World of Warships- Top 5 BEST Premium Battleships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my 5 best premium battleships list! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
2:10 5. DoY
5:47 4. Alabama
10:03 3. Pommern
14:13 2. Warspite
16:48 1. Kearsarge


  1. Haven’t seen a single ranked battle without Pommern, FDG, or P Rupp. Pommern is by far the favourite and it always performs amazing (unless the cpt is a little lost)

  2. Pommern should never fire it’s main guns. On average, and my experience was that most of the times 2 (max 3) out of every full 12 shots actually hit things if the target is 10km or farther out. Such a shame that WG has pretty much killed brawling as a game style.

  3. The Moonglade Druid

    can confirm the Pommern is a beast of a knife fighter and the warspite is a dream boat. not so pleased with my DoY but you cant have everything

  4. I once dev striked a Bismarck from 17km with duke of York I went through the roof with a tight spread and straight into the citidal

  5. Definitely gonna get Alabama.
    Can you do cruisers and/or destroyers next?

  6. DoY = Cant hit a barn at shotgun range
    Alabama = Lacks the superheal

  7. I have Duke of York, Pommern, Alabama, and Warspite out of this list.

    Yes, Warspite I received early on as a sign-on bonus when I reached level 6. A really fun ship to play!

    Alabama, I purchased in a WG “Summer Sale” several years ago, where you purchased a known ship for about the usual price and for next to dirt, you received two “mystery ships” of the same tier. I sprung for Alabama and in the mystery crates, I received Lenin and Prinz Eugen… to my way of thinking, a helluva deal! I enjoy all of them and wish they’d bring back that Summer Mystery Ship sale.

    Pommern I acquired at some point to have a decent Tier 9 for some game mode at the time.

    Duke of York was another “deal” when I had a coupon, and/or some kind of discount offer… It helped to fill out my UK line and I actually enjoy playing it, although it has been a while.

    I just can’t get motivated toward Kearsarge though… maybe someday. I would like to see the original U.S.S. Kearsarge BB-5 in game though.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      I bought Kearchage for coal in Xmas , she have good guns , is US bb with 12 guns so on paper all is good … but as hybrid , she have also Tiny Tim rocket planes , and that is biggest issue for me , yes you can attack other ships with those , but when you do that you are defenceless , my record made on battleship is 330.360 dmg & 8 kills , so I am not teribble bb player , but when I want to play as hybrid (=use planes) on Kearcharge , Delaware , Nebraska or Louisiana I have teribble battles as you play agains experience players = they will exploit your weakness , so when I grinded line I played 100% as BB without use of planes , and that was fine .

    • Shit man, do they still have the 2 mystery sale every summer?

    • @Matthew Jacob – Sadly, not since. I wish they did, it was pretty awesome to get a ship you wanted and then a couple more in the same tier for next to dirt. I mean, Alabama, Lenin, and Prinz Eugen? can’t beat that. I got like three mystery bundles that summer… different tiers.

    • @Adam Marcinkowski – I should really work on improving my carrier skills… I mainly play light and heavy cruisers.

  8. SuperChickenLips

    It hurts my soul to see the Hyuga missing from this list. It has improved AP, better resistance to HE, 12×14″ guns, and a reload booster consumable. It can throw down 24 shells in about 1min, and has access to the -7% dispersion module.

  9. my favorite is georgia. hands down, best T9 BB imo.

  10. I would choose P.E. Friedrich over Warspite any time. Your Duke of York is the most controversial option on that list. Personally I dont consider this ship even average. Tech tree KG V is just better. Also you skipped Tirpitz coz its too simmilar to Pommern? Schould be both on that list. Other good options are Iwami, Kii or Vanguard.

  11. I know a lot of folks may not have the Repulse yet but reccomend it if it becomes available again. Super fun to play.

  12. How is the Hyuga not even on your list? It citadels tier nine battleships easily and handles amazingly when double tiered.

  13. I Guess You Missed The Repulse. T6 Incomparable

  14. I would also add Hood as a contender. Unlike the TT British BC lines she has the super pen angles and long fuse AP resulting in excellent penetration. You basically give up torps for much better AP which is a better match with today’s meta.

  15. i would add bourgogne ^^
    as for Pommer i m glad to have both version ( normal and Black) so i can do 2 differentl build^^

  16. I have the Kearsarge and Warspite. The guns on Kearsarge are pretty powerful but to be honest I do not have the patience for the long reload with battleships. I prefer faster reloads on cruisers like Mainz and Des Moines.

  17. TheCatintheFedora

    the pommern has given me so much grief in the last season of brawls

  18. Pommern is really great. It’s excellent in Ranked, and (obviously) in Brawls. I always run it with an economic credits bonus, it’s a great money maker. Highly recommended and ideally run with a high level commander (specialized for brawling skills) if you have one.

  19. Kearsarge is (like every other hybrid in the game) extremely powerful, I would say broken even. You can use your planes to spot for your team, you can “look” behind islands to check whether someone is trying to ambush you, even if you do no damage with your planes they are an extremely potent tool that have an immense battle impact. Not to mention the fact that you COUNT as a battleship, which means it is possible to division up with a CV and another hybrid and you are automatically placed in a favorable position in almost every team you join. (Unless the other team gets more hybrids). It’s ridiculous.

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