World of Warships- Top 5 Brawling Battleships

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Today I bring you guys an updated top 5 best brawling battleships list.

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. Oh man a brawling video
    Last time I came this early my wife left me

  2. That poor Atlanta all out in the open. You hate to see it.

  3. First. And the best brawling BB for me is Gneisenau. I have no idea how this happened, but i have really good RNG in it. I have like 75k or so AVG dmg. That’s quite good for a tier 7 😀 But i still don’t have GK, so this might change.

    • People forget this ship does 32 knots and take the ruddershift and you can move like a shark in battle. 8 km german seconderies at tier 7 work just fine. The challenge though it burns to easy and has only 6 guns. Forget about dispersion was never meant to be firing over 12 km anyways

  4. So you making top 5 sniping ship? xD

  5. So secondaries makes something a brawling ship? What about all the soviet battleships they brawl better

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      WellDoneVideos Their armor isn’t the best for it, most of them are quite easily citadeled at close range

    • I play BBs almost exclusively. The soviet ships are great at mid to close range. almost with no equal. ONLY if you are smart to not show side. The Kremlin my new favorite is an absolute tank….from the front. open your side (which may or will happen in brawling due to drive bys) you die fast. with the exposed cit it makes them weak in certain situations. RU BBs are imo the better brawler if not going drive by mode. more accurate punch heavy guns with fast turret rotation on higher tiers. Its a matter of skill and how you play the ships.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @Sabre Vanson And then your RU BB gets outmemed by a Thunderer, which in turn has a hard time ever winning a 1v1 against Yamato.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis lol. i have lol penned Thunderer many times in my Kremlin. I have a thunderer. Its kinda shit. no armour what so ever. gets lolpened from any angle. Thunderer is garbage compared to a Kremlin

    • @Sabre Vanson Not a Thunderer player myself, but I feel like some people disagree on that

  6. I <3 my Tirpitz with the full-on secondary build! Also my "Shiny-Horse" in a full-on secondary build... and Massachusetts as well. Oh, and an IJN Mikasa secondary build for s**ts and grins.

    • Vasilis Diamantopoulos

      The Shiny-Horse with a full secondary build is just like having an extra destroyer (a gunboat destroyer to be precise) strapped to your side, and I say extra because we all know the Scharnhorst is a destroyer with side armour and a battleship icon! I love that ship!

    • @Vasilis Diamantopoulos – Shiny-Horse is my all-out favorite of my German line. It gets the job done and it’s fun doing it.

  7. Well, the correct title should be:

    Top 5 battleships with Good Secondaries

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      And even then, it’s not incredibly accurate, considering cases like FdG vs Alsace.

    • Can’t believe that he put the Georgia on this list. That thing would get penned by a wet fart for half its health

    • I was going to say. Kremlin’s HE resistance, armour and turret traverse are more viable than secondaries in a brawl. Although the German hydro also is a great tool to have.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @The Budgie Admiral In a brawl, compared to Kurfürst, Kremlin actually is not more HE resistent, only more fire resistant. Kurfürst bow and sides also is mostly way beyond the 50 mm that cruisers can pen, yet below any treshold where BBs would fail to HE pen you. Yes, the Kremlin does have better damage control, but fire damage is typically not what decides brawls (even in a matchup against stuff like Conqueror/Thunderer, it’s the HE alpha damage that wrecks your ship). Against cruisers in brawls, Kremlin has the advantage of overmatch, but GK basically can have a 11.6 km aura where cruisers just constantly lose hp and a hydro to dodge torps or spot in smokes. Against BBs, the secondaries do more than the damecon. As does the fact that if you get GK side, you do like 30k damage, if you get Kremlin side, you potentially oneshot it at T10 with BBs.

      We should not underestimate the GK in a brawl or overestimate the Kremlin there. What makes Kremlin busted, after all, is that beyond this scenario, basically it is a better ship at any other range (despite RU being made for “close range”) and when you do prolonged standoffs, then you notice the difference in tanking HE and fires, but that is not a brawl.

  8. Good content and i agree! Keep up the great content!

  9. Agree with all except Georgia. Having no armour belt at all makes it terrible for brawling and in comparison to german and French BBs, its secondaries a meh at best, even with IFHE.

  10. When did the Georgia got an accuracy nerf after release? I don’t remember her accuracy being toned down except when it was changed to Graf Spee dispersion and the sigma lowered from 2.0 to 1.8 during testing, I don’t remember changes after release?

  11. Pretty long video

    Shouldn’t take 13 minutes to say “Kremlin”

  12. Evangeline Anovilis

    A bit of a secondary bias and a few weird choices. Like, let’s consider Georgia and then consider Ohio… uhm, yeah, one is clearly better and not on the list. And you own an Ohio, so no excuse like you’d have with Bourgogne, where you’d likely say you only list ships you have, while it is clear that Bourgogne is an Alsace on steroids.

