World of Warships- Top 5 ABSOLUTELY Ridiculous, Dumb, & Goofy Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over five absolutely Ridiculous Ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
0:26 50K Giveaway
2:43 5. Halford
4:31 4. Nevsky
7:34 3. Sevastopol
10:48 2. Louisiana
13:33 1. Colossus


  1. IGN: palspe
    Server: EU

    For me personally Austin deserves a spot on this list. With MBRB and if possible Halsey active you got to measure this things damage in DPS instead DPM.

  2. IGN: Serit01
    Server: EU

    I really think the San Martin could also be in this list. Its a light cruiser that is almost unkillable with the consumable reload and strong repair. On top of that it has decent armor and a radar.

    • I cant believe it hasnt been nerfed yet.

    • Def not good armor and while the heal is great its like Salem. Your almost guaranteed to get citadeled and thusly your heal is almost useless. Or like me the majority of the time you just get dev struck. Maybe my luck is just bad but I’ve died in 1 shot more times in it than anything else except maybe plymouth.

    • Where is that Armour?😂

  3. If you have read Taylor Anderson’s DESTROYERMAN series, he did the same thing on the DDs in the books. He gave them a spotter/(limited) bomber plane. Excellent books, I highly recommend them. One can only hope WG will get with Taylor and come out with his ships; even though most will likely be T3-5s, WALKER being an original WICKES class DD.

    • I’ve just finished the Destroyer Men series and moved on to the Artillery Men books, They are a Great Fantasy/Wartime read. Taylor covers how the planes are lightweight predominantly spotters as well, I hope we get more. 🐱🇺🇸🇬🇧🦎

    • Love the series, I need to finish the last book on audio but the different narrator makes it difficult. Might have to just buy the physical copy and read it

    • @Jamison Yes it was sad when William Dufris the original narrator died of cancer, I’ve listened to them on audible as well, the new guy doesn’t do the voices as well imo specially the Cats.

  4. When I see ships like these I just wonder what Wargambling’s next Vodka induced Brain Fart will be when itcome sailing into the game. Looking forward to more on the Chevvy Sea Lord, Roll On 75.000, Good Luck in the Competition everyone 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🍻

  5. I met you at the USS hornet event, absolute pleasure. My son loves the youtube channel. We play on the NA server, Boogieman4 is the name. We look fowards to seeing you in game again

  6. I only got 2 of the ships on this list. The Nevsky and the Louisiana. Just got the Louisiana yesterday but haven’t played a match in it yet. The Nevsky is very good ship, although when I am facing one it annoys me to no end. Catch it broadside and your shells overpen. Angled and they always seem to ricochet. Meanwhile she’s melting you down like crazy. Meanwhile when I play the Nevsky I always get murdered in it for some reason even though I play it exactly like you are suppose to.

  7. Arthur Cunningham

    Hi there! I have been with you since the early days. I find your reviews refreshing and on the money. The fact that you are not on the WG payroll is a big plus to me. Keep up the great work!! Cheers… I am in the NA server as Tarporley. I hope one day you see on in battle.

  8. IGN: MamaBearr
    Server: NA

    Hello! I’m so thankful for your lists like this and comprehensive reviews of ships, you really help keep me informed on what’s new in the game and of any ships worth trying out!
    Thank you so much!

  9. Good list this go round Mount. Other “honorable” mentions that could’ve been considered are of course Smolensk, Conqueror, Thunderer, and all superships, but especially Condé.
    Conqueror obviously has the reputation of being “Mega Zao” plus the zombie heal and frankly was the beginning of the passive HE spam/sniping meta that we now have to deal with at high tier.
    Smolensk is, well, the Smolensk. The bane of many a BB player even to this day despite the indirect nerfs it’s received since she was pulled from normal acquisition almost immediately after release because it was a pox on the game.
    LegionThunder, NA server.

  10. Being a new player into wows, it all seemed rather peaceful and straightforward.

    After watching this guys vids i have come to realize the upper echelons of the game are full of scary stuff lol

  11. Lennys Wows Replays

    I like the Halford. It gives me the option to fight even with low hp (against the enemy dds its even better as i dont die on a trade and can still go an cap if the maps allows). And with 4 dds and 2 sub in a battle i take that 🙂

  12. Tip for anyone thinking about which techline to grind: the test server gives you all tech ships and 21 point commanders so you can try them out and decide from there, although matchmaking is atrocious and there are bots and/or superships in most games. Still is a decent place to try though. Personally as a Montana enjoyer I found Vermont really fun with the big guns and fast heal.
    Congrats on 50k and here’s to another 50!
    GreenUncle1, EU

  13. I dont know if the Lushun it is or not in your list but he should be. Last week i picked a 1×1 fight with one of them and i had to retreat, and i was in a Des Moines with almost full life. That damn ship does not take dmg like others.

  14. The Alexander Nevsky’s crazy shell ballistics are the same reason why the Petro can act as a BB at times – the shells just don’t lose velocity and they start and a pretty high number to begin with. Another ship that is ridiculous is the Tiger 59′ because while it definitely suffers for its lack of hydro and turrets, it has some incredible accuracy to make up for it and they are Mino turrets at T8. Also despite its shortcomings it still manages a decent winrate.

    Arrowshooter20046, NA

  15. congrats on 50k SLM!And also,I think the Okhotnik was supposed to be on this list,it is the goofball of all goofballs lol

  16. Winwin21

    The Napoli should probably make it into the top 10 on this list. Smoke+SAP Secondaries on a cruiser is something that the game has only seen once and it will probably stay that way for a while. The torps and the powerful guns make it a unique ship capable of high damage, fast paced gameplay. Congrats on 50k!

  17. Haloman99

    I tune in every Monday for the top 5’s. But your battleship player tier list is probably my favorite. Appreciate the humor you bring to the game and the ship review you always churn out in record time after release!

  18. Congrats on passing 50k, I play legends on PlayStation but I still enjoy your videos and I find they still have relevance on the console version

  19. I love the variety in goofy ships in this video, we get gems such as the hybrid DD monstrosity, to a sniper CL, to the cruiser-nuking CV. This game is wild, man…

    Oh also, your truck is gorgeous. My late uncle, for basically the last 40 years mained a truck just like yours, but with a white stripe down the side. Meanwhile, technically my first vehicle was a ’79 F100 that my dad and i have put bursts of work into to get it useable. Currently its down to just new rims, tires, and a few new seals and gaskets and weve got a dump run vehicle. Its neat 🙂

    Oh also, congrats on 50k. You’re my favorite WoWS youtuber.
    Kollin133_ (NA)

  20. This is a great World Of Warships youtube channel. I am new here. You make great videos. Congratulations on reaching 50k. I am in the NA server as funplanes.

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