World of Warships- Top 5 All Time Favorite Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my top 5 all time favorite ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
0:55 5. Kidd
3:33 4. Alaska
6:22 3. Schlieffen
8:53 2. GK
11:27 1. Massachusetts


  1. GK, Marceau, mostly all run n gun DDs and German knife fighters.
    Everyone is gangsta until German secondarys go off 😂

  2. @zacharytresidentdigimonenj3397

    Top 5 for me (no particular order):
    – Jinan
    – W. Virginia 44′
    – A. Nevsky
    – Kremlin
    – Georgia

  3. Everybody talking about the GK but i see no love for my beloved Preußen. Tgese large guns and with the right build you have sub 19 seconds reload and much better firing angles compared to the GK.

  4. Des Moines, Minotaur, GK, Republic and finally at #1 is my favorite ship the Dunkerque.

  5. My list of ships:
    -Scharnhorst B
    -Scharnhorst 43
    Oddly enough, I am generally loathing of French flagged ships, but I got the Stras from Santa containers this time and it’s been a blast to play.

  6. I would love to try out the Kidd. I heard many great things about it, but the pain makes me want to try it out. No surprise you mainly choose brawling ships, which are also some of my favourites. More interesting action at close ranges compared to long range.

  7. My top 5:
    1: Leander (Best girl; most battles, one of my best WRs. There’s a reason she keeps getting nerfed)
    2: Hampshire (AP-only but hits HARD, can make T10 BBs very angry)
    3: Cossack (How is this only a T8!)
    4: Kidd (Heal of course, but also the conceal is insanely good)
    5: Omaha (Taught me how to kite, surprisingly fun especially if you accept the squishy-ness)
    Can you spot that I’m a CL/CA and DD main…?

  8. I recently picked up the GK during the Kitikami event. Used it in asymmetrical battles and loved it. Amazing 2ndary brawly goodness!

  9. My top 5: Azuma, Alsace, Minotaur, Blyzcawica, Dunkerque

  10. Right now my favorite ship is the kearsarge. It is the definition of HE spam. Most matches I end up setting 14-20 fires. Second favorite is Massachusetts.

  11. I am beyond shocked the Kearsarge didn’t make this list of yours.

  12. I would go Defense, Pommern, Agir, Harugumo, and Illinois or Montana (depending on mood).

  13. I have all the ships on your list and I mostly agree with your list, up until number 1. To be honest I prefer the Tirpitz over the Massa. Yes the Massa has better main guns, but the Tirpitz has better secondaries and it has the advantage of having torps. It´s my go to ship for brawling at Tier VIII.

  14. Ok Sea Lord- I know you misspoke- but the Massachusetts does *not* have 635mm secondary guns.
    My top 5:
    1: Vermont, she’s a very angry brick.
    2: Pommern, assuming it’s a good battle. Plus, every once in a while, you get to torp some fool.
    3: Somme, an amazing scout, and made me actually like playing DDs again.
    4: Buffalo, I don’t know why, but I just do better in it than the Des Monies.
    5: Either Gneisenau or Cleveland. Gneis is a T7 Pomm. And I don’t think the Cleveland was ever told it wasn’t a CA. Plus, free camo and booster pack.

  15. @stephencocker5312

    My top 5 in no particular order are HMS Agincourt Mid-Tier Secondary Haven. HMS Warspite for the same reasons Sea Lord likes it, HMS Gallant some how I always do well in her. USS Alaska and Tirpitz

  16. Mecklenburg, Ohio, Bismarck (even though the gun accuracy is absurdly bad), Roma, Gneisenau. I got Alaska in a 2023 Santa container. It’s exceptionally good. I don’t particularly like cruisers or play them well, but it’s obviously very strong. Jinan is good, but Sejong is more fun since you get better match making with less radar and OP carriers trolling you all match. I used to use carriers as my escape from the frustration of terrible teams, but getting reported for focusing destroyers gets old.

  17. i got kidd from container along with bunch of other premiums (georgia, anhalt, california, hyuga) and i love the AA.

  18. I see Kidd rarely as it is, but Alaska pretty regularly when ranked T9 and it seems big advantage for players who at least use proper ammo type. Schliffen was played alot on Assymetric battles but its run alot even in coop, where standard BBs don’t get their RNG work fast enough.
    GK is useable when there is some high chance brawl battle type, xd.

  19. I am a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. During OCS in 1978 I was aboard one of the Hamilton class 378 cutters which is similar in length but a different in in hull and super structure configuration. This class had a single 5″ 38 single gun mount very similar to the the Kidd. A class mate was in the right hand trainer set and used the hand wheels to rotate the turret. The turreted rotated fast and there was no slop in the hydraulics so the turret would instantly change direction.

  20. haha…. at 12:06 “25 inch secondary guns” Wow…. super impressive!!

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