World of Warships- Top 5 BEST Premium Ships of 2021

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the year and go over some of the BEST premium ships of 2021! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. 5. Constellation
    4. Congress
    3. Chkalov
    2. Kearsarge
    1. Napoli

  2. To be honest- i heard kinda bad things about napoli in my clan (57% WR overall, „Green Clan Tag“) and it was recommended to get an other Tier X Coal ship instead like marceau oder sth. Nonetheless i bought the napoli and i have to say- this thing is just unbelievable powerfull and tanky. She became my main ship for the ranked battles because you can carry that much with the brawling and flank pushing you are able to do especially with that smoke and the secondarys. Absolute deadly dd killer and can easy kill almost every cruiser coming within 12 km range

    The missing hydro is kind of annoying to me (yes i played the whole italian line already) but with a spotting team and the good manouverbility its easy to dodge

    • Absolutely love the Napoli. My best moments have been locking down a flank and seeing the enemy team decide to not push me. Love the guns even tho they can be a little trolly, and the secondaries are always welcome. I just wanted a fun experience and That’s exactly what she is

    • Reason why is with clean battles it doesn’t bring things to help the team so much as being a solo warrior. Witch in clans it’s about team work.

    • I just got her with the coupon reset, and she is a lot of fun to play. Even without the equipment modules and a 7 rank captain (never got far down the Italian line, so training them up) she handles well, can tank, and punish enemy ships, and then get away under smoke. She really can hold down areas well, people don’t want to get within secondary range and the 13km torps give her some bite. People seem to forget about her torps, they are so slow you are far away once they arrive and have caught a few people of guard.
      She isn’t a perfect ship, and isn’t overpowered… just a nice ship that plays well.

    • No matter how good a player is, they will have prejudice for some things. And the better the player is, the harder it is to change their mind because they think they know better. Example: Flamu is ridiculously adamant about BB SAP being worthless, while he’s getting overpens and bounces with his Ita BB’s.

      If your almost unicum clan decides collectively that Napoli is bad, it will be nigh impossible to change their minds. Good for you that you got her anyway.

  3. Early testers seem to say Giuseppe Verdi is pretty terrible, do not missing much. I think your list will stand as is.

  4. Honey Springs Homestead

    Best part of my morning routine before work are your videos. Thank you. Best premium ship that I’ve bought ever has been a tie. The Tirpitz and Scharnhorst.

  5. Really surprised there’s no Ragnar, maybe it’s because SLM hasn’t tried it but given he loves gunboats and Ragnar is frankly busted I would’ve expected it at no. 1 for sure

  6. I was asking for like a month if i should get the napoli or the kearsarge and im very happy i got the napoli

  7. Thank you for this video Sea Lord MB – your recommendations I agree I think the Napoli is amazing

  8. Since you’re amenable to suggestions for additional top ship lists, how about revisiting pre-2021 ship releases? This would be especially helpful given the major game changes we’ve endured over the years. Maybe expand it to top 10 or 15 best ships for the current meta. If this is too much work, then I understand.

  9. I saw some vids about the G. Verdi – the secondaries are horribly inaccurate … got also the M. Polo … my 1st impression MP > GV … so I dont think I will aim for getting GV … all in all I quite agree with you list … got only the Napoli, but IMO it is the best “funmaker” …

  10. Napoli also has weirdly good stealth and not as atrocious smoke firing penalty as Venezia. All combined it’s an interesting boat

  11. Not ships but a FYI: The yearly deal on 360 day of premium time started today, not sure how long it will run for. One of the few things it may be worth spending $50 or 12,500 Doubloons if you plan to continue to play and make grinds a bit easier for another year. Ships, crates, etc are still a no-go for me, but premium time has been a staple for a few years now for me. Also WG game us four coupons in the armory (25% – 10% off Doubloons) for the next 15 days?

  12. It is validating that I got the #1 premium the day before this video came out. However, my Italian commanders need some love before I take this one into randoms. I may save up coal for Luigi and train him up.

    Looks really good for prowling around with the secs and torps for an ambush — kind of like Aegir, only without hydro, but with smoke and those SAP secondaries.

    • I am running Napoli with a rank 7 captain (never got far with Italian ships) and she is doing well, the base ship is good enough to make up for a low rank. She is a fun ship to train on.

  13. As many have said already, the verdi isnt good. It had lots of potential, but they didnt give it any buffs to the secondaries, so you have standard range and accuracy, so with full secondary build, you only get like 10km sec range, and they cant hit anything

    Main guns arent accurate either, which would have been fine had the secondaries be good. Its a real shame, was actually looking forward to it.

    Its literally just a worse marco polo

  14. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    Glad you actually talk about kearsarge again. Shes quite the game changer even without planes. The broadside is heavy but slow. I wish she had normal reload though…It is 12 guns but the shells are slow. But they needed to add more into the scale to balance her out beside having the giant hangar. So WG does do a little balancing…?

  15. I’d personally replace Constellation and Congress with Borodino and Tulsa respectively. Napoli I’d also replace with Ragnar(even though you can’t get her from the premium shop).

    • I have both borodino and constellation and honestly constellation is much more useful the only thing borodino is better at is nose tanking

  16. The only downside I’ve seen to the Napoli is that I didn’t get her instead of the Pommern a few months back as my first coal ship! Not that the Pommern is bad, just that the Napoli has been so much fun. For what she brings to the table she actually feels pretty balanced, and isn’t so OP that she will single handily carry matches like some other ships that have been released in the past. If you treat her right she will do a good job in almost any fight.

  17. Love these videos. Would be great to see top 5 steel ships as well

  18. Thank you MB. Some top 5 lists I would like to see. “Top 5 in each ship type, no qualifier, other than they are seen in game “. E.g. include even if you can’t obtain anymore. Include in each description of why they are best, which weakness is easiest to exploit taking them down. E.g. We should all know what we are up against.

  19. Really liked your top 5 in this one, dont have all of them so cant say if there my top 5 but they are the ships I’m working on getting for sure.

  20. Now THAT was a top 5 list. If the really thought the other video was the top 5 you wouldn’t have changed the title. Anyway, very good top 5 list. Agree with Napoli as no. 1. Good job.

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