    Then, let’s look at Alsace and Repu. Boy, I disagree here. Sure, they aren’t bad, but for a brawl? At T9? FdG beats your Alsace any day. Under 23s reload, more hp, better armour, cannot be citadelled at close range, will full pen Alsace all over the place in exchange for maybe burning a bit? Yeah… FdG might not be the best T9 BB, but it is the best T9 brawler. Its weakness might be that its strength is just not a great strength. But when this is the criteria for this contest, FdG beats Alsace, no contest really. FdG even can beat a Repu in a brawl. Which brings up also the question, why is the Alsace so high? It’s two strengths in a brawl would be the fire setting ability of the secondaries and ability to get to a BB’s flank and try delete it with an AP volley. Yet, exactly this playstyle would lose to any Tirpitz in a brawl. And tier for tier, the Gneisenau is completely underrated here. At T9, you rate the Georgia this well for being speedy, having good secondaries and big guns, though it is squishy. At T7, the Gneisenau not just is immensely fast for its tier without any consumable, but is insanely armoured, overmatches BBs with guns, full pens BBs with secondaries without need for IFHE (which would let you full pen high tier BBs if you really wanted to sink 4 points into it) and you get a set of torps per side, because why not?

    And let’s be real about the Frenchies. Are they really that great in a brawl? Just because their secondaries are good doesn’t mean the rest of the ship is brawling material and if you just pit something like Alsace or Repu (or even Bourgogne) in a 1v1 with a Thunderer, Thunderer even at closer ranges has the means to actually win, as long as it stays angled (11s rudder shift ftw), because while the French may burn with secondaries, Thunderer just loads balanced RN BB HE and dishes out like 20k salvos regardless of angle with its Alaska accuracy and 22.9s reload. This is not a trade any French BB will win. And that’s a Thunderer, one of the most non-brawly BBs in the game.

  13. “We have the tier 10 french battleship REPUBLIC”
    *angry french noises*

  14. Suggestions:
    1. maybe use (very) lowkey background music
    2. put your build on the screen plz

  15. For T7 i used Lyon as brawler.
    12x130mm secondaries at each side. Turtleback armor and 16 guns. I’ve built brawler Gneisenau and nowhere as good as this one.
    And i still never tried Sinop, she has more secondaries than Lyon.

    One thing about Republique is that i think shes the one have more secondaries facing forward compared to another ships. US BB usually only has 3×2 when angling.

  16. 9:56 – wrong statement dude!
    With all respect I may correct you:
    Ohio took the crown -sadly
    Goku is now only a honorable mention. German ships need some love from wg!
    If you have a chance just go and test it!
    Same perks on the captains – no flags and bring them face to face in a training room!
    Just let them sail towards to each other and dont shoot main batteries. Let the secondaries work only. Do not use consumables and watch wich one goes down first!

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Ah yes, because noone ever uses the main batteries or consumables in a brawl. Not to mention, the result of your scenario are highly dependent on positioning and rng.
      e.g. if GK crosses the T of Ohio, it will beat Ohio by just fullpenning the bow all the time, depleting it faster than the fires alone do. If you put both broadside it depends on range and fire RNG.

    • At the first round test the secondaries only, then let two players go in a 1v1 where they can use main batteries, flags, consumables … etc. My bet is on the Ohio in both scenarios

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @Murphyum My bet is still on the GK, because the Ohio is still a Montana hull and if it ever shows some broadside is potentially getting citadelled. Even the heal won’t help there. Additionally, neither has an overmatch advantage, while GK has a dpm advantage, which only grows with the reload mod or legendary mod in a brawl. And yes, Ohio has great accuracy, but it stops being an accuracy contest at these ranges.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis I hope someone will make a video about this comparsion

  17. What about a top 5 rarest (premium) ships

  18. Where is the glorious Kremlin, huh? Gulag calls for you, comrade …

  19. Костя Рыков

    that’s a list and playstyle I am looking for. thanks for the video!

  20. Gk is king with ifhe the secondaries eat battleships and can often do 50-100k damage per game on their own. But bourgogne a very close second. 38.5 knots and with the engine boost mod she maintains that for 4 mins per charge with 4 charges you can do that top speed for nearly the entire battle. Her reload boost can get the main guns down to about 12 seconds and with her speed shes able to fly by ships like they are standing still and pump her shells directly into the cits at point blank range. Secondaries are great I don’t max them but mine still fire 9.9 km. She is the best bb in the game you get all the brawling you want you get that with 13.2 concealment insane speed. PLUS hyper accurate guns that reach out to nearly 25 km she can be played as a sniper at max range as a mid range specialist or as close in brawler. No other bb does all 3 so well. Massachusetts is far better then Georgia. And bourgogne vs Georgia is no contest Bourgogne wipes the floor with that ship.

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