World of Warships- Top 5 Copy + Paste Premium Ships

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Today I bring you guys my top 5 premium ships that War Gaming pretty much just copied from existing tech line ships!

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  1. Missouri has a little bit better armour on bow i think. And a lowered cit

  2. Glad i got missouri 1 week before they took it down

  3. Spent over 1000 euros on Christmas containers. In the last set of containers I opened I got the Missouri, the Kronshtadt, the Belfast and the Musashi. Of course it was the last set…

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn

      1000 euros?!? Are you shitting money? 😀

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      +Johannes G. F. Bruhn Got a new job starting in January so I could afford to splurge….once lol

    • +Johannes G. F. Bruhn I’m new to this game and I don’t have time to grind. So… yeah… I got all the premiums plus some specials. For 56 premium ships plus a lot of gold, signals and cammos, it’s a bargain… 😉

    • Christopher Jonasson

      +Alecsandru Visan Nicely done, u r even worse than me haha, I only blew away like 350 (Although i already had Missouri, Musashi and Belfast)
      I did get the Kronstadt, Kamikaze, Gremyashy, Kutusov and the Nikolai + 11 other ships, in the end the “randomizer” had nothing else to give me but the good stuff.

    • Ya i spent like 500 bucks last year but i got a lot too almost 30 ships and buckets of camos and doubloons and super flags. So i didnt have to spend money on the game for months

  4. What about De Moines and Salem?

  5. My dear friend sorry for your bad luck with Santa Boxes. But was it really bad luck? I made a little maths
    based on what WG publicly advertise on the EU website. It’s in Italian but I believe everyone can understand :
    43Euro + 20 cents = 20 Big boxes
    According to WG you can find one of the following items:

    One  Premium Ship random , rare ships included like  Missouri, Imperator Nikolai I, Gremyashchy, Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast, Kamikaze e Giulio Cesare.
    1.000 dobloni
    7.500 Carbone (Coal)
    6 mimetiche Type 59
    10 mimetiche Festone dell’anno nuovo
    15 segnali speciali Dragone
    15 segnali speciali Dragone Rosso
    15 segnali speciali Viverna
    15 segnali speciali Idra
    15 segnali speciali Uroboro
    15 segnali speciali Basilisco
    15 segnali speciali Scilla
    15 segnali speciali Leviatano

    In total 13 different items: now this means a player has 1 chance out of 13 to fish a ship (assuming equal chance for each items) This means 7.69 % to win a ship out of 20 boxes bundle.
    Now this is the gamble: the player / buyer can only assume to have 7.69% because in reality nobody knows.
    On top of this how many premium ships are involved in the lottery?
    According to WG there are 56 ships available! Yes 56!

    this means that If you are lucky enough to get a ship you have only 1 out of 56 chance to get the ship of your desire: 1.78 % !!!
    If this is not gambling….

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I’m not really upset over what I got, I certainly got my money’s worth in ships, doubloons, coal, and flags. I just REALLY wanted Missouri ya know? However I was lucky enough to get Belfast!

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten Yep I got it. anyway Belfast is very good. I also got mine in Santa boxes last year.

  6. There are a bunch of DD’s that are much the same and a few Cruisers as well

  7. How about the Alsace and Bourgogne I wish I had these ships . I have the Gascogne and the secondary configuration on that ship is the same. The secondary are very underrated with demo expert and a kiting away at secondary range is devastating. But the Gascan has a hard time in tier X getting into kiting situations .

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Definitely could be on this list, especially considering the amount of controversy around the Bourgogne

    • Christopher Jonasson

      I had a few pretty good games in my Gascan (around 175k) but it has a need for good RNG, and u can end up with a load of misses / overpens and a very low score.
      The nerfed Alsace still is a strong ship and well worth investing in.

  8. I own the Missouri, great ship. But one other difference is that she does not have catapult aircraft. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I like to use mine to spot torps

  9. Evangeline Anovilis

    I’m surprised Massachusetts isn’t on the list and only a mention, given how much you like the ship and usually you didn’t include ships you did not own. Also, while I guess some assets were recycled from NC to get Alabama and Massachusetts, there at least is a class difference, which makes the two premiums CPs of each other, but about as much CP of the NC as the Iron Duke is a CP of the Orion, the Kii is of the Amagi, the 203 Mogami, Atago and Ibuki are of the Myoko and Akatsuki, Kagero, Yuugumo, Harekaze and Asashio are of the old Fubuki being different classes with similar layout. So, props for keeping it to ships that are the same class and pretty much similar. One interesting case though… Scharnhorst/Gneisenau? It’s basically an A hull Gneisenau with a different set of guns. Would it qualify?

