why.
    -Siegfried is a German T9 supercruiser and likely Gamescom-related (just like GZ and T-61, so expect a balancing fiasco)
    -Yoshino and Ohio are outgrowths of existing projects. Yoshino is the result of the general disappointment with T10 Azuma not having torps and often being lackluster, so Azuma got pushed to T9 and a new ship was introduced instead. Ohio is the result of the generally good reception of Massachusetts and Georgia, which has caused WG to expand the concept to T10, just like Jean Bart once led to Bourgogne. Thus, this isn’t just some sudden coordinated effort to just push out premiums, it’s just that there are multiple reasons caused this explosion.
    On the other hand, you can also see some premiums, that were buried, seemingly, like the batch Viribus Unitis was in. A bunch of low and mid tier premiums, they went nowhere so far, one can expect them to crop up at some point as freebies for some mission marathon, PEF-style, given they all were absolute dogshit in their last testing versions still. Frankly, I’m not unhappy if any of these ships never makes it to live in these silly states.
    It might also be noted that it is easy to say “WG should make less premiums and focus on other issues”, but that neglects that WoWS is not developed by a bunch of guys in a single office who all do more or less the same work. People responsible for modelling premium ships are not the ones who are balancing them, or the ones coding the UI, nor are they responsible for AA mechanics or whatever else people think should be taken care of. What people seem to expect is like if your superiors were to contact you in the morning and tell you that parents think your history lessons are great, but given children learn so much history and not enough French, from now on you are going to give French lessons. That’s likely not your area of expertise, so the results are likely not the greatest.

  14. Agreed, too many high-tier premiums. I’m here waiting for more mid-tier premiums like Yahagi and Unitus.
    Please WG, don’t do what you did to World of tanks with premiums powercreeping tech tree tanks.

  15. Yes, too many for some nations and lines and to few for others (RN Cl’s for example)

  16. I wouldn’t assume people have a grasp of the game mechanics by T4, heh. Watching brand-new Legends players learn the game from the ground (waterline?) up has been very instructive on just how slowly people learn. One player I watched would trigger all his consumables as soon as the match started, without any consideration of what they did or how to use them.

  17. Imagine a one armed bandit that paid out hugely every time you pulled the lever. The one armed bandit is the players. The lever is the premium ships. You can’t blame wargaming for pulling that lever till their arms drop off as long as there are so many players throwing money at them. It’s based on greed and self interest. To wargaming the players are just never ending cash cows to be milked to the maximum.

  18. You can argue that too many low skilled players get hold of high tier ships anyway ?
    However I also think that they should sort the tech trees first.

  19. BTW, I bought 3 premiums before I played a single round – Yubari, Sims & Gremyashi ?

  20. Hmm…
    I would say if they are going to do that route and add high tier ships to the shop they should have an unlocking system kinda how they did for say you play so many battles and you unlock the exterior tab in port.

    But ya they need cash and they likely are looking to increase their profit margin for whatever purpose . My best guess since adding new lines/tree ships costs more money and more storage which means more power consumption they need a return so they easiest way to do that is more premiums.

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