World of Warships- Top 5 Cruisers

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys an updated Top 5 cruisers list with ships that are…actually cruisers this time around, enjoy!

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  1. Was hoping to see the Elbing as representative for the German light cruisers……

  2. Love your videos SLM.
    I’m a casual player returning to the game.
    I have an Atago so I’m definitely going to try it out after watching this video. Cheers

  3. Henri is still so good. I’ll say though I do miss pre nerf throttle. Made her so annoying to deal with.

  4. Atago is great… I recommend 11/10

  5. Good list. I love Mainz and plan on getting Atago in the near future. Still, Des Moines will always be the king in my book. Also shocked that Petro wasn’t there.

  6. Why did you not highlight Atago’s fantastic forward torpedo angles? And no Des Moines? Good job though.

  7. best cruiser in the game in the game is Elbing and Krasny Krym. Change my mind, I dare you😎😎👍

  8. I was wondering why Petro didn’t make it into the list, but then I remembered that it’s a battleship not a cruiser

  9. If Smolensk was still available would it make your list? I am leaning towards no. I would put her top 5.

  10. To everyone wondering why Petro isn’t on the list, it’s a Light Battleship.

  11. Can you share current build on these ships also…

  12. Me seeing Atago as No. 1 as someone who loves that ship since it came out – This one sparks joy! 🙂

    • Me, not seeing the Zao as someone who loves that ship since I got it-This does not spark joy! 🙁

      *For legal reasons, that is a joke, I understand the Zao is not Meta and is best described as a T10 Atago. Though I would contend that it is super fun to play.

    • @Iron Harvest Zao is awesome and fun ship to play, if you have enough patience to play it right. But, I must admit that when I want to play T10 cruiser and burn down some BBs, in last few months I really like taking Hindi for that job, firerate and penetration are much better than Zao’s.

    • @Boris Radulovic Indeed the AP pen is much higher. 9.9km concealment is no joke either. You break the 32mm threshold. Which is nice. Legend mod for it plus outnumbered (especially when the change comes) make the dispersion beyond stupid. Laser beams coming out from you as you already have good dispersion. Max dispersion of 115m Horizontally and only 69m Vertically. Rather nuts when you do the math.

  13. I have the maya. Probably my most played ship A true Classic the Atago and it’s clones are

  14. Sirawich Kliangkaew

    I agree my first tier 10 ship is Hindenburg, she’s a beast in a right hand that can use her mastery in long range combat or brawl combat which she can do both pretty well.

  15. Glad Petro didn’t make the list, ship is OP but every ship on this list is way more fun.

  16. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    To all asking about Petro. Petro’s thing is it’s stupidly high survivability. But, that’s it. From 12km out, good luck hitting anything that isn’t a broadside BB. Yes it has good AP, but you still have to hit the target. It does have Radar, but so do so many other ships at high tier now. Plus it’s pretty boring to play imo. Sit. Bow tank. Hope something gets close enough so you can chunk it. And yes, If something is silly enough to show you broadside at close range, you WILL nuke it. Again, this is the list of cruisers that I enjoy playing. You could definitely make an argument that it’s technically the best. But again, these are MY favorite cruisers at the moment.

  17. Y’all forgot about the St. Louis. Most powerful ship in Tier 3, can take on most T4 BBs without fear.

  18. Always liked the Atago and Mainz! I have a lot of fun with the Irian, once I got used to playing it—I think it’s the gun velocity that makes it wacky fun. Plus the torpedo reload booster, natch.

  19. Fun fact about Henri: it is one of the few techline ships that can overmatch mino. Follow up fun fact: Most Mino players don’t know this fact and will bow in you and get cit through the bow.

    Many Minos were harmed to bring you these facts. Many, many Minos.

  20. CatOfSchroedinger

    What is a lighthouse build ?

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