World of Warships- Top 5 Absolute Worst Premium Battleships

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Hello guys, today we go over my Top Worst Premium Battleships that you should absolutely avoid picking up. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:34 5. Mikasa
5:42 4. California
8:40 3. Strasbourg
11:40 2. Collingwood
14:40 1. Yukon


  1. The funny thing about Mikasa is she was my first ship I scored a kraken, in a tier 3 game, even took down a Dreadnought

  2. Same, but I don’t play a lot any more, gone back to low to mid tier 90% of the time.

  3. They used to up tier Tier1 ships to Tier 2. So when Mikasa came out you had something to fight. This was also before they dumbed down Tier 1 by halving their hp and taking away their AP. Also, despite what is normal, Mikasa’s secondaries are her real main armament you’re lucky to hit the water with the 12″ guns.

  4. I actually find the Yukon quite good. Yeah the range is relatively short and the armor is weak. But the concealment is suprisingly good. Best part is the accuracy, and its easy to deal good damage. I must say I completley disagree with you. Suprised that Anhalt isn’t here… but Yukon is?? And somehow Collingwood is slightly better than Yukon? Riiight

    And now that tier 9s are facing supershits all the time, tier 7s can chill and have a pretty good time. As for subs, well everyone gets screwed by them, it’s not a Yukon speciality. And from what I know, the AA is average for other British ships at her tier?

    It’s a matter of knowing how to play her, since she isn’t the tankiest BB. But she is pretty good fun, if anyone is tempted by it; think the playstyle is for them, then go ahead and get it. It’s a nice little ship, and the HMCS Sackville camo makes it pure eyecandy.
    The only true downside is its history with LWM and WG, but that’s a WG problem and doesn’t make the ship itself worse.

    • I agree Yukon isn’t all that bad. I just see her as a heavy cruiser rather than a battleship. I run the heavy AP for mroe damage and don’t care about the increased fire duration because of the zombie heal and because I run that one reload buff whenever you’re on fire to up the DPM. I think Duke of York and KGV are more consistent with their better HE, but I quite like the Yukon. It’s certainly better than California (which I also have). That all said I wouldn’t mind a small buff here and there

  5. You shouldn’t use the ap of California! USE HE it surprising good at farming dmg at long range just got it from community token

  6. Quite enjoy Collingwood. One of my highest win rate ships and an excellent citadel-er. I got it for next to nothing on the very first bundle though so that may influence my opinion somewhat.

  7. Mikasa was very OP back in the days when flags were earned by achievements and you go early in the morning in T2 random game with 6-7 AI ships on each side. Maaan – Kraken, High Calliber, secondary, double strikes. You collect all flags you can in 10 min. Madness! 😀

  8. I got the California on a Santa container. Worst BB EVER. I just left there sitting in the port forever.

  9. Please review some operations such as Aegis. Bunch of players struggling with it since the ops rework

  10. You left out some important information on Collingwood , she has standard battleship ap and not the normal British bb ap with the short fuse which is so much better against bbs.

  11. Senkan Yamato 戦艦大和

    Whoa now. Ima have to hard disagree about Mikasa. Secondary build Mikasa is an absolutely hilarious boat. Most t2 matches are half bots and she dunks all over the bots. It’s common to get 4-5 secondary kills in one game in Mikasa. I currently have a 92% WR and 43k average in the old girl.

  12. Nassim Pierre Ghannou

    Its gonna be there the day you run short on credits lol

  13. Yukon is actually my favorite tier 7 BB and I’m using it to play the current ranked season in silver. Idk why but I just love the playstyle that this ship offers and I definitely prefer it over Sinop, which is considered one of the strongest tier 7 ships. However I do agree that in random battles it’s a bit terrible but honestly who even wants to play random battles nowadays

  14. I love Mikasa! Dreadnoughts, Close Quarters, Double Strikes, Die Hards, and so much more. It was a great flag farmer back in the day.

  15. The problem with the Dunkerque and Strasbourg is that they are actually battlecruisers that were meant to counter a very specific target, the Deutschland class heavy cruisers. Also their main battery guns were 13.2in not 11 or 12 in. Honestly WG needs to rework and overhaul the tech lines into ones that make more sense for the current state of the game.

  16. If you’re using AP in the Mikasa, you’re doing it wrong. The HE, btw, has this hilarious ability to damage things on ships just by wizzing by them.

  17. Sadly Mikasa was the only ship to not get its secondaries buffed when they got range buffs across the board. WG left Mikasa alone. Thing should at least have more range. Seeing as dds at its tier can rush it so easily.

  18. Mikasa, built about 1896. Back then, the main guns weren’t considered accurate beyond about 3500 yards. Engagements rarely began beyond 6,000 yards. Things began to change in another ten years, but don’t expect accurate fire beyond about 7,500 yards.

  19. I “won” the Yukon in a supercontainer. I’ve had a lot of fun with the ship and a surprisingly high win rate.

  20. such a shame about the Califiornia. all they have to do is buff the reload, and give her the better acceleration buff the tech tree ships got.

  21. If you build into the Mikasa’s secondaries, she can be OP in tier 2 games. I used to farm flags with her before they removed flags for achievements.

  22. Good list. However I’d like to add that while California deserves to be on this list, it has one redeeming virtue you didn’t mention. AA. Is it enough of a virtue to make her good? No. But CA will chew up CV cancer even without DF.

    My buddy drives CA a lot. When he does I roll Florida and we pray for T8 CV’s to come at us!

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