World of Warships- Top 5 Absolutely Broken Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my top 5 broken ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:17 Giveaway
2:48 5. Lenin
6:01 4. Kamikaze
8:39 3. Gato
11:42 2. Colossus
14:25 1. Kitakaze


  1. The Kitakaze nerf was on the concealment, not the guns (previously it can reach up to 5.9km concealment on a T9 gunboat which is kinda stupid)

    • I honestly don’t think she’s that nutty. We have Jutland, Mogador, Friesland, Black and Benham at T9 too and they’re all really strong.

      Kitikaze is strong, but it sacrifices some flexibility compared to others. I’m not sure I’d stick it in the same list as Kamikaze and Colossus and I don’t think it’s the necessarily strongest DD at the tier.

      I’d argue Yugumo, Z46, Mogador, Jutland and Chung Mu are also stronger at their tier than the T10s so it’s not unique to Kitikaze. Katsonis and Udaloi are the only weak T9 DDs in my opinion and they’re not exactly awful.

      It might just be me, but I find Adriatico is easier to play than Regalo, despite the gunpower being a lot less. It’s the lower concealment and smaller hull I think.

  2. One of my main regrets is starting playing the game after Fujin and Kamikaze were no longer available.

  3. Fujin is my most played DD – wonderful and broken. (Same as Kamikaze and Kami R) – BTW it’s Yamamoto not “Yamato”

  4. Kamikaze also takes just over 45s for a full speed turn so you drop, turn away and as you come back round you’re ready to drop again

  5. “The colossus doesn’t have armour”. Who cares, you don’t get to shoot at it unless the game is already over and you finally spot it in grid A1 buried half in the border

    • Colossus has has slow planes so that will not be a good play. It also has good conceal to push closer (unlike Malta).

      The enemy CV can spot and kill Colossus easily and colossus can’t always get its rockets to the enemy CV particularly if there’s a lot of AA or islands blocking the attack.

      You can easily bounce the rockets with a slight bit of angling too. It’s still nutty, but it is counterable for anyone with decent situational awareness.

  6. IMO the Kamikaze is the most broken ship tier for tier in the game. It’s based on the Minekaze in the Beta and they had to nerf it. With the right build the detection is 5.4 with 7Km torps that do 75 knots. Add on Yamamoto and at full hp you can get the reload to about 33 seconds with a kraken. There was a significant time in my wows career (played since beta) where my damage record on the Kamikaze/ Fujin (yes I have all 3 now but the R I got recentlyish) was higher than my shimakaze. That’s how broken this thing is. 7 kills is my all time record and I’ve done it on those ships the most.

  7. The reason why a WWII diesel electric submarine is slow under water is due to the electric engine. That particular engine doesn’t have the same torque and shaft horsepower as the diesel engine does. Then there’s the fact that the batteries use to run them doesn’t have the longevity as the diesel engine whose longevity depends upon how much fuel is in the tanks.

    • And Diesel submarines nowadays are also submarines not submersibles as they can also spend their time underwater just using their snorkels which have advanced a lot in stealth. They are also quieter (when they are silent running on their electric motors) than a nuke sub. Most WW2 subs were not submarines but submersibles. They were built to be on the surface with the capability to dive.

  8. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Second channel link:

    IGN: Sea_Lord_Mountbatten
    Server: NA
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  9. You know something’s wrong with the game when the actual broken ships in this game are the entire line of 2 out of 5 ship types 😂

  10. It’s a close call between Fujin/Kami/KamiR and the Minekaze. Same detection but Minekaze gets faster torp reload by 4.5 sec down to 37.8 and 5.4 detection with 10 skill commander . Same detection but with slower torps ( and less damage/lower detection). Kinda evens it out especially up close in caps etc.

    • never same the kami only the R, and fujin and Kamir R are the exact same boat right? for me Minekaze is broken as the prenium one.

  11. actually, Kitakaze was nerfed twice, she used to have 5,9 km stealth back in the day 😅

  12. I think if I remember correctly the subs used one type of engine on top of the water and another underwater

  13. I want to go see the HMS Haida it’s the largest surface body ship in a museum in Canada looking forward to see that stuff in new channel fair winds and fair seas

  14. Thanks for always putting out fun content. And thanks for being family friendly! For your museum trip, the Intrepid is a lot of fun. Has a sub next to it as well. Have to get to the USS NJ myself.

  15. While it’s probably going to be nerfed (I hope), since the commander changes, Napoli is nuts. That’s not a new thought, but it’s still true.

  16. The fun-fun, silly-silly thing about the Lenin is the permanent camouflage that decks it out like a floating version of Lenin’s Tomb

  17. i would add fujin and minekaze with kamiR, another one would be the Béarn, it isn t very powfull cv ( and the ship itself is soooo slow) but if you want to deplane another CV that where the fun begging ^^ and the I-56 that is a “good” kind of broken, sniper sub ( and the fun deck gun) but if it is spoted it is good as dead with to short dive time and so slow it can t use it to escape, and only front facing torpedeo launcher.

  18. Love my little Kamikaze. Even in T7 battles she holds her own. And with the Captain Skill you can get her concealment down to 5.4 – less than any submarine in the game! Now that is broken.

  19. I might suggest the Tashkent 39′ , going 50.4 knots is extremely op at T7, not many skilled players and not enough high velocity guns to put the Tashkent down quickly. But it also boasts a swarm of 18 torpedo with the booster.

  20. A few summers ago, WG had a “Summer Mystery Sale”. Pay the regular price for one known premium at a certain tier and for next to dirt you got two mystery crates with other premiums at the same tier. I put down cash on a shiny new Alabama, and the mystery boxes yielded a Prinz Eugen and a Lenin, for what amounted to pocket change. I probably would not have bought a Lenin outright, but Wow! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Sadly, WG hasn’t seen fit to do a “Summer Mystery Sale” since. If I recall, they offered Tiers 7, 8, and 9 at the time…because I know I snagged another nice bundle that summer. Still enjoy taking my Lenin out…not great at AA, but it hits like a truck.

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