World of Warships- Top 5 Credit Printing Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my top 5 credit printing premium ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
0:18 Addressing The WV 44 Video
3:10 List Intro
3:57 5. Illinois
7:14 4. Bayard
10:13 3. Groningen/Friesland
13:22 2. Kearsarge
16:28 1. Azuma


  1. From watching previous videos on this topic, I knew I would see Azuma. She is awesome though so.
    Have a good week Sea Lord.

  2. That’s some interesting perspective to put Azuma at number 1. I always see her as a mediocre ship, and food for almost any BB (I’m main BB player). I haven’t touched her for years tho, so things might’ve changed with the meta

  3. Good list. Sadly Azuma depends on youre team not throwing the game within 3 minutes ^^. Cant do much yourself in terms of plays. 😀
    But i am a lucky bastard and i have a Lenin – the only ship that i am not sad with playing against T10 and rolling with 1-1.5 mil (blue booster) out of a game very often.

  4. @oneangrycanadian6205

    Nice to know I have 4 of the five ships lol. Sea lord what about any of the ships with the standard 50% boost like the Ohio. There is a few with that stock booster

  5. Colossus would be the only T8 I’d also include here. Reason? It DOES NOT REQUIRE SIGNALS. At all. Colossus’ effectiveness is not reduced in any significant way or manner when played without all but flooding one, and just barely ~5k avg damage) running full stock.
    It means that (if you play CVs decently) it carries ~500k per battle under green multiplier, and the entirety of those 500k actually meets your stash, not redirected to signal replenishment.

  6. @sealordmountbatten

    The S in Illinois will continued to be said until Northerners can pronounce Atchafalaya correctly

    And yes I meant to say 203s for the Illinois guns, not 208. I think I put 203mm and 8inch together in my ADHD brain.

  7. How about a list of “best all around guns”? Meaning that the AP and HE both perform well and the ship is effective against DDs , cruisers and battleships. For the destroyers some thing like Kleber comes to mind. Stalingrad, Thunderer etc

  8. If i remember during development, Illinois was to have improved secondary dispersion. if that stayed, in Illinois would be a machine gun battleship

  9. @broccanmacronain457

    I agree with you that Azuma’s guns are great. I was in one game where a same tier BB came around an island and my Azuma caught his flat broadside. Luckily I had AP loaded. Three citadels later he was on the bottom screaming that I cheated (and reported) because there was no way cruisers HE could citadel his BB. I told him I was firing AP and he said there was no way that an Azuma could be loaded with AP.

  10. Probably jinxing myself, but since the last economic adjustment I have not had credit issues. Prior to the adjustments I hovered between 70-90 million, now I am usually between 200-300 million. I do mostly use my premiums (t8-t10), though not making any effort to focus on printing credits. Concerning the list, I do have to disagree with the Azuma, however it is probably more a play style issue than anything else.

  11. I always get consistent credit income from the premium CVs. They do extremely well because you’re constantly up-tiered, so you get that bonus in addition to everything else. I’m a CV main though so yeah…

    I think in the end, you gotta pick a ship that compliments your play style. If you’re a BB main and pick up a DD for the sole purpose of printing credits, you might be surprised how little you earn in the beginning. For example, I own the T8 Japanese premium cruiser Atago, and I earn more credits in my t6 submarine on a bad day than I do in the Atago on a “good” day because I’m just that terrible with it. So definitely something to consider when thinking about spending money on a premium ship.

  12. IDK if azuma is that good nowadays, played a bunch of it lately and the armour scheme is simply horrible, you can get hit in citadel from 20+km away from almost every angle from every battleship that can overmatch 27mm (408s+) and with superships overmatching every centimeter of her, its just a glass canon
    On the plus side, the weapons are pretty good, if you get a game that you are not the focus (1 in 20 games) you can easily do a lot of damage and the AP is pretty good also

  13. Dude, no biggy on the ’44. It’s doesn’t change the fact that she’s good at T7, but probably nowhere else. As far as your ship list, I’ve personally found the Mainz to be better than the Bayard (realizing “your mileage may vary”). It’s not as quick as Bay, but in general, it’s a tankier ship and I take less dmg. It’s also got better pen, faster reload and longer range. Is there a huge difference? No, but I just earn more credits and do more dmg in it.

  14. The Alaska is my favorite credit printer , along with Benham and Kearsarge.

    The Kearsarge has a unique flaw, the deck does not saturate, it is stated on the WoWS wiki.

  15. I see Azuma and I think “Azuma go boom”. She is a great ship to shoot at as the fireworks and citadels are so pretty.

  16. I got the Roma back when you could get the “beer can” camo that boosted earnings. While the camo no-longer gives a boost, the boost that it had was transferred to its permanent bonus. Still one of the best credit earners out there since it is on par with the original Missouri.

    • OG Missouri is overhyped, it’s only +30% additive, if you’re using blue boosters for credit farming it won’t make a huge difference compared to consistency you’d get with better t9s.

  17. Jean Bart is what I use for credit farming 😊

  18. @doublewidemotorsports7217

    I think Iwami with a secondary build is better than Azuma. You get a fairly durable tier IX battleship, decent main guns, secondaries out to 10.5km and to top it all off, torps that can go out to 20km. It works real good for Asymmetric Battles.

  19. The azuma is a massive target with no armor and a giant citadel which is exactly why I stay 10 km away from battleships with ap loaded. You wouldn’t believe how much people underestimate the pen on these things. Yes iowa, i can cit you.

  20. Well, for mediocre players such as myself the Azuma is very difficult to play. Not easy to get damage when you show a little (just a little) broadside and you get sent to the bottom on a citadel hit (it is WAY above the waterline). The Agir for me is a better choice – more HP, a little less accurate (a bit more horizontal and vertical dispersion, but the same sigma). Big difference is the HP shells – Agir’s cause 30% less damage. But I can make a mistake in the Agir and survive it, not very likely in the Azuma.

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