World of Warships- Top 10 Premium Ships

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Hey guys! today I bring you guys a new Premium ships list, updated with premiums that I have acquired throughout this year! I hope you enjoy and a reminder that this is my !!

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  1. Yay, Missouri gets #1

  2. *sky cancer* ?

  3. Evangeline Anovilis

    Interesting changes, though a few points I’d like to comment on:
    #10 NdJ/Boise: The obvious comparison, which makes much more sense is not Atlanta, but Helena. Same tier, gun layout, slightly stronger in all areas compared ro Boise except no repair. Helena also is a free ship, so people can experience for free what it is like, while a comparison with Atlanta only makes sense to players who have an Atlanta.
    #9 Hood: Her performance vs cruisers never suffered from short-fuze AP. Only vs BBs. Also, they changed the accuracy. Hood never was exceptionally inaccurate (rather, she was on the more accurate side of T7), but now she is quite consistent. defAA got changed and Hood AA is now primarily long-range, not derpy short-range.
    #8 Warspite: Warspites overmatch and accuracy are nice, her pen is pretty lackluster(but sufficient). I’m not sure it deserves to be called Yamato of T6. Her pen is comparable to Mutsu, which gets better overmatch, while Warspite is kind of the real T6 Yamato with that pen.
    #6 Cossack: While powerful, it is hard to argue that it is the most powerful. This is a tier of very strong DDs and Cossack is just one strong combination of traits, but there’s way too many good points to be made about Kidd, Loyang, Harekaze and some tech tree ships.
    #4 Salem: Or you save coal for Yoshino, which is more unique and likely costs more coal.
    # 5, 3 and 1: Premiums pulled from shop might get rebalanced, following GCs example.

  4. Asashio is pretty damn good too… I love mine

  5. Lol.. marshmallows

  6. Some ships I’m going to have to revisit, Cossack? Julio?.. I grinned that ship for the Boise and I did have strong games with her. The Salem is a god cruise. She is so strong. The vanguard I never heard anything good about that ship.and I have the mighty Mo, I’m waiting for the Alaska.

  7. BTW.. great video.. you make me want to be a better player..

  8. The Alaska was an early April Fool’s joke. It’s a myth.

  9. Nice vid Sea Lord, but I was hoping you would highlight more currently available premium ships not the removed ones like Kutuzov and Belfast.

  10. Knallis Skattesnyter

    In my opinion a good ship can be uptierd and still stand a fighting chanse. Like the tier 5 fujin and the Gremmy, same as the Belfast and some other ships. A tier 9 is good cus it is always among the top tiers.

    • all ships stand a fighting chance. Two tiers may seem like a lot but many players get 5 kills all the time in top tier ships, getting 1 kill and being helpful in bottom tier should be easily attainable for anyone.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Another example is Scharnhorst. You can just play him like “super” cruisers & rack up enough damage to win the game. -I hope WG will not “retier” him like Cesare-

  11. Amen brother. Especially regarding the British battleship AP. I have Warspite and Duke of York and have pushed up to the Lion on my way to Conqueror, and I agree fully that tech tree British AP is inferior to the premium AP for some reason. Time after time I have had flat broadsides on battleships and cruisers and have opened fire with my KGV, Monarch and Lion AP, and each time the results are completely underwhelming. Not like my Warspite and Duke of York at all, when the only times I’m dissapointed are when my target is REALLY thin-skinned and I get overpens.

  12. Where is the Massa?

  13. How do you not know how to pronounce Des Moines?

  14. Did you know, they spent more time now on one ship, the Alaska than they did on the entire CV line and AA rework… That means that the “CV REWORK” was rushed, very rushed, but the reason why isn’t hard to figure out. CONSOLE GAMES!!!!

  15. john allister garma

    where’s stalingrad?

  16. No Massachusetts? No Tirpitz?

  17. I was hoping to win a Massachusetts this weekend but no luck.

  18. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Salem is definitely rad & worth the coal if you are not planning to spend 5k doubloons for Des Memes’ camo. She’s a solid credit maker in the current meta.

  19. Good video, do you use the dynamic camera btw?

  20. Economics. . . Being as I am not willing to pay these people substantially more money until they can prove they have removed their heads from someplace the sun don’t shine, I have been thinking about that. (To be fair, the “hot fixes” may be showing that they are ineptly headed in the right direction.)
    1. The Kutozov – Comparing Tier VIII cruisers, the Kutuzov makes more “credits” for me in a loss than the Baltimore in a win. Cleveland is a bit better than the Baltimore, but still way behind the Kutuzov. The premiums have a camo with 10% discount on costs, and they also have lower costs. Missouri is notorious for this, but there are others.
    2. I unlocked the Iowa, and figured out that to buy and equip it would cost about $100.00. (Credits, and converting XP to “Free XP” for modules and upgrades.) So if you can get a Missouri for something close to that, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

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