World of Warships- Top 5 Best Ships For Brawls

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Hey guys, today we go over my Top 5 Best picks for this round of Brawls! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 List Intro
0:57 5. Napoli
3:21 4. Kremlin
5:52 3. Ohio
9:13 2. GK
11:23 1. Schlieffen


  1. For the previous season i used Agir alot and saw many many cruises btw. But good vid and thanks for the reccomendations!

    • Did you get her for free exp? How long is the grind? I’m interested in getting her

    • @Siege Catch for me, with occasional special flags that I got for free, took about a month, month and a half… You just play and don’t overspend free xp on modules of new ships… Playing premiums also helps

    • @Siege Catch In my personnal experience, i started playing the game and saved all the fxp to get her first
      It took me about 5 months to get her, but i had almost none usefull flags and all

      However if you have premium time and you have special flags (like Ouroboros or some of them) you can have 20k or 30k fxp per battle sooo yeah if you’re a good player, save your fxp, use all yours flags and get wins, you can farm very fast

      But for a more bellow average player with no premium time and no special flags, i’d count around 6 months (it was my case even so i had premium time)

    • @Jean Moncul 20-30k per game? What is your usual game 10 kills and 250k dmg at t6? To get 20-30k free xp per game, you have to have all special flags, regular economic flags, special camos and first of the day win. Not to mention you have to get a 2k base xp game at least…

    • @Karlo no no as i said i’m bellow average player, but you are right it’s if you put all specials flags you have, which is what i tried to explain ! But yes of course it is better if you have a good game

      I was just trying to give some personnal experience since he asked how much time you need to grind for the agir 🙂

  2. Georgia was best ship for me last time, and the Rupprecht, if only there was a T10 Georgia, guess im going with Schleiffen.
    Yes i know Ohio is like Georgia, but it doesnt do 40 knots does it

  3. kleber has 4 sets of torps rdy by the time you your spotted , game last less than 2min

    • Only one here with sense 😂. How the hell are any of these a good choice for brawls over Kleber when it can just sit in the cap behind islands then rush and devstrike any BB…

      Like how the hell is a ship like Kremlin especially meant to do anything it has no counter!

    • @Finol Because, Colbert exists. It would wipe out a Kleber in no time flat one v one.

    • @ImpendingJoker are you joking…
      Firstly Kleber wipes Colbert out even easier than Elbing, I’m assuming you’ve never played Kleber because otherwise you wouldn’t be saying it gets wiped out by a Colbert 😂
      Secondly Colbert doesn’t exist in brawls because who the hell would be dumb enough to take one…. NO ONE!

    • 3ountyhunter FTW

      Exactly. If they are a Kremlin then I normally have to gunboat for a couple minutes then island camp and yolo. Schlieffens are pretty easy since most players are braindead. Spot what they are sailing toward, then speed boost at the nearest island and pop up at 5-6km. Schlieffen will have no torps and you kill him with a single side.

  4. T9 Cruisers did really wellfor me in the lasrt brawls – Neptune and Tulsa with both radar and hydro worked really well.
    I think with the torpedos Neptune probably had the edge – my win rate was 85-90% with those two ships.
    Im expecting Salem and Minotaur will do as well at T10.

    • Salem will only do well if you get matched against another cruiser or a DD. If you start 1v1’ing a BB, you’re gonna have a bad time. Mino could torp, if the paper thin armor allows it to get in range.

    • Problem with Mino is the armour. It can torp, sure. But unlike Neptune that only had a few really high caliber BBs to contend with, just about all the T10 BBs at this point [and a healthy chunk of the cruisers] can vaporise her.

  5. MasterVideoStudios

    Bismarck and Tirpitz are still my go to brawlers

  6. Joel Montgomery

    honorable mention for incomparable. torps, 20 inch guns. concealment advantage. tho yes hard to play against a schlieffen.

  7. A few other ships that might be good:
    Preussen, because throwing 18 inch shells every 20 seconds is cool.
    Elbing, because if a cruiser shows up, blap it until it gives up/dies
    Pommern, because, yes Ik that is t9, but is still a good brawler.

  8. Kleber will only work better than Schlieffen if the BB has to get stuck. Which I guess is what hiding in the cap circle forces but when I played French DD at T9 the BBs just ran before I could torp rush them.

  9. Aristos Achaion

    Yugumo with the torpedo reload booster was nasty in the last brawl. I only encountered it once but that one time was enough to convince me

  10. The thing you’re missing here is that Kleber exists.

    Torps capable of one shoting every ship in the game (that also have ridiculously insane angles and speed) guns that will beat any DD you will encounter, and the survivability to use those armaments. Mogador was the best ship for the T9 1v1 and Kleber will be no different.

  11. Hindenburg has served me extremely well with Brawls. The zombie mod [leg mod] and reload module make you pretty effective. I’ve outbrawled Schlieffens, Incomparables, a Preussen, and most of the DDs I’ve faced [a sneaky Kleber/Marceau can still win the fight if they manage to disengage, wait out the hydro and then ambush. Very rare though because you have plenty of time to position yourself in open water before the hydro goes down].

  12. Salem is an absolute monster in this mode. Having super heal allows you to take fights that Des Moines cannot do. Also you out DPM pretty much any cruiser. I played a couple rounds this morning with my Salem, pretty much everytime the opponent is using a cruiser, I win that round

  13. Tried the Napoli, immediately came up against a Shlieffen… Tried Marceau a few times which is great but when up against a Kleber you are at a disadvantage against the fast torpedo reload and the main gun reload booster. Also got owned by a Hindenburg in my Marceau, probably cause I played wrong but the hydro and sheer volume of shells plus own torps makes it a tough cookie.

  14. A DD that could have been included on this list is the Kléber. Well driven it will torp and sink most ships on this list. Tier IX brawls got stale after a while. To win you either had to bring a German BB or a Mogador. I hope that at Tier X, it gets more interesting.

  15. I played Donskoi last round and was over 70% WR. This time, Hindy seems to be working

  16. Schlieffen has really good maneuverability between islands, big radius of torpedo launchers gives extra gimmick to CQC encounters

  17. No, you don’t have to be killed to lose. You can be tactically outsmarted with an effective ring-a-rosy around an island.

  18. I love cruisers, my fav is Graff Spee, she’s the best for her tier in my opinion ❤

  19. In wows blitz GK’s gun caliber is 4×2 457 mm guns.

  20. Ouwe Knar Westland

    Schlieffen does very well for me.

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