World of Warships- Top 10 Worst Premium and Tech Line Ships

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Hey guys! Just a reminder that this is 130% my opinion!

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  1. I agree with a lot on this list lol Duke of York is pure butt

  2. 9:20 Scharnhorst is probably the most accurate German BB at any range. 2.0 Sigma, and I have little trouble hitting long range with her


    Sea Lord, you can’t get the Musashi for coal any more. She’s gone since February. Unfortunately.

  4. Charles Larrivee

    You can’t even get Musashi for coal either 😛 Only from random drops in supercontainers and secret santa crates.

    • I got mine with coal, have they changed it? seeing as I have it it’s just grayed out so don’t know

  5. Yay! Ty sir, hype train has arrived, Choo Choo !

  6. This video has been out a few hours and has more comments than alotta other vids of yours, I haven’t seen it yet and without reading the comments I can tell it’s gonna be SPICY !! Definitely gonna be some triggered ppl.

  7. The Fix for the Izumo is so easy it’s ridiculous, just let the center turret turn 360.

  8. Nice vid Sea Lord, disappointed you didn’t go into greater detail about the Pensacola though.

  9. With the current course of events. Anything can become shit real fast.

  10. 13:34 LOL!…mmmm flashing us that broadside again ma lord 😉

  11. I think honorable mention should go to the Myogi. Screw that boat.

  12. Arysutha Negara

    Huh, i thought it will be all the -XP pinata- Japanese BB, which have shite level AA and meh armor which is free food for CVs

  13. I actually enjoyed the Izumo a lot when I was grinding for the yammy

  14. 26:33 you can see another big problem with Azuma: IT’S HUUUGE
    That’s a Yamato and Azuma is as large as it (much larger than some BBs, specially US ones like Massachusetts) with Light Cruiser amor (25mm EVERYWHERE) and a massive citadel that rival even Neptune for the squishest T9 cruiser (Ibuki have better armor what is just absurd). The guns are not that good either, sure they have “good” HE but it’s only 1.6k per pen when ships like Moines do around 800 with 4 times the reload and much better accuracy. Maybe if the accuracy was actually good like in the testing she could be a nice HE spammer but her accuracy leaves too much to be desire specially when looking at it’s flaws.
    The guns are supposed to be the good part but you end up landing salvos with 2/3 hits out of the 9 shells too often. Sure sometimes you get amazing dispersion and you land 8 shells for 11k damage but it’s almost as rare as a tight salvo from a GK at max range.
    It’s not the worst ship ever, I play her a lot just trying to improve with her and after 200+games im still at best 50 NA players with her but she lacks A LOT in almost every aspect, it’s just a disappointment and really hope WG bufs her.

    Anyways, good video, have a wonderful day ^^

  15. That sums the Pensacola well, I love to torment them when I decide to play downtier when I am not trying to make credits. Hated that ship so much.

  16. The Richie was the one French BB I never got a handle on. Love the Lyon and the Alsace. Picked up the Jean Bart and it’s awesome. The Richie though, just meh for me. Great video. +1

  17. Musashi? How dare you! It’s a yammy you can sail without premium. BB AA is a joke on every ship anyways 😉

  18. All “World of Fires” is a balance and fair play rules mix one big russia piromaniac’s made nightmare…. 🙂

  19. Roma, cruiser killer. You must be playing it wrong. I have games when i can one shot 2-3 cruisers. 12-13 km best

  20. That self-explanatory video on the Pensacola was a real blast! 🙂

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