World of Warships- Top 5 Best Battleships Of All Time

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Hey guys! Today we go over my five best battleships of all time! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:31 5. Montana
5:45 4. Warspite
9:15 3. Pommern
12:37 2. Bourgogne
16:44 1. Yamato


  1. Glad to see the Warspite on the list! Best BB ingame

  2. talking of Pommern being T9, and occasionally being matched against t10 and superchips, that’s what happened yesterday with my Agir. I was the one of 2 t9 ship, everyone else t10 or supership.

    Completely lost will to play, decided just to rush in to get it over as quickly as possible and go play a normal match. Boy was I wrong and did I have a good match with great rewards. Never be discouraged by being a t9 in a tier 10/supership game 😀

  3. BornRaisedAndLivingInCalifornia

    Yami is a great ship because she was a real ship that really saw action, unlike every Russian ship in this game.

    • But she gets crushed by the glorious petro with its 8 inch guns.

    • ​@jebes909090but petro is a fantasy ship

    • They have Gangut that was last real Russian built battleship and Modernized October’s Revolution. The thing is, that should have been Marat… but since Marat was made deep sea bed explorer by Rudel and his 1000 kg bomb down the chimney, we never actually got Marat in this game because of Lesta’s pride or other twisted / forced history perspective operated by then and what a certain countries these days operate.

    • Well at least they had soyuz and maybe sun yat-sen thats sort of realistic

    • The post is about in-game gameplay, not whether a ship is real or not. That’s a totally different topic.

  4. Before they broke secondaries, I had my Yama secondary built, 10.6km if I recall right. It is like having an Atlanta hanging on each side.

    Any DD that would try and jump you, would be melted in no time.

  5. Was expecting one of the UK T10s to get a mention. Could have been the Conqueror being able to heal the entire ship or St V being just nuts or Thunderer as ultimate HE spammer.

  6. Montana was my second t10, such a fun pallete cleanser for me

    The Pommern, i have been running that funny furious build on it with the commander changes, it seems pretty good, you can use the city known as superstructure anduse the fires with all the HE spam at t9-10/11

    Notice how two are the oldest BBS in game and on the others, the biggest gimmick is a reload booster on a hard to aquire ship

  7. That opening video with the Montana was painful to watch being chased by a sub. Great list of BBs video I appreciate it.

  8. Ohio or St Vincent should be there in this list. Also, while Warspite used to be OP for her tier, with Mutsu basically being the Nagato A hull being introduced, she’s not the bully she was. Also she eats citadels at unexpected angles.
    Weirdly, inspite of having massachussets and the bismarck sisters, my usual go to BB in tier 8 is the Borodino. That thing is so underrated. Its basically a T8 stalingrad (minus back turret) with 12 km radar. Hyper accurate salvoes at range +passive meta have pushed me to go for it i guess.

    • I kind of agree with the St Vincent (don’t know Ohio), but I also disagree… a battleship is (should be) the beef on your flank, tanking and spanking to hold your push or hold theirs back… Especially with how many battlecruisers we have nowadays, they deserve their own, separate category really… you could even make a case to put Bourgogne in there (freeing up space for Ohio)

  9. i dont even own the tirpitz, but i thought it would be on the list. It made quite an intro when it arrived. Also I believe it paved the way for the Pommern and Odin.

    Anyways, thanks as always for a great in depth review of these wonderful ships.

  10. Pommern was shining few years ago, I remember it was my 1st coal ship and the one which got me easy through early ranked (no leagues, just save ranks) with broken almost 75WR serie (I think it was 15 wins out of 21 matches to get to 1st rank, while I was suffering with Iowa in those ranked).
    But its still funny and good ship, it was great doing for me in last Assymetric battles.

    Bourgogne.. oh yes, she holds my personal dmg record (although in Concealed maneuvers with half of team with bots too), anyway faced couple of players too, so it did 350K for me there.
    But it can do well in other modes too.

    While Monty is my 1st T10 BB, I didn’t play it few years. But what is surprising about her, it didn’t get AFAIK any buff or nerf during time. It seems to be probably one of best balanced ships from start.

  11. Nice choices SLM. Using popularity, fun factor, and overall performance as a factor for choice, other BBs I think could have made the list are (in no particular order):

    Grosser Kurfürst


    North Carolina

    Iron Duke

    Jean Bart
    Lyon (16 goons bias)

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    Giulio Cesare

    There are some other excellent and popular BBs that can easily make the list, as well, but it’s a bit ridiculous to keep listing them off and it’s even harder to narrow them all down. Preferences and nitpicking would certainly apply.

  12. After only a few days with the B version, I am surprised you did not include the Kearsarge in the list. Ignore the planes, the guns are amazing. Also a bit surprised either the GK or the Schlieffen was not on the list.

  13. Schlieffen is a real spooky ship, mainly because of the secondaries

  14. I run secondary Bourgogne BECAUSE it’s not meta and ideal, if a ship has a semi-viable secondary build I always run it just to have goofy fun. Karl XIV Johan is great fun to run them on, for example!

  15. Excellent list as always

  16. Your top 5 aren’t unexpected.

    Though I think the one BB you forgot to include was Giulio Cesare; when it was so OP that WG had to seriously consider moving a premium up a tier or two, and then “compromised” be releasing a T6 Italian tech tree version of it, plus a T6 premium Russian version of it, says something about just how good that ship still is.

  17. The one thing i really miss her is the Ohio that thing is basically montana but at “in your face” range… love it😍

  18. The T6 free ship with this time around is the Repulse. Get her after the first battle in T6 battle. Found out from a friend used my link.

  19. My bb list:
    5: Fuso. Really fun and silly
    4: Kearsarge: great t9 premium
    3: Pommern: for reasons listed in the vid
    2: mecklenburg: this ship is a BLAST to play
    1: Genisnau: my most played bb and insanely fun. Fear this ship in a downtier

  20. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    Although not a BB, please review Clauswitz with new secondary commander skill & ship build

    It’s absolutely insane, 12.5km/3.2sec (main battery 18.*/10s reload)

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