World of Warships- Top 10 Armory Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys my Top 10 Premium Armory ships, enjoy!

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  1. Nice list Mountbatten and good choices. I would have preferred some emphasis on what kind of currency, the ships were available for. I think the Armoury is a spectacular place to buy premium ships – especially for new players, who can get their first few premiums for coal – meaning zero money. The Armoury also “educates” new players on the value of playing the game and saving their coal for that next shiny 200.000+ premium ship – although I think the Okt. Revolution is a steal at the current price.

  2. Since you did this list. Could you do one on the powercreep? Compare Georgia to any of the t10 BBs. The Benham. That ship is a scourge. Etc etc.

    • @IJN Yamato That’s the usual WG way. Make something OP, make people pay and grind, then nerf it down to just slightly OP, but not worth spending money on. Benham atm though is OP. And is wrecking havoc on the MM. Same with Hill. A DD with the AA like a BB. Despite what it says on the paper.

    • @Kar4ever3Well, Benham has crap AA and is horrible in a gun fight. So I hope they consider that

    • @IJN Yamato I know, I JUST got the benham 2 days ago, nerf it now and I’ll leave the game

    • @OmegawerewolfxI may do the same

    • @Kar4ever3 Lol how’s benham OP? Torps? Just Dodge and use WASD hax mate. Also, WG never nerfs a prem ship

  3. i wonder why my tier8 french bb used to be fum/good and now it sucks big time ?

  4. Strange you didn’t put Roma after the insane RNG you had on stream xD
    Nice choices, I think two honorable mentions should be the Hood (especially after the buffs) and the Molotov (an unexpected seal clubber with Donskoi guns at tier 6).

  5. stali has shit bow armor and has almost worse detection in its class

  6. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys, I misspoke about the Stalingrad’s concealment, it seems I had Kremlin on the brain when recording

  7. What about Alabama? Should i buy Alabama, Massachusetts or Tirpitz?

    • Massachusetts is great if you’re into secondary builds. I have a ton of fun in the Mass.

    • @Omegawerewolfx idk, i can do a secondary build, but use to use Monarch so… Idk what i’ll buy

    • You can’t go wrong with any of them, they are all great, Bama’s mb is good and both Mass and Tirpitz can be secondary terrors…just depends on play style and comfort level

  8. Play the Georgia like a cruiser and you’re fine. Run from cover to cover and abuse people.

    The Lenin is a ton of fun, I recommend it for people who like to abuse everything in front of them.

  9. The Bourgogne should be in this list

  10. 16:20 That Musashi player is one of the least intelligent BB players I’ve ever seen

  11. Tirpitz is a victim of power creep like her sister Bismarck. Both have the lowest win rate.

  12. I think u should add Okt. Revolution and Enterprise

  13. I want to play so much Clan battles, but I can’t find an EU clan playing cb at Asian server time. Makes it impossible to get any steel ship.

  14. Salem up to 25000 hp per heal 4 times. Halsey first blood make 5. Take survivability expert for much better heal. Up to 12,000 extra hp total with SE improved heals. Well over 100,000 dmg and live.

  15. They call me Orby

    I have to say I’m rather disappointed that you’d favor the Warspite over the Arizona but well that all comes down to preference I guess. Arizona has the best armor for her tier previously the most health until Mutsu became a thing and I think West Virginia might have slightly higher health as well but still the best all around tank. Her turning circle is rather small for a battleship albeit she is also slow, her torp defense is one of the best in the game and the best at her tier at 37%, her guns are more accurate than the New Mexico’s at the cost of a little less penetration and a hardly noticeable damage reduction. Though I think her guns turn slower than Warspite’s and I’ve always seen Expert Marksman as basically necessary to play the ship and have fun. Overall she’s a tough battleship that’s a really hard target and can compete even with her T8 counterparts which she has a possibility of running into though she does struggle at range to 16in guns to be fair but at mid to close range she’s a monster with a hard punch and armor that can stand up remarkably well when angled appropriately. When it comes to the Warspite/Arizona argument I’m firmly on the Arizona’s side but I can see Warspite’s advantages. Bigger guns that can overmatch most of her competition, higher damage per shell, higher speed, and a better heal along with a similar but still a bit smaller health pool.

  16. melvinlove hinagiku

    Most of this is just premium ship though? I though Armory ship are the ship that you use coal/steel to purchase, most of the ship that you reveal also can be purchase from the premium shop. I know some of the ship can be purchased in armory but it uses doubloon instead. So i dont consider them as armory ship.

  17. I don’T want to be overly negative, but right out of the gates : the Perth get a fighter OR spotter plane, the latter can give you spotting out of the smoke screen. …

  18. does it matter ? set up expecting shy cancer , no CV’s , plan on just playing 2 or 3 CV’s

  19. What´s your opinion about the Salem? I´m thinking about getting one high tier ship on the armory and since I´m more a crusier player the Salem looks perfect to me.

  20. Haven’t felt the Georgia’s accuracy yet, but that’s maybe just my luck.

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