World of Warships- Top 5 Credit Farming Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you my top 5 premium ships that are very good at earning credits. All ships are currently available in the premium shop/armory, enjoy!

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  1. Sad I know but Missouri.

    • I think they removed the special credit earning with Missouri its now standard premium tier 9 …?

    • @Stein eken naa man I still earn easy mill on average games and more on good ones.. Mo still makes hella money

    • @Kanade Tachibana man i hope u are right, because i heard they removed the extra bonus! for sure if u use special flags and credits camo~flags u will past the million in a good game with any tier 9 tho.

    • @Stein eken were you hear that from anyway

    • @Ahrgos because all TX dont have a premium credit multiplier so Smolensk is the only good one because she is so OP. ALL TIX prem make a lot of more money than the TX special ships.

  2. i bought Geo when New Year came and now i regret my decision cuz JB is going to be removed 🙁

  3. Massachusetts is also really good.

  4. I disagree about Atlanta. There are several ships that gen more credit than it. Scharn is definitely better. I like the Kidd. Reasons being is it is a dd that can detour CV planes. Especially if you go with an AA build.

  5. I bought my first premium ship. I bought the massa cause i like secondaries and good aa. The only others i have are the sims,grem,yubari and arkansas b from closed beta plus October revolution from mission and texas and sirocco from twitch.

  6. Sadly again where is the Atago, it’s easily a better earner than the t7s

  7. Jean bart has fast reloading heals

  8. For me top 5 credit farmers in the game: Alaska, JB, Azuma (all tier 9 premiums, so obviously they all make great money) and then 2 more… Well I guess Nelson and Graf spee. About Nelson, I don’t have much to add, just watch the video if you didn’t. Graf spee is down at tier 6, and that’s a perfect tier for such a ship. 11″ guns have really comfortable ratio between dmg and reload, at least for me. The pen sucks to be honest, can’t reliably citadel battleships even at point blank range. But you have hydro, torps, pretty good armor and a heal to top it all off so you can go brawl battleships if you camp behind an island and they come rushing. At medium ranges you can also outgun any other equal tier cruiser, and DDs don’t really be a problem too because of hydro. Against carriers you can’t do nothing really, but at least heals keep you around for longer if CVs try to burn you down….

  9. I get a lot of credits in my HSF Harekaze. I think it goes on sale for a week or two every year. Fun ship if you like shooty DDs.

  10. smolensk can fire every 3,6 second when speced for it.

  11. I’ve been trying to get back into the game, but it’s a struggle.

  12. I usually pull out the ‘ol Georgia when Im going for credits

  13. WoWS gets the money that I used to spend on beer, so I have accumulated a large enough number of premium and reward ships (54) that I should not be surprised I have all five of the ships on your list [I feel a little less guilt from knowing that many of the ships were purchased with coal]. I may have to take another look at the Lenin. I was so frustrated by its apparent squishiness that I gave up on it.

    The Atlanta was instrumental in the grind to take my 3 point St. Louis commander to a 19 point Fleet Admiral. Not having the doubloons to convert it to free xp, the xp for my Atlanta is approaching one million.

    I finally had the sort of game in my Smolensk that makes players hate on the Smolensk. Fortunately, I was playing a co-op match, so I did not humiliate a fellow human. I came around an island to surprise a Yamato that had just finished off a friendly Grosser Kurfurst, so the guns were facing the wrong way. With the help of the fires and flooding, I inflicted 98k of damage, before it could bring its main guns to bear. My overall damage for that match was over 190k. I earned a little over 800 base xp for that CO-OP match. In another match, while trying to start fires with the Thunderer, I scored 6 HE hits on a Smolensk, two of which penetrated the citadel, for the kill. The Smolensk is really squishy, so, while still being really fun, it is not the scourge that many people consider it to be.

  14. I use the Massachusetts… because it’s my only premium.

    I’ve been saving coal for the Georgia since coal became a thing, I just don’t get to play a ton and don’t have a premium account. Now with the JB being pulled I think I’m gonna get that then restart trying to grind for a Georgia. Which sucks, but that’s just how it works I guess. As it is in the Massachusetts I can reliably pull in 1mil credit matches with flag spam, and I’ve had several over 2mil. My backup is usually my Shoukaku, just because it doesn’t take any consumables or special flags to use at its best and I still need 70k XP anyways.

  15. My alt account won a Roma from a CC crate and it does great for credits when i need them!

  16. I use my Massachusetts, Jean Bart, Alaska, most of the time.. I love playing my Alaska and running with a BB for support..

  17. My go to earner has always been the good old scarn. It earns me a boatload of cash. 🙂

  18. well.. there go my dreams of thinking that after you got all top tiers, you wouldnt have to worry about credits any longer At the risk of sounding newbish, what do you have to spend them on at later stages?

    • If you’re not premium (and sometimes even if you are) high tier battles will cost you credits. Even topping the scoreboard sometimes doesn’t always guarantee positive credits in high tiers (8+). Premium ships halve their per-game cost, which makes them much easier to get positive credit earnings even if you have a bad game.

  19. Usually my credit farmers are Alaska, Prinz Eugen, Georgia, Asashio and Smolensk (yes boo me all you want).

  20. i always go to the Missouri 🙂

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