World of Warships- Top 10 Worst Premium And Tech Line Ships, According To You!

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Now may I present the worst premium and tech line according to you guys!

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  1. Monarch
    Krasny Krym
    Dunquerque (squishy, bad dispersion – agreed, dont pay)
    Prinz Eitel Friedrich (small guns, german dispersion – agreed, dont pay)
    Omaha (idk its pretty ok, pensa def worse imho)
    New York (its fine, just choose one side and use speedflag;)
    Mikasa (get ishizuchi instead, skip myogi!)
    Graf Zeppelin (every cv btw destroys the rock-paper-scissor-mechanic of the game..)
    Emerald (yep, petty bad! line gets real good with fiji)

    I personaly like to add the Roon. Even though i like the german cruiser in generall, only 1 front turret in t10 mm kills it for me.
    Also Friedrich the Great, is just great to skip if you can afford it. German Secondarys way overrated these days 🙁
    Not worth the Grind imho, just stick to the scharnhorst 🙂
    HF GL

    • Dennis C I agree with the roon but if you are always running and gunning, you shoot 6 guns off for back so it’s really fun when played strictly as a kiting ship
      I do laps past the enemy then run away firing my back guns

  2. >Dunkerque on the list of community worst ships
    Really tells a lot about how skillful the overall playerbase is

    • Yep it a fantastic ship when you stop trying to be a bow tanker and use you speed to control engagements but it dose feel like cv food since the rework at times

    • Im a shit player and I do well in the dunkerque…. I cant imagine why folks dont like it.. I just wish that it had a speed boost like the richelau hss.

    • @JackG79 speed boost would fit in with the line but not sure if the lower tiers get access to it I think it is only t8+ she needs better aa , I think she gets a hard time as most play her wrong and that the guns are inconsistent but what I have learned to do is to shoot angled targets with AP which dose not work with other bbs but with this one due to the high pen you can land some really big hits and over pen far less

    • as a top Dunk-King player, what you said is spot on. The Dunk-King is a great ship, even if it can get 15″ and 16″ lol’ penned. She’s still an incredibly versatile and amazing support ship when you’re bottom tier, and a top-tier predator. I took my Dunk out when I wanted to relax and literally just point and click and pretty much half-ass it.

      50 battles, 80% w/r, almost 70k average damage (because I always shoot the DDs first!)

    • Sherman FireFly

      I mean same thing with Omaha

  3. What! Sailing aroud naked in New York???

    Krasny Krym is actually for sale in the shop right now so go and buy it, now!!!

  4. PE Friedrich gun is accurate? mountbatten, WG nerfed the accuracy. now it has german dispersion

    • Yeah I think the German gun dispersion is complete BS because German guns tended to be pretty accurate in real life its sad that they hit the entire German BB line with the Nerf Bat and so hard and calling it balancing is also BS. Firing just to see shell fired by the same turret landing 1 km apart in some cases is infuriating.

    • I approve this. Got excited after seeing Denarmo’s video, then only for bitter taste. This god forsaken BB. I played Bayern for comparison and she was 200% better.

  5. Mannn if the NY is up there that high, what about the bretagne than?

  6. The_ Liopleurodon

    Emerald on 1st? Really? I actually like her, had a game today we lost but still had more XP than the best enemy. If you play her like a heavy DD, it can be very effective…

    My worst, or most frustating, so far is still Colorado: big target, slow af, well, her guns hit hard, but you have to make your gunners drunk to make them hit anything and its a long XP-way to NC. But atm I grind Normandy and she is total shit, cause the guns force you to broadside or you waste most firepower.

  7. I got a supercontainer recently with a premium ship!!!

    It was a Krasny Krim…

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      So…you got a super container but didn’t manage to get a premium ship is what you’re saying

    • @MidnightPhoenix07 I should report it as a bug I guess…

      WG: works as intended

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten literally worse than a simple more resources container…

    • At least you got a super container. I can’t remember that last time I got a super container from daily. And the ones I get from special missions gone me ordinary flags… Never got any ships or premium times from super containers…

    • @KAD that is the point… a Krasny is worse than a bunch of flags, of just the originally intended “more resources” container XD

  8. Contest idea, submit a ‘carry’ game in a top ten worst ship.

  9. I love the Emerald, it’s a mini Minotaur. It does require some skill to play though.

  10. “It has French guns so it has a very high velocity”

    *Laughs in Italian*


  11. The Prinz Eitel Friedrich is one of my favorite ships. The Guns pack a Punch. The armor is good and you have a fast ship with 7,6 km secundaries. I am not afraid brawling against even t8 bbs and a lot of t7 bbs have been killed with this Thing in a 1vs 1

    • Seen a few players using PEF in Op Aegis and they did good some did poorly because they didn’t have the torpedo beats on. I used Graf Spee and wrecked house most of the time. One of the BBs that approaches from the North I killed at a range of 16km the shells really love to citadel cruisers even Ishzuchi I can citadel at that range . Got Graf Spee for free out of a super container and went from less than a million credits to over 10 million in a week. Not even going to go near Op Newport because I feel that one is broken.

  12. Beppe VecchiaCanaglia

    All real. Expecially Graf zeppelin

  13. Magister R'yleth

    Eh, the Omaha is a great ship. Just don’t get shot.

    • The Omaha is much better than the Pensacola, which isn’t saying much but still.

    • Magister R'yleth

      @packr72 I like both. Omaha is a great cruiser chaser with 6 forward guns, 6 rear, and 8 broadside. I like the Pensacola too, because 10 203mm’s don’t lie, and 5 forward is no joke. But yeah, they’re basically floating powder kegs complete with box of strike-anywhere matches.

  14. Omaha is a good ship, in fact my favorite in the game. The key is to not get hit.

    • She was OP ship. She can bow tank anything which is not BB at beta. And angling to bounce BB AP. Also, she got range upgrade with commander skill.

  15. I can remember I shot ap to a full broadside conqueror 9 or 10 km away in a monarch and all shells shattered…..
    After that game I skipped to lion with free xp

  16. My best game was in the Emerald.

  17. Actually the Emerald is ok when playing in smoke. Strip it off the smoke and you have the Danae. THAT ship is atrocious.

  18. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    weird, people just seem to not understand that in a cruiser, you are not meant to get hit. I did good in the Omaha, and even better in the Emerald if we go by kills or damage per battle. And the Emerald is still my record holding ship for enemies destroyed in a single battle (it were 6).

  19. Anytime someone complains about a ship I just tell them: “At least it isnt a pre-buff Colorado!”

  20. Not sure bout the Mikasa but my first battle with her I blind fired over an island with my first salvo and detonated another Mikasa… (was before they changed the Det mecanics)

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