World of Warships- Top 5 Destroyers

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Hey guys! Its been a great year for the channel, and I cannot thank you guys enough! Today we go over over my top 5 destroyers, enjoy!

Giveaway entry example:
IGN: Sea_Lord_Mountbatten
Server: NA
[Insert clever joke here]

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. IGN: Jinkuzu_Eugen
    Server: EU
    Tirpitz best DD

  2. IGN: TheTrueAhzidal
    Server: EU
    Every ship can be a DD by becoming a homing torp. 😀

  3. Username: Svehn
    Server: NA
    Remark: Pommern is a sniper. (As one gets 1 hit out of 12 at 6km)

  4. IGN: niebespieczny
    server: EU

    id say petro is the best dd, sam size as gearing after all

  5. IGN: Yuzurinazie
    Server: ASIA
    “Puerto Rico is grindable” -Wargaming 2019

  6. “We hear your feedback and understand our player base.” – WG, probably

    IGN: Indescension
    Server: SEA

  7. IGN : Azain
    Server : NA
    Remark : Sure, my Bayern can tank, hold my beer.

  8. IGN: Zafstra
    Server: NA

    Just got my first tier ten, petro… So worth it.

  9. IGN: TheKraken_2019

    “Everything looks fine according to the spreadsheet” -WG-

  10. IGN: Daffyd9x
    Server: NA
    “We’re selling the Kansas to Elbonia.”

  11. IGN: Darth_Triaris
    Server: NA
    “Death is only the beginning…”

  12. IGN: Jorien
    Server: NA
    Joke: My in game stats.

  13. FraSohei
    Server: North America
    Rectum? Damn near killed him.

  14. IGN: LovedayK
    Server: Asia
    Exactly one Russian BB from the entire game actually existed, maybe 2 if you count the HMS Royal Sovereign

  15. IGN: matthewhung
    Server: Asia
    DD rushing in:
    WG: Torpedo tubes destroyed
    DD: Nah, I am a torpedo.

  16. “My Top 5” would have been a more honest title.

  17. IGN: Franky76
    Server: EU
    “New perks, we heard your feedback” WG 2020.

  18. IGN: alexmoto
    Server: ASIA
    GK is the best DD.

  19. IGN: BabySnek
    Server: EU

    imagine being funny

  20. Daring is hands down the best overall DD in the game. She’s the bringer of death lol.

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