World of Warships- Top 5 Bias Ships That Aren’t Russian

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys 5 ships that have similar “bias” levels as Russian ships, but often get a pass. Enjoy!

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  1. The Krispy Kreme is bias, such a good ship, so overpowered

  2. Warship is a Russian word meaning Soviet Naval Supremacy Wet-Dream Wankfest. (Found that one on Reddit) 😀

    • God have you ever flown a plane in WT Naval?

      The russian ships snipe ypu out of the sky at 4km range, 600kp/h + speed while doing extreme evasive maneuvers. With a Single 45mm gun.

      Not even the US ships kill Planes in WT that fast despite a crap Ton of orleikons, bofors and Radio Fuse 5′ AA shells

    • Ah yes, no matter what game, if the dev is russian be ready for some weird suprises

  3. Russian Bias always protect.

    Such exist?

  4. Wot no HMS Belfast?
    Tea sipping commences.

    • calder bennetts

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten hurugamo?

    • @calder bennetts oh please, Kitakaze is better

    • calder bennetts

      @Chad Walker I prefer the hurugamo

    • Belfast is still great in any Tier 7 ranked season.

    • Was playing Skane, t7 EU dd. Encountered a 3 Belfast div, that was OP as hell. They sat near the middle big island on Trident, with no access to radar on my team, those ships were never spotted. Took a few torps by them in smoke, but their HE Spam never let our bb close enough to support..! They won by taking only a single cap(in which 3 Belfast were sitting).
      It was brutal, made me shut down my computer, and think about my life choices again..!!

  5. No idea how you could say a Massa is biased and not even talk about the Georgia. The latter Gets bigger and more accurate guns with the same dam control and repair parties. Even higher speed…

    Edit: Thunderer has great guns, true. But only at range. Anything less than 10-12km? Good luck trying to shoot accurate! And that armor… man, talking about a squishy ship! And it doesn’t even have the superheal the Conq has, so I think its more balanced than most people cry

  6. What about the pain in the ass: Benham?

    • 50Shades OfNothing

      @Daber Berger I 100% agree. I swear I hate benham more than anything else in the game. Spamming 16 torps every minute is retarded

    • @Daber Berger So? you dou know that benham has the lowest hp on its tier and weak hull armor? and also weak guns.

    • @50Shades OfNothing try using friesland or her copy vs benham. then you can comment on that

    • 50Shades OfNothing

      @tejo adi if you even get into a gun fight in benham you’re doing something wrong. Also why are you even comparing a gunboat with a torp boat? Benham is literally the easiest to play, you can spam so many torps that you don’t even need to make predictions.

    • @50Shades OfNothing its not about gunboating against another destroyer, its about escaping from them while shooting back with benham weak armor and guns, easiest? Destroyers can dodge benham torps easy, and hydro and radar DD are a thing.

  7. No Alaska? That thing should probably be in T10

  8. 2m30s – When your teammates can’t breath and steer at the same time.

  9. As someone who chose the thunderer over smolensk, it’s an extremely fun ship

    • I was tied. I dont regret getting smol just because they removed her. At the same time. I do regret not getting thunderer as well. They are going to nerf her soon if not flat out remove her, and I am not even close to her yet, but she is such an op pain.

    • Capt A Bumbler RN

      I was luck and managed to get both Smolensk and Thunderer enjoy Thunderer best. Good luck in getting it

    • If by fun you mean making the game cancer for everyone else then yes.

    • Thunderer does have great guns which makes it “op” I guess but I’d argue it isnt because it’s easy to counter.
      It has the Conqs hull including the massive rassived citadel and low hit points but without the super heal….
      So totally easy enough to wreck out of the game.

    • @KharmaKamelion it feels pretty balanced. It can’t brawl, it’s armour isn’t great, big turning radius

  10. I was right, after all, when I was complaining that Venezia is OP after being obliterated by it in a DD.

    • @oldfrend in cb’s we’ve been seeing 10-14k sap salvos on bb’s. We’ve also seen zilch. It’s VERY inconsistant.

    • Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

      @kaz Need to aim at supersructure on some ships like Moskava (bow in) and Bart etc but it kicks butt. Even on a Bow in Moskova the shell drops will easily pen it at full range.

    • @Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City I know, I gotta moskva too. Is real ez to hop in the training room and test. Is very erratic alpha.

  11. Steven Wiederholt

    The Thunderer cruiser dispersion at TWENTY FOUR Kilometers!

  12. Old russian ships in the game are completely fine. The soviet gunboat line did even get powecreeped. And the cruiser line was well balanced because of very poor concealment.
    However, since they released the Stalingrad WG seems to refuse to properly balance soviet ships. They going completely nuts with them. A good example is that they straight up removed the concealment weakness from the new soviet cruisers without adding new downsides. Its broken.

  13. One of the reasons I play up to teir 8 as at least I have a break once in a while from teir 10 overkill ships

  14. Fritz Yuri Absin

    I have Venezia and i can tell its really an OP ship… the first time I used it I was scratching my head why I can hit a DD more than 10KM and getting a chunck of its HP… lol

  15. russian bias is not a meme, its WG’s business model

    • Actually NO, russian bias is the “product” of their twisted, sick national pride (and overcompensation for their troubled history); the actual business model of WG seems to be legit to me – they go for the biggest money, and I guess US players put the most significant amount of cash into the game, so they must be favoured above other regions (excluding Russia, since it would mean high treason) with OP(-ish) ships …

    • Gaijin isnt better, I’d say even worse

      How they sell Premium planes/tanks/ships/helicopters: make it OP as fuck, milk the playerbase into the ground for a few months, nerf it into meh

      But russian ships in WT have Stalin Assisted AA gunner sniping you out of the sky with 1 shot from a 45mm at 4km range, 600+ kph speed and despite extreme evasive maneuvers

  16. Honestly, I have recently began to disagree with the Massa. I have been getting so insanely unlucky. At 8 km full broadside 2 shots will hit. Out of 9. And this is consistent, its not like I just had a bad aim or something, it has been consistently awful. Next it feels that my guns won’t pen anything it should pen. No matter where I hit on bbs, they always somehow bounce or overpen. Then on any cruisers, that 8km away thing I was talking about was a CHAPPY. Full broadside sailing in a straight line. He should just be so dead. But somehow, he got away with taking 3k dmg. Next salvo, same thing. Then you have the secindaries, that used to be so fun, but now they are just so drunk. 19pt second captain and it feels like I am a bayern with 11km secondaries. I have tried to play it but I just cant play it recently. It was easily my best and favorite ship, I have 1.6 million xp on it, and it has my best stats, but whatever they messed with recently has just made it no fun.

  17. I’ll take a gearing into cb over kleber all day long. Same for ranked. So this is just randoms bias, I take it? Cause with that last concealment nerf, kleber really doesn’t feel special anymore in any of the competitive modes.

  18. I love the Venezia but still remember all the experts calling it below average when it was first released.

  19. Vanezia is slowly replacing the Moskva and even the Stalingrad in ranked.
    Seen it myself this season when my clan members are using them.
    Still need a more utilitarian cruiser for radar and hydro but these things are just trolls

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