World of Warships Top 10 Tips for Ranked Gameplay

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Maybe you’re new to World of Warships gameplay. Maybe you’ve been playing a while and need some gentle reminders on the things you need to do to succeed. Good luck out there. These are 10 tips for ranked gameplay.


  1. Nice brush up Zoup, and the best soundtrack imo o7

  2. good luck in ranks everyone

  3. #1 Tip – stay away from ranked this season. Carriers – too much disparity in player skills will cause your team to fail over and over. If the reds have a good carrier player and you drew the short straw, the most you can hope for is top score so you do not fall back.

  4. Rank ten is not “and that’s okay”. Rank 10 is an achievement based on the teams I’ve seen so far this season.

  5. Good advice Zoup.This season I’m finding out that I’m a better destroyer driver than previously thought.Currently at Rank 12.Seeing that I have no tier 10’s my season will end at Rank 10.

  6. What i have been seeing are teams that are too aggressive or teams that want to hide behind rocks….my best effing attention to the farkin mini map.

  7. Stick with your team and dont get separated this is so wrong. You get as many crossfires as possible especially with battleships lemmings always lose in ranked and in random battles. DDs torp your blob of ships, bbs and cruisers only angle against 1 point of dmg. Getting separated and covering multiple angles is the way to win in this game

  8. 3:03 Playing T10 ship in ranked without premium consumables – eeerm dafuq Soup?

  9. “………and always use sunscreen…”

  10. You missed the most important Top 10 Tip of all. Don’t play ranked.

  11. 7a) Let the destroyers pick the caps.
    They know their ships, what they can do and where they can do it best. The battleship that is not gonna go within 10km of the cap has no business telling the DDs where they should go.

    • unless they decide to rush northern lights cap C when enemy has a DM…….in that case everyone on the team should tell the DD to stay away from 56s radar zone

  12. you forgot High blood preesure meds

  13. 1-10 were the more general tipps. Now for some more specific ones:

    Don’t go capping the shared capture point with your DD right at the beginning of the game. Especially, while the enemy’s radar ship is probably around the corner. And listen to your team mates when they remind you of exactly that.

  14. Ranked is about how much pain and stupidity you can endure more than personal skill.

  15. 1. Don’t be a noob.
    2. Don’t be a noob.
    3. Don’t be a noob.
    4. Don’t be a noob.
    5. Don’t be a noob.
    6. Don’t be a noob.
    7. Don’t be a noob.
    8. Don’t be a noob.
    9. Don’t be a damage farming noob carrier.
    10. Don’t be a sniper noob battleship.

    … unless you are in red team.

  16. “Don’t go alone.”

    I would like to add “Don’t let a teammate go alone.”

  17. The best ranked lesson I learned back in season 2: Don’t play ranked if it you aren’t having fun. This game isn’t worth the misery.

  18. If a member of your team is being focused, help them. The longer they live, the longer they can help.

  19. 1250 India Delta……. lolz….. I have about 13

  20. I can ONLY get to rank ten in this season because I have no t10, only t8. Oh well, I’m a good player and I’m doing well where I can, that’s all that matters

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