World of Warships- Top 5 Cruisers

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  1. Congrats to 10.000 subscribers !

    In game name: The_Drunk_Hussar
    Server: EU

    I always wished for an Alaska 😀

  2. IGN: derandris
    Server: EU

    I like your top x videos, great content!

  3. IGN: Galm_1_Cipher
    Server: EU

    Congrats to 10k hopefully many more to come. Love your videos.

  4. On the topic of Spee, DON’T BUY HER. You’ll be able to earn her for free by doing half the directives in the next dockyard!

    Anyways, thanks for the giveaway, Lord! And good luck to anyone!

    Would like an Enterprise if possible, otherwise a Kaga would be great! Good luck everyone!

  5. IGN: EyeOfSilk
    Server: Asia
    New here interesting content there

  6. IGN: theamazingkusol
    Server: Asia
    Wish for Alsaka

  7. IGN: AlbaHipst3r
    Server: EU
    “insert congrats comment”

  8. hydroblanketclaw

    congrats on the milestone

    IGN: Hydroblanketclaw

  9. IGN: armysyco
    Server: US
    Congrats on 10k, and here’s to your next 10k

  10. IGN: Foenssborough
    Server: EU
    Congratulations. It has been a please of following you for some time now. I always enjoy your videos.

  11. NA: Excelsior_1. yes i asked you in clan battles to do more 🙂

  12. IGN: hellomynameis
    Server: ASIA

    just grinded 1 million free exp for the alaska AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

  13. IGN: Gauis
    Server: Asia
    I like videos like this as I’m still grinding to different cruiser and would really love to know what cruisers are really good right now

  14. Nikhil Seenivas T K

    IGN : FookFish
    Server : EU

    potatoes gonna pot- wait wrong channel XD

  15. IGN: Talter
    Server: NA

    Love the videos man, keep at it

  16. IGN: Swiergot007
    Server: EU
    “insert congrats comment”

  17. IGN: Don_Genove
    Server: EU
    Congrats for 10K and hope you will get more and more!

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