World of Warships- Top 5 Best Of The Best Money Making Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today we go over my Top 5 Best of The Best Money Making Premiums with the economic rework coming around the corner. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 List Introduction
1:37 Hunt for Bismarck Trailer
3:47 5. Mainz
6:26 4. Kearsarge
10:09 3.Atago
13:00 2. Azuma
15:02 1. Kobi Kii & Roma


  1. I have the original Missouri, and I consistently make more money with the special camo Kii than with the MO.

  2. you need to retest this all after the economy update 🙂

  3. I love my Roma. Tankie and stealthy, and when the guns connect it surprises a lot people!

    • Me too. Once i tanked a Missouri, Alabama and Amagi push with Hindenburg behind me. We stopped their offensive and turned the game around. Still my highest potential damage record ever.

  4. Glad to see you mention Azuma. I get it’s not everyone’s playstyle. I myself love bb’s. But dang that ship can farm. I have so many 250k+ games in her.

  5. Step 1: get Pommern
    Step 2: put all economic boosters on Pommern
    Step 3: throw Pommern into ranked
    Step 4: carry team with 150k dmg and 2-3 kills and a mix of close quarters except, high caliber, and dreadnought.
    Step 5: PROFIT.

  6. Not sure why no one ever mentions warspite with the rich man’s camo. Sure it’s only tier 6 but it’s credit potential considering the tier is really great. Especially if you are dunking on newer players for easy damage, I get 250k or more easily with only a couple economy flags. Don’t sleep on the grand old lady just because she’s mid tier!

    • I made so many credits with Warspite and Atlanta in CBT. Those were my money makers until I got Missouri.

    • @Paddington Yeah they do well! The nice part about warspite at tier 6 being good for credits also is the weekly operations, and the occasional lower tier ranked seasons.
      I would love to see repulse get a camo with the same credit coefficient, even if the camo is a bit expensive.

  7. Win or loss doesn’t affect your money in randoms, only your xp, different thing in CB’s and ranked

  8. Yes its the Hipper class hull, just remember it has less armor!

  9. I usually find any premium ship that you are extremely good with will print very good amounts of money.

  10. The good thing about azuma and kii is you can use it to level a captain to 21 as you can keep transferring cap between both ships.

  11. I got carnot and I farm easily 100k dmg on average, is all about your play style and have a ship that has the enhance credit boost. But this ships shown are very good indeed as well

  12. What would you think of the adler camo on the prinz eugen post eco rework? still good or not?

  13. I love my Mainz, was my first ever premium and I think my highest damage game for all cruisers (at least cls) is in her. Very solid cl, one of the best high tier premium cls you can get.

  14. She can be a bit inconsistent because of her toolset, but the asashio can print huge amounts of credits when she gets uptiered to T10

  15. Christopher Yonemitsu

    Kii was a separate ship class entirely, being a rectified design adopting both speed and armor, rather than choosing between one of the two with Kaga or Amagi class ships (yes they’re Kaga class, Tosa class is used overseas but the Japanese regarded the lead ship as the one with the earlier commission date, and Kaga was slated for an earlier commission).

  16. Honorable mention: Prinz Eugen with the Adler camo, which you should also buy before the rework

  17. Great video, I’ve been looking for a better moneymaker. The only high tier premium i have right now is the Alaska, love it btw and lucky I was able to get it before removal from the shop

  18. Moskva has been a boon for me interms of matchmaking as well as money making
    Also can anyone tell me if service cost of ship is reduced?

  19. For me, the Hood and the Repulse are the ones that add most credits to my account, sometimes Yamato (premium camo)

  20. Honestly… I’d say jean Bart is still one of the best money earners due to the fact it can sit back even in T10 matches with its 24 base shooting range and farm damage pretty easy. It can do well in both T9 and T10 matches with it having pretty good HE shells for starting fires and keeping a safe distance. And it’s guns have the typical easy to aim French low arc shells at distance shooting.

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