    Now, personally, I’d say, the 5 most insane copypastes of tech line ships in the game would be:
    1. Belfast: An Edinburgh that got downtiered and only lost its 3 torps per side and repair party for it. Gained HE and smoke/radar in seperate slots though and keeps the Concealment mod slot. This thing is ridiculous and one ship that was pulled from direct sale for a reason.
    2. Musashi: This was considered balanced compared to Izumo how?
    3. Missouri: Straight up better Iowa.
    4. Gremyashchy: Downtiered Gnevny. That is better than Gnevny.
    5. König Albert: Kaiser was already good at T4. König Albert is a somewhat worse version at T3. Not worse enough to not handily beat all other T3s.

    Honourably mentions:
    Atlanta/Flint: Flint is a copy paste of the Atlanta, which loses two wing turrets and radar to get better medium range AA, smoke and long range torps. I didn’t include it as it copies another premium, but Flint would rank rather high on the list otherwise.
    Loyang: Basically one of the most powerful T8 DDs, which is not a copy of Benson… it is Benson. It loses a gun turret over B-hull Benson and some hp, but it gets some silly hydro that basically allows it to dominate caps like no other T8 DD. One of the best T8 Ranked picks. Not included, because while powerful, it still isn’t OP.
    Harekaze: Not included, because it’s a fantasy ship. But it is basically a stock Kagero CP. For being a stock Kagero, the access to 10 cm guns makes it one of the best T8 DDs though and way better than the Kagero.
    Graf Spee/HSF Graf Spee, Hipper/original Prinz Eugen, B versions: The Graf Spees are identical (except minor differences in the geometry of the superstructure and camo that do not translate into actual differences in hard stats), Hipper/PE were nigh-identical till recent buffs and the B versions are the same ships… in black. Listed here for WG having the gall to sell you actual carbon copies of ships you either could already buy or which you could grind for free (and Hipper wasn’t even good, nor is it good now). Mind you that owning one of these ships does not save you from getting the base ship in a container. At least Graf spee was available for free once.
    Kamikaze sisters, ARP ships and Lima versions: Similar as above, but at least they have a better excuse to exist, as here all other versions were handed out as promotion or for a grind. Doesn’t mean that Kamikaze sisters and Tachibana (Lima) aren’t OP though.
    Shinonome: When Fubuki was down-tiered, she lost a gun turret. Shinonome is a sister ship that regains that turret. One of the best T6 DDs, due to a good hybrid armament. Is available for free.
    Perth: A Leander with a higher skill floor, but also higher skill ceiling. Leander is already a solid tech tree ship, Perth is basically the challenge to get even better.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I decided to leave the Mass and Bama out since, like you said, most viewers would expect them to be on this list. I was thinking about the Gneis and Scharn, but looking at the differences between the models, while I’m sure there are a fair amount of assets shared between the two, there are also A LOT of differences. Bow, superstructure, guns, just to name a few. So I decided to leave them out.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +Sea Lord Mountbatten Yeah, seemed fair. Though I still think that Belfast is the best copy pasta ship there is, but you might find that out yourself now.

  10. Wows had better keep thier word about the 1944 refitted version of the west Virginia

  11. Christopher Jonasson

    Boise and Nuevo de Julio are statwise exact copies, got them both in my container binge last week

  12. how did the trio not make it in the list… NC Bama and Mass

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Because I knew y’all would be expecting it so I decided to go with something else, but they do get a mention at the end ?

  13. Would the Texas and New York fall into this category?

    • Christopher Jonasson

      New York has slightly better range on her guns (1.9km better), damage is the same, same hp when NY is fully upgraded. Texas has much better AA and is slightly (2.1kn) faster. New york has better rudder shift (1.5sec). Otherwise they are the same

    • Christopher Jonasson … I see I have the entire US battleship line, including the premiums. I don’t play my New York as much as I do my Texas, so, I’m more familiar with that ship.

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