World of Warships- Top 5 Copy/Paste Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships that WG simply ran through a copy machine! Enjoy!

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1:17 5. Fletcher Gang
3:26 4. Duke of York
6:17 3. ARP Yamato
9:04 2. Boise/Nueve de Julio
12:13 1. Roma/Littorio/Veneto


  1. Just some points of clarification and “honorable” mentions:
    We have six Fletchers in-game; the ones Mountbatten mentioned: Fletcher herself, Kidd, Black, Halford, and Velos (the Greek one). We also have Chung Mu, which is in the Pan-Asian tree.
    It can be argued that Yukon (the ship that basically destroyed the CC program) is also a copy-paste of Monarch.
    Brandenburg is just a Tirpitz with smaller guns; Pommern is the same, but for FDG and has torpedoes; and Preussen is just GK but with bigger guns.

  2. You forgot Azure Lane 4 Kongos, plus HSF and the tree ship for 6. 4 Azure Lane Myokos, plus the Southern and Eastern Dragons for a total of 7 if you count the tree ship. 2 Atagos plus Tacow and Maya. There’s the 3 Marbleheads, thanks to Rattlehead . All that’s not counting several ships with ONLY 2 versions.

  3. The Fletcher’s are sometimes referred to as the Fletcher “Swarm” by historians so I don’t mind them copy/pasting that, and generally when it comes to historical ships, like DoY, Boise etc, I don’t mind too much because I’d rather more historical ships than WG wet dream pixel ship designs.
    I was really worried for Huron when I saw she was a Haida copy/paste but like DoY and KGV is they change enough to give them a different flavour, and Huron is excellent, definitely a copy/paste I’m a fan of (Both Haida and Huron are amazing ships).
    The ‘Lima’ versions of a few ships are copy/pastes that are little more than a camo version.
    The Scharnhorst ’43 at least model-wise looks like an actual copy/paste, camo and all.

  4. The Duke’s biggest problem is that at T7 we had Nelson too.

    • Rick Van DingleBerry

      I have the Nelson and I find her absolutely abominable. I thought she’s be pretty good but she ain’t. Total waste of free experience. How do you find her?

    • @Rick Van DingleBerry So good that i never considered to take the Duke too. My prefered in T7 Ranked.

  5. How about a Top Five Top Five list? 🙂

    But seriously, how about a Top Five real ships that should be in game. Without the Johnston and Captain Evans the Fletchers are still too few. And the Sammy B and possibly Hoel.

  6. christopher shrank

    Atlanta/Flint: For a long time Flint had Atlanta’s name on the stern like the Itallian BBs mentioned. With the added bonus of it bleeding through Flint’s camo.
    For the next time you do this list, can I recommend splitting the list so that true copy pastes (like ARP Yammy) are separate from ships that look the same, but game play is different (like the Fletchers)

  7. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Amagi really should qualify considering how many time it freelance both as event ships or as an enemy , or just outright can be bought as a few special ships / premium ships

  8. The only problem I see with adding the Johnston is just how would WG make it as OP as the original turned out… or at least its commander and crew. 😎

  9. For fletchers you’ve got Kidd, black, fletcher, Velos and Halford

  10. American light cruiser Boise and Argentinian Nueve de Julio are almost the same ship, but in tech tree you can get the Helena, which is another Brooklin class ship, with improved range and DPM, but no repair party. So, in fact, there are three ships very alike, if not identical.

  11. SL, there is also a chance that you can run into ARP Yamato players that didn’t drop the excessive $$$ for the package, but got a lucky RNG roll on a lootbox. They won’t have the special ARP UU for it… (lootbox gives ship with no way to get UU).

  12. Please consider a list of the Top 5 ships to play in Random Operations. Since you cannot know which operation you’ll be entering, the choices have to be all around playable in any scenario. I imagine the Mass should be included.

  13. I think that DoY/KGV and the Fletchers are different enough to be excluded from this list, why? Because the other entries are 100%copies of each other
    Also we have too many collab ships and 90% of them are just carbon copy clones (6 Kongos, 5 Myokos, 3 Amagis, 4Atagos, etc)

  14. Be interesting if you did the top 5 historical ships in our game which met with the worst fate. You might even be able to do it by nation. Just a thought. It could be educational as well.

  15. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    I might’ve put the Omaha class in here too or as an honorable mention. There is the Omaha, Murmansk, Marblehead, Marblehead Lima, and Rattlehead (Megadeath colab).

  16. This might not quite be fair: but the Rio de Janeiro and Agincourt are *literally* the same ship. I think some stats are different. But they still have seven turrets with no AA.

  17. I kid you not. During the original ARP Yamato fiasco I had a teammate with 5 total account battles with an ARP Yamato and his account name was literally “ARP_Yamato”. He also had a div mate with another ARP Yamato with 150 total account battles. (Yes, they contributed zilch and died from fire spam in about three minutes. Well done WG … be proud).

  18. Akizuki could have made the list – Fenyang, Ship Smasha and Harekaze’s

  19. Video suggestion Top 5 OP & UP tech line ships compared to their tier counterparts, at any tier… can either be all of one type of ship or across the board I dunno, or divide it up by tiers?

  20. If I remember right, there are almost over half a dozen Fletcher Clones in game if you consider all of the versions.

    So you have the Fletcher, Black, Kidd, Velos, Benham, Halford, & Chung Mu

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